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Network Working Group E. Der-Danieliantz Request for Comments: 2053 AM Network Information Center Category: Informational October 1996

                      The AM (Armenia) Domain

Status of this Memo

 This memo provides information for the Internet community.  This memo
 does not specify an Internet standard of any kind.  Distribution of
 this memo is unlimited.

The AM Domain

 The AM Domain is an official Internet top-level domain of Armenia.
 AM is the ISO-3166 2-letter country code for the Republic of Armenia
 and thus the AM Domain is established as a top-level domain and
 registered with the InterNIC the same way other country domains are.

Naming Structure

 The AM Domain hierarchy is flat. This means that any organization may
 be registered directly under the AM TLD. Example:
 However, subdomains are allowed, such as ORG and MIL, as well as CO
 and AC.
 Please note that MIL.AM and GOV.AM domains are reserved by the
 Ministry of Defense and The Government of Armenia, respectively.
 Other domains may be reserved for appropriate organizations by
 contacting AM Network Information Center at HOSTMASTER@AMNIC.NET.


 There are two types of registrations (1) Delegation, where a branch
 of the AM Domain is delegated to an organization running name servers
 to support that branch; or (2) Direct Registration, in which the
 information is put directly into the main database.
 In Direct Registration there are two cases: (a) an IP-host (with an
 IP address), and (b) non-IP host (for example, a UUCP host).  Any
 particular registration will involve any one of these three

Der-Danieliantz Informational [Page 1] RFC 2053 The AM (Armenia) Domain October 1996

 The registration is performed by the AM Network Information Center,
 national Internet registry of Armenia. For more information about AM
 Network Information Center, please visit:


 Anyone requesting to register a host in the AM Domain is sent a copy
 of the "AM second-level domain registration template". It is
 necessary to fill out this template and send via Internet e-mail to
 HOSTMASTER@AMNIC.NET for consideration.
 The AM Domain template, is similar to the InterNIC Domain template,
 but it is not the same.  To request a copy of the AM Domain template,
 send a message to HOSTMASTER@AMNIC.NET.


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Der-Danieliantz Informational [Page 2] RFC 2053 The AM (Armenia) Domain October 1996

Security Considerations

 Security issues are not discussed in this memo.

Author's Address

 Edgar Der-Danieliantz
 AM Network Information Center
 c/o Arminco Limited
 Mashtotz Avenue 51
 Yerevan, ARMENIA
 Phone: +374 2 28 14 25
 Fax:   +374 2 28 50 82

Der-Danieliantz Informational [Page 3]

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