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This set of text files will help you learn to program your CZ instrument! The CZ series has a wide range of features and capabilities that are well worth exploring. I hope these hints and tips are of use to you as you experiment and explore. These tips were developed on a CZ-3000, and require few changes for the other CZ intsruments. Please share your NEW, ORIGINAL voices in text or librarian format- this will raise the quality level of available voices and provide more sounds for all of us!

TIP #1: Use the vibrato on wave #4 with a depth of 99 to achieve a slapback repetition effect at the octave. Of course, the delay can be adjusted as necessary, and the rate will now control the rate of the slapback. This effect is nice on bass patches to provide rhythmic intensity.

TIP #2: DCO envelopes can be used to set the pitch levels independantly of the DETUNE function. example a- DCO at fundamental pitch Step 1: RATE 50 (setting doesn't matter, this is the default)

      LEVEL=00 END

example b- DCO up an octave Step 1: RATE=99 LEVEL=66 SUS Step 2: RATE=00 LEVEL=00 END example c- DCO up 2 octaves Step 1: RATE=99 LEVEL=72 SUS Step 2: RATE=00 LEVEL=00 END

TIP #3: Use RATE=00 to come out of the DCO envelope setting to avoid a pitch falloff at the end of the sound. Or make sure the DCA cuts off quickly. Unless you want it to sound like that. It's it fun?

TIP #4: When using the DCO envelopes, an initial RATE of 99 to about 85 produces a 'click' or squeal that is useful for percussive attack. Back off the RATE to 80 for a fast attack with no squeal.

If you have questions about CZ programming, I'll try to help (no guarantees, of course!). Leave a message on the MIDI BBS (404) 454-8059 to David Scott, and I'll reply there if I can.

Have fun! -David

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