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                  DOG SOUP! 
                     -Joe Bethancourt 
      (c) copyright 1992 W.J. Bethancourt III 

Down the road from where I live's a little diner And some friendly foreign folks serve up the meal Right behind the doggie pound is where it can be found And the prices are so cheap, it is a steal!

CHORUS: Dog soup! It really -is- delicious

       Dog soup! If you really are ambitious 
       You can eat a bowl or two 
       Take some home for Grandma too! 
       It's exotic foreign food, -and- inexpensive! 

Take some noodles and some carrots and some onions Take some spices and some other odds and ends Then go into your neighborhood, find a doggie that looks good And make soup out of Man's Best Friend!

Now cats tend to be a little stringy And eating children gets you talked about But if you wanna be in clover, tell ol' Rover to come over! And then go dining out!

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