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_THE_FILKING_TIMES_: The Monthly Filk News Fanzine

Bringing you all the latest happenings in the world of Filksinging:

* Filk Tape Reviews * Opinions & Editorials * Letters of Comment * Filk History & Customs * Post-Convention Reports * New Filk Tape & Songbook Releases * Filk Programming & Concert Plans

TFT carries both original articles and letters and also reprints the most interesting postings from the WWIV and FidoNet filk echoes.

Stay in Tune – Read _THE_FILKING_TIMES_


US: $7.50 (via 1st class mail) Canadian: $9.00 US (via 1st class mail) Overseas (everywhere else): $17.00 US (via Air Mail) Above subscriptions are for 12 issues.

Trial subscription: $1.00 for 3 issues.

Make check/money order payable to Rick Weiss. Mail to:

The Filking Times

        c/o Rick Weiss
        13261 Donegal Drive
        Garden Grove, CA  92644-2304

STAY IN TOUCH: Be Listed in _The_Filkers_Directory_

A name & address listing of over 125 filkers from across the US and around the world. No charge or purchase required to be listed. Copies of the Directory can be purchased for $0.25 each plus postage (US: $0.29 for 3 copies; Canada: $0.40 US for 2 copies; Overseas: $0.50 US for 2 copies). See above for mailing address and indicate info to be included.

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