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From: Cocoa Subject: something COOL To: Date: Fri, 24 Jun 1994 00:58:09 -0400 (EDT)

Here's something I thought ya'll might be interested in…. luv, Cocs


There's a traveling road show of digital marvels criss-crossing the country this summer, and it's coming to a town near you. The Electric Carnival is a featured attraction at Lollapalooza '94's Mind Field. Lollapalooza is a concert tour founded in 1990 to showcase the best in alternative rock. For the past four years, the festival has presented numerous prominent alternative bands, a second stage of local bands, and a front-of-the-house area with additional attractions. Sponsored by Interval Research Corporation, Electric Carnival will present Lollapalooza concert-goers with over 60 kiosks showing 18 different kinds of multimedia exhibits. For the final three weeks, the carnival will have a satellite Internet connection.

Join the Carnival – Volunteer! Sound cool? Then why not come be a member of the Electric Carnival crew for a day? We're looking for volunteer facilitators to help us out at each Lollapalooza site. Want to experience all the new technology first hand? Do you have an understanding of what interactive multimedia really is? Interested in sharing your knowledge, as well as expanding on your expertise, with Lollapalooza concert-goers who may have little or no understanding of the Internet?

Here's the deal – You'll get free admission to Lollapalooza in exchange for working on the Electric Carnival crew for a 4-1/2 hour shift.

The job – As a volunteer facilitator you'll have the chance to be part of the Electric Carnival team in some of the following ways: guide concert goers through the Internet and help people find the coolest places to go; be part of a video crew and collect footage from all over Lollapalooza; select snipets of the best video footage to project on video screens; coordinate crowd movement in and out of the tent; help people make their own animated or quicktime movies; trouble shoot simple problems, demonstrate CD-ROMS, demonstrate multimedia production tools; and assist them in using some of the exhibits.

The skills – desired, but not necessarily required – solid understanding of the Internet, and/or multimedia applications (Macromedia Director, Adobe Photoshop, Premier, Painter, etc!); background in theatre, experience with digital art, and a genuine enthusiasm for multimedia technology and its potential for personal expression. You must be 16 or older.

What you need to do –

snail-mail: 126 South Park, San Francisco, CA 94107
fax: 415/284.5128

a resume and references to the Electric Carnival in c/o Volunteers. You can also call us @ 415/284.5136. Let us know when and where you'd like to join in the fun.

THE FUTURE IS NOW!!! The superhighway is here whether we like it or not – now the question is if we're going to stick out our thumbs and hope someone stops to pick us up, or learn how to drive for ourselves.

We're coming to these cities across the U.S. and Canada –

Las Vegas, NV - July 7 Denver, CO - July 9 Kansas City, MI - July 11 St. Paul, MN - July 12 Milwaukee, WI - July 14 Chicago, IL - July 15 & 16 St. Louis, MI - July 17 Columbus, OH - July 19 Cincinnati, OH - July 20 Indianapolis, IN - July 22 Detroit, MI - July 23, 24, 25, 29 Montreal, Quebec - July 27 Barrie, ONT - July 28 Pittsburgh, PA - July 30 Sarataoga, NY- August 2 Providence, RI - August 3 New York, NY - August 5 & 6 Charles Town, WVA - August 8 Raleigh, NC - August 10 Charlotte, NC - August 11 Atlanta, GA - August 12 & 13 Miami, FL - August 15 Deland, FL - August 16 New Orleans, LA - August 18 Houston, TX - August 19 Dallas, TX - August 20 & 21 Phoenix, AZ - August 24 San Diego, CA - August 25 San Francisco, CA - August 27 & 28 George, WA - August 30, 31, September 1 Los Angeles, CA - September 4 & 5

– Eric S. Theise,

Liberty Hill Cyberwerks, P.O. Box 460177, San Francisco, CA 94146
Internet Domain Editor, Millennium Whole Earth Catalog
The WELL: internet, matrix, & news conference host + gophermeister

—– End Forwarded Message —– Jose M. daLuz KnowledgeQuest Online Research (508) 996-6101 (vox) (508) 996-6215 (fax)

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