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Mastering Milliways Volume I
"Hard drive partitions and Setup"
Written in despiration by The Outland
I/O-net 1.2 © 1985 David Calaprice and Derek Gross


This is the first in a series of files I intend to finish up on my spare

time that I hope will be around with us for a long time no matter what what happens in the future. Hope they come into use some day.

–> Hard drive partitions

First Class Peripherals release 1/2/3

Cylinders 306 Number of heads 4 Reduce write cylinders 306 Pre-comp cylinder 306 Control byte 7 Number of alternate tracks 12 Interleave 16 Small volumes 17 Large volumes 0 Total 17 CP/M A Start: 330 | Size: 2 CP/M B Start: 333 | Size: 2 CP/M C Start: 336 | Size: 2 CP/M D Start: 339 | Size: 2 ProDOS volume 1 /HARD1 Start: 343 | Size: 3888 ProDOS volume 2 /HARD2 Start: 586 | Size: 9776 Pascal # 9 Start: 1199 | Size: 48 Pascal #10 Start: 1202 | Size: 48 Pascal #11 Start: 1208 | Size: 48 Pascal #12 Start: 1208 | Size: 48

–> DOS 3.3

The assignment of seventeen volumes each having 560 sectors or 143k.  The

complete DOS 3.3 partition holds 2437k. Volume assignments should, and always will be posted on volume one of the 3.3 partition for ae/catfur users as a reference. Maintaining the 3.3 partition is next to impossible for anyone in remote mode unless a special module is created for sysops where in they can delete any file on any volume, this possibility has not yet been implimented as of 03-JAN-86.

–> ProDOS

The assignment of two volumes maximum led me to partition one main volume

to hold 90% of the bulletins, and 100% of all textfiles. The other partition would hold the system files/modules/mail/news, and 10% boards. Setup and where to locate what on the ProDOS volumes is difficult due to the tree structure, this will be opened up further in this file.

Volume one is named "/HARD1", likewise volume two is "/HARD2".  /HARD1

has a maximum capacity of 3888 blocks (7776 sectors or 1990k), while /HARD2 over powers this with a whopping 9776 blocks (19552 sectors or 5005k). Both partitions together in maximum storage capacity hold 13664 blocks (27328 sectors or 6995k). In terms of megabytes –

DOS 3.3 2.437 megabytes ProDOS /HARD1 1.990 megabytes ProDOS /HARD2 5.005 megabytes Total (ProDOS) 6.995 megabytes Total (Alltogether) 9.432 megabytes

–> CP/M and Pascal

The two partitions holding these OS's have been made as small as possible,

they maintain 90% of what is left of the hard disk, the rest is lost to hard disk files. Parameter blocks, and so on.

–> ProDOS setup

As mentioned before, there are two volumes in the ProDOS partition, one

for system files/mail/news/boards 1-5+21, and /HARD2 which is larger than the first for the sole reason that it holds everything else. Boards 6-20, and textfiles (5 megabytes). Mastering the structure of the entire system needs a hands on experience, but through these files I hope to aid any sysops of present and future into understanding where everything is kept, and where it should be kept. Many hours of time has gone into making the system as easy to use as possible, with I/O-net being very modular, I have created many modules for xfer, textfiles, other functions and so on.

–> /HARD1

Size: 1.990 megabytes


/HARD1 —!

        ! -->BOOT  (I/O-net 1.2 boot/modules)
        ! -->BBS !
        !        ! --> Boards 1-5 and 21
        !        ! --> Mail/Transfer files/News files
        !        ! --> System menus/help/info/setup/ACCOUNTS
        !        ! --> Other module/files
        ! -->HG  (Heart of Gold (ae/catfur)/modules/menus/info)

–> /HARD2

Size: 6.995 megabytes

/HARD2 —!

        ! --> Boards 6-20  (any subsequent boards in future)
        ! --> Textfiles !
                        ! --> Libraries 1-28  (some unused)
                        ! --> Menu/info/DIR
                        ! --> Slipped Disk's File of the week/info
Future features such as filter systems for the illegal activities of the

system, data files, should be found on /HARD2 on the main directory under some file name.

–> Setup

Setup of Milliways takes exactly 22.35 seconds from warm start to awaiting

carrier. The process from partition to partition is quick, and is setup like this–

Parameter block (3.3)–>RUN MAIN MENU Boot ProDOS–>RUN STARTUP–>Setup modem–>Setup drivers–>RUN IO.1 Read SETUP–>Read US.NUM–>Await ring

The following files should under no circumstances be tampered with though a remote logon.

Under Dos 3.3 "MAIN MENU", and "PRODOS" Under ProDOS "/HARD1/STARTUP", and "/HARD1/BOOT/="/HARD1/BBS/SETUP and FILE"

The files, and what purpose they serve will be explained in the next volume.

"System Files/Daily Routine".


Mastering Milliways Volume I
"Hard drive partitions and Setup"
Written in despiration by The Outland
I/O-net 1.2 © 1985 David Calaprice and Derek Gross



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