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SwitchCompatabilityWiringAmp MicPart Number
1Standard (most common), Including Polycom IP PhonesM-, R, R, M+No8800-01
2Cisco IP phones 79xx seriesR, M-, M+, RNo8800-02
3Ascom office and Philips phonesR, M+, M-, RNo8800-03
4Japanese phones, NEC , NitsukoM-, R, R, M+No8800-25
5Plantronics Vista BaseR, R, M+, M-No8800-02
6Panasonic phones with modular jackM+, R, R, M-Yes8800-04
7Nortel digital phones, Shoretel and Avaya IP phonesM-, R, R, M+Yes8800-01
8Avaya Callmaster V and VI, Cisco IP phones 79xx seriesR, M-, M+, RYes8800-02
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