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Conclusion: Every traditional Hootenanny ends with Good Night Irene:



   Irene, good ni-i-ight
   Irene, good night
   Good night, Irene.  Good night, Irene.
   I'll see you in my dreams

Have we sung enough folk songs to suit ya? Of folk songs have we sung enough? Can the ACLU now recruit ya? If you don't like our show, well, that's tough!

Chorus and singalong:

Civil Liberties are worth defending Civil Liberties: that's why we're here Civil Liberties: effort worth spending So we'll see you the same time, next year.

Chorus and singalong:

Sometimes we are fighting the Congress Sometimes the local police Sometimes we're fighting the censors To protect our cherished beliefs

Chorus and singalong:

Sometimes it's the First Amendment Sometimes we're defending pot Sometimes we defend the right of those To sit on the pavement and rot

Chorus and singalong:

Every good show has an ending And this one was good, don't you think? Now homeward our friends are wending If they didn't have too much to drink.

Chorus and singlalong:

Irene, good ni-i-ight

   Irene, good night
   Good night, Irene, good night, Irene,
   I'll see you in my dreams.
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