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		      Hack, Hack, away
	      To the tune of "Run, Run, away"-Slade
	      By The Slipped Disk a/k/a The Messenger

If your a guy who likes to hack, Just go send me some feedback, Tell me what it is you lack to Hack, Hack, away.

If Your Hacking has gone wrong, dial me up and then logon, Just remember don't stay long, Hack, Hack, away.

Phreaking files are a must, use them all or they'll go bust, I like them all, Their cause is just, Hack, Hack, away.

See the Ma Bell employees, I think they're getting pissed at me, I'll take my disks and then I'll flee, Hack, Hack, away.

I think I've almost had enough, a sysop's life is really rough, Breaking laws is not too tough, Hack, Hack, away.

If you think you have the skill, and you know you have the will, You'll have a BBS to fill and Hack, Hack, away.

Join our little group and find, A hacker's life is really kind, You just have to use your mind and Hack, Hack, away.

So be a ``hack'', It's really fun, If you don't you're the only one Get a BBS to run and Hack, Hack, Away. Hack, Hack, Away. Hack, Hack, away. 

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