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Newsgroups: alt.gothic From: (Morpheus Laughing) Subject: the gothlist Message-ID: Sender: (Usenet poster) Organization: University of Washington, Seattle Distribution: alt.gothic Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1992 05:28:28 GMT Lines: 321

		  last update: 12/9/92


   NOTE: Again thanx to all who have contributed and send in those
   corrections and new info particularly country of origin. But please no
   e-mail just to say 'hey, but these people aren't Goth and never have 
   Accept that other people inevitably have widely differing opinions as
   what is and isn't Goth. This is just a list for people who enjoy
   Gothic music and would like to know the names of some other bands to
   check out. It hardly claims to be definitive or even necessarily
   accurate because I have to rely on contributions from numerous other
   people and can't possibly investigate all of these bands myself. The basic
   assumption around here is that any band on the list should be fair game
   for discussion. And no mail to say 'but 'X' belongs on the first list, not
   the second. Bottom line is I do this for _me_ and bands go where i feel
   they should go.

  Here's version 23 of the Gothic Music list.
  As always, corrections and additions,comments, etc are
  gratefully accepted. Corey recommends the "Gothic Rock Black Book" and
  "Gothic Rock" by Mick Mercer. It's mostly typical Brit 'journalism' but has
  good history sections and features on the Cult, All About Eve,Fields of
  the Nephilim,the Sisters of Mercy and the Mission. Many of the defunct UK 
  bands only recorded one single so good luck. Only bands that have actually 
  had a piece of music released by a real record company will be listed, no
  bands with only demo tapes.
  any information or comments should go to
  Actifed defunct UK
  Adams Family active UK
  Add It Up ? ?
  Alien Sex Fiend active UK  new lp out and on tour
  All About Eve active UK  Marty Wilson-Piper(Church) has replaced
            Tim Bricheno on the latest album
  the Ancestry defunct UK
  the Ancients active US
  And Also the Trees Active UK
  Anorexic Dread defunct UK
  Attrition active ?
  Ausgang defunct UK
  Batfish Boys defunct UK  Simon D ex-March Violets, onto Batfish and
              then D-Rock
  Bauhaus defunct UK see Peter Murphy,Love & Rockets,Tones on Tail
  B.C. ? UK
  Beetleguese ? ?
  Bel Canto active Norway  new lp out
  Belfagore defunct UK
  Benediction ? ?
  Bentmen active US
  Bible for Dogs defunct UK
  the Birthday Party defunct Australia  retrospective out soon
  Black Tape for a Blue Girl active US
  Blood & Roses defunct UK
  Bomb Party active UK
  Bone Orchard defunct UK
  Breathless active UK singer featured on This Mortal Coil's albums,
                      Filigree & Shadow and Blood
  Brigandage defunct UK
  Cadaver Finesse defunct UK
  Camp Sophisto defunct France
  Carcrash International active UK  Sex Gang splinter
  Cassandra Complex active Germany new lp out
  Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds active Australia  see Birthday Party
  Chameleons defunct UK ex-members in the Reegs,the Sun & the Moon and
  the Children defunct UK   Sex Gang offshoot
  Children on Stun active UK
  Christ '99 ? ?
  Christian Death active US  new lp  'the iron mask' w/Rozz out now
  Chrome defunct US
  Clair Obscure defunct France
  Cold Dance defunct UK
  the Cravats defunct UK
  Crown of Thorns defunct UK
  Classix Nouveaux defunct UK new romantic goths, no really :-)
  Colour Me Psycho ? Canada
  Common Language active US
  Creaming Jesus active UK do a wonderful cover of Temple of Love
  Crime and the City Solution active Australia  3/5 ex Birthday Party
  the Cult(pre-Electric) active UK
  the Cure active UK (Faith,17 Seconds,Pornography,Disintegration, all
              good tho.
  Current '93 active UK
  Dali's Car defunct UK one-off by Peter Murphy & Mick Karn
  Danielle Dax active UK mostly the Pop-Eyes album
  the Damned active again UK (Phantasmagoria mostly)
