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              STRANGEST DREAM (OF ALL)
                        -Joe Bethancourt
      (c) copyright 1992 W.J. Bethancourt III
             (tho Ghod knows why!)
           (Tune: "Strangest Dream")
   Last night you had the strangest dream
   The strangest dream of all
   You dreamed about a chicken that
   Was thirty-six feet tall
   It wrestled over Tokyo
   With Godzilla and the rest
   And in three falls, with overtime,
   It proved it was the best
   It then put on silk stockings
   And a leather garter belt
   And did impossible sexual things;
   You told me how it felt.
   Last night you had the strangest dream
   It made me quite annoyed;
   Don't tell me again what you dreamed last night 
   For I've been reading Freud!

My mind is going ….. I can feel it …. I can feel it ….. Dave …..

A VOICE: Dave's not here!

Oh ….

Joe Bethancourt

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