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26: Name:: Holiday Inn, Cambodia BBS Number:: 209/456-8584 Baud: 3/12/2400 Megs: 100 Software: ICE v1.2g Comments:: Lotsa T-Files, etc. Fresno's finest.

1: Name: Nihilism BBS Number: 513-767-7892 Maximum Modem Speed/Type: 14,400HST Software: GBBS Storage: 40 Megs Misc. Comments: H/P/Social Engineering/Underground Music & Medias Database newscan complete!

Scanning BBS Ads for new messages…

_ _Û Bulletin 31 – well Û When: 11/21/90 at 1:13 pm Left by: Elrond Halfelven (Validated User) all I have to say is that qms/etc/etc used to be an all GIF bbs not long ago.. _ _Û Bulletin 32 – Face-to-Face Û

  When: 11/23/90 at 11:16 am

Left by: net worm (Validated User)

This is a new board that I heard about which has been set up for hackers and phreaks to meet pheds and other law enforcement types. (713) 242-6853

_ _Û Bulletin 33 – NETWORK 23 Û

  When: 11/24/90 at 12:27 pm

Left by: EDISON CARTER (Validated User)

Call…………..NETWORK 23

                1200/2400 Baud
                24 Hours
                7 Days A Week!

Leave feedback to Edison Carter and tell him you saw the ad here on Lunitic Labs.

_Û Bulletin 34 – Any boards go down? Û Left by: Unknown Lab Rat) Any boards listed here go down? _Û Bulletin 35 – ….. Û When: 11/28/90 at 8:11 pm Left by: castalia (Level 49) uh, yes, right. sure. sounds like the normal thing to do. the question is tho who's paying to run the bbs and why are they doing it? (my guess is some very frustrated wanna-be 'cyberpunk' writer-journalist who no one will speak to and who has burned all his sources setting up this bbs grasping at straws and hoping for a miracle. I know at least one writer who would fit this description). where's 713 anyway? Texas? -Castalia _ _Û Bulletin 36 – Manta's Lair Û

  When: 12/7/90 at 11:26 am

Left by: The Black Manta (Validated User)

Ok, Manta's Lair has not gone down but has changed it's phone number. For any of you who would like to call please 5742. We support Cybertek Magazine. Have phun.

_Û Bulletin 37 – BBS Û When: 12/9/90 at 2:51 am Left by: The Black Manta (Validated User) Here it goes one more time. I am sorry about my last post. Line noise screwed me up and i did not get the whole phone number out to you so here it is. 206-361-5742. Manta's Lair. _Û Bulletin 38 – BBS Û

  When: 12/12/90 at 10:04 am

Left by: shogun (New User Scum)

Call the Locked Door

New User Pass: Center (407) 997-6808….

Trying to start up again only have a few callers so far but we're trying to get this off the ground!….As for myself, sysop, I've been on boards like Kondrak's and Switchroom for a little over 3 years if anybody wants to check my refs…

We need subops, maybe a co, but mainly some people to contribute now and be patient for the rewards….

  1. -=⇒>Shogun«==–

_ _Û Bulletin 39 – NETWORK 23 Û

  When: 12/16/90 at 11:15 am

Left by: EDISON CARTER (Validated User)

Well, NETWORK 23 is still up at 402-467-2474 at 1200/2400 baud, 24 hours a day!

Give it a call, now!

                                           EDISON CARTER

_ _Û Bulletin 40 – Call Û When: 12/30/90 at 1:39 pm Left by: The Mad Hatter (New User Scum) For a change of pace call: 22, Acacia Avenue (208)/327-0717 New Pass: DAMAGE (Yes, we're based in Idaho and contrary to popular belief we've had phones for at least a couple of years.) _Û Bulletin 41 – Condemned Reality Û When: 1/3/91 at 10:06 pm Left by: Suicidal Maniac (New User Scum) We're back… And it's about fucking time… Condemned Reality is back with 3 times the power… Condemned Reality - The Sequel (618)397-7702 PW:SMASHED 300 - 19200 Baud - US Robotics HST 150 MB of storage 1300+ Texfiles Online Give us a call, if you have the balls. _ _Û Bulletin 42 – Database.. Û When: 1/4/91 at 4:20 pm Left by: The Mad Alchemist (System Operator) I cleared out the Out of State (#3) Database (Command D from main menu) since most of the BBS there are most likely no longer in service. Please add any curreny good BBS to that list. TMA _Û Bulletin 43 – WICCA WORLD !!?$%#@#% Û

  When: 1/5/91 at 9:59 pm

Left by: Racer X (Validated User)

Why call here? (uh…simply kidding of course)

CALL the board with no name..previously Greenpeace's Inverted Granola Bar, then The People Farm..NOW IT'S NOTHING. It's got more witchcraft files than you'd know what to do with (loads on Wicca)..Possibly the biggest outlet for supernatural/paranormal/wicca files in the call..

                      916 / 673 - 8412
                      Many bauds and stuff
                      Lunar calendars
                      Paranormal Investigation Services
                      (for the CA area)
                      Syslock:  Goo (formerly Greenpeace)
                   Ko-Syslock:  Racer X ('zee premiere Voo Doo Dolly)
                      916 / 673 - 8412

Oh, and uhhh…the convenient industrial music net..GROOVE OUT MAN.

_Û Bulletin 44 – wee Û When: 1/6/91 at 12:13 pm Left by: The Deth Vegetable (Validated User) fine. Ignore me, rex. I don't mind too much. I'll just go slash my wrists and write my name on the ceiling… _ _Û Bulletin 45 – Nihilism Û

  When: 1/19/91 at 10:13 pm

Left by: g.a. ellsworth (Validated User)

        Nihilism BBS
            o Underground Music, Books, Films, Politics
            o Subversive Activities
            o Hacking, Telecom, Social Engineering
            o Relationship Desperation
            o 101 Ways to Kill a Trendy
            o Free 'Shrooms for all!
    o 40 Megs of T-Files                o Online Record Catalogs:
     - Every cDc Release                 - Amphetamine Reptile
     - Shawn-Da-Lay Boy                  - Touch & Go
     - Phrack Magazine                   - Subpop
     - LOD/H files                             and more!
      _   _
     ((___))    Lots of bauds, all the way up to 14.4k!
     Ž x x 
      ™   /          Nihilism BBS  513 767 7892
      (' ')
       (U)      Cult of the Dead Cow Commications 1991

_ _Û Bulletin 46 – Nihilism.. Û

  When: 1/20/91 at 1:16 pm

Left by: Elric of Imrryr (Level 49)

Call that board, I personally recommend it….

      The Far Side    415-487-8053 300/1200 Apple 20 Megs
      CAMELOT         415-887-0983 300/1200 Forum-PC 80 Megs
      Just Say Yes!   415-922-2008 300/1200/2400 2 Lines.

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