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The song is sung to the tune of Amazing Grace. Enjoy!

Verna Knapp

      Amazing grace, how sweet the Earth 
      that bore a witch like me! 
      I once was burned, now I survive, 
      was hung and now I sing. 

      T'was grace that drew down the moon 
      and grace that raised the seas. 
      The magic in the people's will 
      will set our Mother free. 

      We face the East and breathe the winds 
      that move across this earth. 
      From gentle breeze to hurricane 
      our breath will bring forth the change. 

      Turn towards the South and feel the fire 
      that burns in you and me. 
      The spirit's flame will rise again 
      and burn eternally.

      We greet the West, our souls awash 
      in tides of primal birth. 
      Our tears and blood, our pain and love 
      will cleanse and heal the earth. 

      Reach into the North and know your roots 
      down deep ancestral caves. 
      We find the wisdom of the Crone, 
      Of circles we are made. 

      Amazing earth, enduring life, 
      from death into rebirth. 
      T'is earth I am and earth I love 
      and earth I'll always be. 

      Amazing grace, how sweet the Earth 
      that bore witches like we. 
      We once were burned, now we survive, 
      were hung and now we sing. 

      Goddess bless, so mote it be, 
      Our magic spirals on.
      Merry meet and merry part
      and merry meet again.
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