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Network Working Group S. Crocker Request for Comments #53 UCLA

                                                            9 June 70
                   An Official Protocol Mechanism

During the Spring Joint Computer Conference in Atlantic City, Larry Roberts, Barry Wessler, Cordell Green, Jon Postel and I discussed rules for establishing and modifying an official Host-Host protocol.

The following decisions were made:

    1.  A new set of documents will be created.  This set of
        documents will specify the official Host-Host protocol.  When
        it becomes appropriate, these documents will be maintained at
        the Network Information Center on SRI's computer.
    2.  I will distribute proposals for the initial version of the
        official protocol and all subsequent changes as NWG/RFC's.
        These proposals will be formulated from suggestions made by
        any interested parties.
    3.  After a proposal for a change in the official protocol
        has been issued as an NWG/RFC, networkers are requested to
        respond with approval, criticism, etc.  A cutoff date will be
        included with each protocol.
    4.  After the cutoff date, one of two situations will prevail.
        Either the proposal will have been substantially accepted by
        the network community, or substantial criticism will have been
        generated.  In the latter case, the process stops and no
        change occurs to the official protocol.
    5.  If the proposal has been substantially accepted, the
        proposal, together with its minor revisions will be forwarded
        to the ARPA office.  Barry Wessler or his successor will then
        either approve or disapprove the whole proposal.  His decision
        will be returned to me by letter.
    6.  After the ARPA office approves the proposal, I will send
        out the new protocol (as mentioned in item 1 above).

The first version of an official protocol will be proferred this month.

     [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ]

[ into the online RFC archives by Kathy de Graaf 2/98 ]

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