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The DST Technology Air SNS Nano is a small environmental monitor that by default measures Temp, Humidity, Co2, HCHO, TVOC, CO2 and Dust. (

Configuration is fairly easy but the documentation is non-existent.

Getting it Connected

In order to setup the WIFI (most users) you'll need to power the unit up, press the Wifi Reset button on the back and then look for a Wifi Access point called NANO_??????. Connect to that.

Once connected, open a browser and browse to

Set the SSID and Password, Save, Let it restart and it should be online. It will take its address from DHCP. Consult your DHCP server to find its address. The MAC address is printed on the rear of the unit to aid the search.


By default, its not setup so you need to connect to it and configure it. Once you know its IP Address browse to that address and you'll be presented with the Wifi Setup screen and no where else to go.

Edit the URL and add "/index_en.html" on the end then press enter. You should now see the setup screen, in English.

The rest of the setup all depends on your scenario, but in our tests setting it as a TCP CLIENT and pointing it to a MQTT server resulted in malformed MQTT packets leading us to conclude it is not actually MQTT. There are a few other options, but with zero documentation these will be trial/error.

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