  Danse Society defunct UK
  Dawn After Dark defunct UK
  Dead Can Dance active UK  Brendan Perry will have a solo album out shortly
  Death Cult defunct UK became simply the Cult
  Death in June active UK
  Deathride 69 ? ?
  Deathwish ? ?
  December Flowers ? ?
  Dispossessed defunct ?
  Doomed Youth defunct UK
  Dormannu defunct UK
  Dream Disciples active UK
  Dreamgrinder active UK  mostly the Deeps and Shallows ep
  Damon Edge active US leader of Chrome
  Eden active AUS
  the Elements defunct UK pre-Anne Marie Skeletal Family
  Elephant Talk defunct UK
  Every New Dead Ghost active UK
  Exit Stance defunct UK
  Faith & Disease active US  
  Falling Man defunct US
  Family ? UK
  Fields of the Nephilim active UK recently broke up. Carl continuing as
             Fields of the Nefilim, the rest as Rubicon
  the Fifteenth defunct UK
  Flesh for Lulu active UK early stuff only
  Four Came Home active UK
  Four Way Cross active US
  Frazier Chorus Active UK
  Freviz ? ?
  Diamanda Galas active US
  the Garden  ? ?
  Gargoyle Sox ? ?
  Geko active US
  Gene Loves Jezebel active UK early stuff only
  Getting the Fear ex SDC members
  Ghost Dance defunct UK former Sister of Mercy Gary Marx & former
             Skeletal Family singer Ann Marie
  Groovy Chainsaws active UK features Yaxi, ex-Alien Sex Fiend
  the Gun Club active UK
  Handful of Snowdrops  active CAN
  His Name is Alive active UK
  Hook 'n Pull Gang defunct  UK
  Human Drama active US
  Hysteria defunct UK
  Infectio active FIN
  Ignore the Machine ? ?
  Inca Babies defunct UK
  In Excelsis defunct UK ex Ritual & UK Decay members
  Infamous Menagerie defunct US
  In the Nursery UK active
  Into a Circle ? UK  Barry from the Southern Death Cult
  Into Paradise active UK
  Ipso Facto defunct UK
  Jad Wio ? France
  Japan defunct again UK
  Jesu ? ?
  Jesus Manson ? ?
  the Jesus&Mary Chain active UK(mostly Darklands lp)
  Joan of Arc ? UK
  Johanna's House of Glamour active US
  Josi Without Colours  active UK
  Joy Division defunct UK  3/4 onto New Order
  Kabuki defunct UK
  Kas Product defunct UK
  Killing Joke defunct again UK all cept Jaz onto Murder Inc. Jaz has a
      new band with Mick Brown(Mission) & Patricia Morrison
  Kommunity FK defunct US  Patrick went onto Between the Eyes
  the Last Cry active UK
  Lavolta Lakota defunct UK
  Leitmotiv defunct UK
  Les Provisoires defunct France
  London After Midnight active US
  Look Back in Anger defunct UK Jim onto the Fifteenth
  Loose active UK features Martin ex-Skeletals and Batfish Boys Drummer
  Love Like Blood active GER
  Lycia active US
  Lords of the New Church defunct UK
  March Violets active UK
  Mark of Kane ? ?
  the Marionettes active UK
  Ministry active USA mostly 'with sympathy' parts of Twitch new lp out
  the Mission active UK what the rest of the former Sisters of Mercy
                 are doing. new lp out.(mostly first three lps)
  MOEV active Canada
  Momento Mori active UK  some members in Sins of the Flesh
  Peter Murphy active UK  ex BAUHAUS singer  new lp out now
  Musta Paraati defunct FIN
  My Bloody Valentine active UK
  My Dad is Dead Active US
  National Velvet active Canada
  the Neon Judgement active Belgium
  New Model Army active UK
  Nightmares in Wax defunct UK Peter Burns of Dead or Alive
  1919 defunct UK
  Nosferatu active UK
  Of a Mesh defunct US
  Panic Button defunct UK changed name to sex gang children
  Parade Ground active BEL
  Party Day defunct UK
  Paradise Lost active UK
  Passion Fodder ? ?
  Play Dead defunct UK
  Playground defunct UK
  Poesie Noire active ?
  the Possessed defunct UK
  Preachers of Twilight ? ?
  the Prunes active UK    Virgin Prunes offshoot
  Red Lorry Yellow Lorry active UK
  Release the Bats defunct UK
  Restoration active UK
  Ritual defunct UK bassist and drummer joined Death Cult
  the Rose of Avalanche active UK
  Rossetta Stone active UK
  Russian Love active FIN
  Salvation active UK first single produced by Andrew Eldritch
  a Scanner Darkly ? ?
