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              Strange Blood   (The Wolf Pack)

Leslie Fish

Strange blood! in our veins, too late we understand Strength and size and long allegience to the elfling band Strange blood! for its gifts the price at last comes due Strange lands and stranger duties has it brought us to.

Strange blood! and its gifts we gained from long ago Shapechanger gave us this, for cause we'll never know Strange blood! and its wisdom long since changed our track Whereever it may lead us now, there is no turning back.

Strange blood! we are wolves, and we are something more Now it brings us endless wand'ring, hunger, rage, and war Strange blood! kept us fed and brought us help at need Now it draws us by our bond to go where others heed,

Strange blood! no regrets; we would not turn aside It brought us safely through the fire where all the others died Strange blood! howl again, for now we know too well Better a friend on paths unknown than be alone in hell.

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