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Data Wash Process

The WASH process is designed to allow data providers to streamline their activities around data that we have not already received and penetrated. You should use the wash process to wash your calling lists against our active data and then only call or flag those records that survive the process for calling on our campaign(s). This ensures that you are not making leads that we cannot accept.

The process is fully automated and data will be processed within 1 hours of submission during normal working hours. The process is defined below. 

Step one, Supply the data

Supplied data should be valid CLI only (No header), UTF-8, CRLF or LF Line Terminated, in a file who's name is irrelevant ending in a .txt extension. Please do not to use spaces and symbols in the filename (except for underscore) as this can in some cases cause a failure.  A good example would be CompanyName_wash_20180910.txt and its contents should be something like


There is no limit to how much or how little data you can wash at once, but a sensible limit would be 10 million records. 

Once this file is loaded into the WASH folder on our SFTP then the automation will pick it up and remove it. 


The automation will take your data, type it, sort it, and then process it in 2 stages as below: 

  • STAGE 1 - In this stage we will remove any numbers that we are already dialling or have already sold to. 
  • STAGE 2 - In this stage we will remove any numbers on our DNC (Do Not Call) list which is a list of customers who have made an official complaint and/or asked not to be called

Step two, collect your data. 

You will find two files in the WASH folder on your allocated SFTP

  • .WASHED - this contains the remaining CLI's that have NOT been excluded 
  • .STATUS - this contains the results of each wash stage showing the fallout at each point and is for information only. 

Download these files and remove them from the SFTP. The .WASHED file is just a simple TEXT FILE and can be opened with any text enabled software. You may need to rename the extension to .csv or .txt to import it into your system.

The .WASHED file should be penetrated by you within the next 30 days or it will become less and less relevant as we add to our customer base, DNC's and our own leadgen data. 

Common Issues

The records after basic validation is always one less than Initial Records Check you don't have a header row in the source data, or a trailing blank line. 

The records after basic validation is zero The file format is incorrect. Could be…

  • Its not UTF-8 or ASCII
  • Its not CRLF or LF line terminated
  • The phone numbers are incorrectly formatted (missing digits etc)
  • The phone numbers have leading or trailing non-numeric characters

IF the records returned is zero even though after basic validation is the correct number of records then check that the file has not already been supplied. A duplicate supply will suppress 100% since we have already received them.

Its important to note that we DO NOT keep the supplied file and recommend you delete the returned file and therefore we are unable to help answer specific questions unless you can provide the source file again. 

Internal Configuration

Internal Configuration is listed in the companies CMS system.

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