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58/100: Here it is – "What Is God?" (GOD.TXT) Name: Belladonna #2 @5413 Date: Tue May 21 07:51:30 1991 From: The 286 Express PIN (Louisiana)

What is God?

God is That Which Is, the intelligence and energy which manifests Itself in creation. It has certain forms which are repeatedly used; these forms are recognised world over as sacred symbols. Morality and sense of purpose come from this Source. People who say, I wish God would show himself to me, are tripping over their own feet. God is showing itself all the time, in all things. God is the only Being; all that is, is part of God.

God shows Itself to many people in the form of insight according to that person's temperament and understanding. Thus, monothiests of various stripes (Christians, Jews, Moslems, etc) perceive an anthromorphosised figure, often male. Pagans, in contrast, perceive two or more divine figures, more or less anthromorphosised, often male and female. In Wicca, a popular form of paganism, devotees venerate a dual divine principle, [PAUSE] male and female, a horned god representing the male aspect and a maiden / mother / crone representing the female aspect. Many pagans draw upon the roots of pre-christian mythology and nature worship in relating to the divine principle. Followers of New Age spirituality often perceive the divine in a less anthromorphosised form; instead, to New Agers, God is The Force, The Is, the Higher Self, or (borrowing a term from the aborigines of this land), The Great Spirit. To many people, whether they believe in one god or many gods, whether they believe in an anthromorphic god(s) or a "Force", the divine principle is always near, within. It gently suggests the right thing to do, and those who heed Its suggestions find that it guides moral choices, protects one from danger, and suggests opportunities for growth and other good things. Then, in quieter moments, It suggests deeper insights and wisdom, and one who heeds Its suggestions grows in understanding of the subtle principles which govern the universe.

In the face of all this, how do we know that we are dealing with the right God? This question bothered me for some time, and recently I had the opportunity to discuss this with an elder Native American. (We who live in this country inherit the land of the American aborigines ("Indians"), and the wise old spirits of the red men are patiently waiting for us newcomers to acknowledge them. So I was grateful to discuss this with an elder of this land). I asked him about the different religions, [PAUSE] and he said, "We are all children of the Great Spirit, no matter what color or where we come from. He made different kinds of people with different ways of living and understanding, and revealed Himself to different peoples according to their understanding." I asked him what about Jesus, and he said, "We knew about Jesus before the white man came, although we called him (he used a four-syllable word here, which promptly slipped my mind) "….". He came to teach us love. You see, we are all children of The Great Spirit, but we have left His yard. He came to teach us to love, that love is the way to return to His yard." His words rang true, and I realised that this is what all of the religions are trying to tell us. I realised that reincarnation is a way for cause and effect to work itself out, and a way for souls to develop in wisdom and love until we realise in truth that "love is the way to return to His yard." I realised why Jesus and many of the other great teachers, speaking in the name of the Divine, say, "I am always with you." I realised what "salvation" really is, why Jesus claimed to be the way, the truth and the light, why all people of good will know God, no matter what their religion or lack of religion, and why, in the long run, there is no waste and no contradiction. God Is. All else is merely detail.

The above essay was written in responses to a fellow student asking me "What is God?" It seems my teachers and my fellow students are [PAUSE] always asking me this, so I wrote it out according to my understanding at this time.

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