  Screaming Dead defunct UK
  Second Coming defunct UK
  Seventh Seance defunct UK
  Sex Gang Children  active(again) UK
  Andi Sex Gang active UK
  Shadow Project active US  features Rozz, ex-Christian Death
  Shroud ? ?
  Siglo XX active BEL   very Neph/Joy Division-ish
  Siii defunct UK
  Silent Invasion active GER
  Silent Scream defunct UK formerly Creatures of Habit
  Sins of the Flesh active UK early stuff only
  the Sisterhood defunct UK a Sisters of Mercy side project
  the Sisters of Mercy active UK compilation lp out now
  Skeletal Family defunct UK
  Skin inactive US Michael Gira and Jarboe of the Swans now calling
         themselves the World of Skin
  Slavedrive defunct UK ex-UK Decay members
  Sleep Chamber active US
  Society defunct UK
  the Southern Death Cult defunct UK
  Specimen defunct UK guitarist is now in the Banshees
  Splashpool defunct UK
  Splintered active UK
  Strafe Fur Rebellion defunct GER
  Strange Boutique  active US  CD out now
  Swans active USA  Jarboe ahs her solo album out now
  the Suicidal Flowers active UK
  Super Heroines defunct US
  Sunglasses After Dark defunct UK
  Terminal Power Company active UK
  Theatre of Sheep defunct US
  Theatre of Hate defunct UK
  This Mortal Coil defunct UK
  3-D Scream  defunct UK
  Tones on Tail defunct UK  Daniel Ash&Kevin Haskins
  the Tors of Dartmoor active GER
  Tragic Venus defunct UK
  Twisted Nerve defunct UK
  Two Witches active FIN
  UK Decay defunct UK
  the Veil defunct UK
  the Vengeful Widows active UK
  Victims of the Pestilence active UK
  Virgin Prunes defunct UK
  Voodoo Church ? US
  the Wake active US
  Whiskey and the Devil defunct UK
  the Wolfgang Press active UK
  Xmal Deutschland defunct  Germany
  Xymox(aka Clan of Xymox) active Holland  4AD stuff mostly
  Zero le Creche defunct UK
  The second list is of bands that have material that could be
  called Goth, but not any album or work in particular, or bands
  that should interest fans of Gothic Music.
  Abcendarians active US
  Area  active US
  Arms of Someone New  ? US
  the Church  active AUS. esp. Persia e.p.
  Cocteau Twins active UK
  the Creatures hiatus UK Siouxsie & Budgie of the Banshees
  Cindytalk active UK
  ClockDVA active  UK mostly "advantage"
  Concrete Blonde active US  mostly Bloodletting
  the Cranes active US
  Curve active UK
  Dancing Did defunct UK
  the Drowning Pool active US now called Mumbles
  the Dream Academy  active UK
  Echo & the Bunnymen active UK
  Gentle Ihor's Devotion active UK
  Godflesh active UK
  Gothic Hut ? USA
  the Glove defunct UK one-off by Steve Severin of the Banshees and
      Robert Smith of the Cure.
  Icehouse active AUS  first album only
  Junior Manson Slags defunct UK
  Kastrierte Philosophen active GER recent single remixed by Andrew
  Legendary Pink Dots active UK
  Love and Rockets active UK the rest of Bauhaus David J & Daniel Ash
              have solo albums out
  Modern English active again UK mostly Mesh & Lace, which is out on CD soon
  Mumbles active US formerly the Drowning Pool
  Naked Raygun active US
  Nice Strong Arm active US
  Pieter Noonten/Michael Brook defunct ? Pieter is ex-Xymox
  the Pixies active US
  Public Image Limited active UK
  James Ray & the Performance defunct UK on Merciful Release
  James Rays Gangwar  active UK new lp out
  Savage Republic defunct US
  Sunshot active UK
  Siouxsie & the Banshees active  UK see Creatures & the Glove
  Sleeping Dogs Wake active UK
  Systems Collapse ? ?
  the Tear Garden active CAN/BEL  Kevin from Skinny Puppy with
      Edward Ka-Pel from LPD  new lp out now
  Jimi Tenor and His Shamans active Finland
  Toyah active UK  also part of Sunday All Over the World
  Ultravox defunct UK      pre midge ure

– corey w nelson | EGO PROJECT NUMBER II: a goth/som zine keeper of the Sisters | mail me to sign up for the electronic of Mercy FAQ, DISCOG | version. issue 2 out Oct 5. featuring interview and several others… | with Andrew Eldritch, lotsa goth reviews and more!

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