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Network Working Group Mike Kudlick RFC # 483 SRI-ARC NIC # 15061 March 14, 1973

                        Meeting Cancellation

The purpose of this RFC is to announce a cancellation of the Resource Notebook Framework meeting that had tentatively been scheduled for March 19, 1973. (Please refer to NWG/RFC #464 (NIC #14738) for background information).

Further information concerning the Resource Notebook Framework that was discussed in RFC #464 will be distributed soon.

If there are any questions please contact either Jake Feinler or Mike Kudlick at the NIC, (415) 326-6200.

     [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ]
     [ into the online RFC archives by Alex McKenzie with    ]
     [ support from GTE, formerly BBN Corp.             9/99 ]

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