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RE: How can they?

  Copyright law only limits who can Publish or manufacture items.  It DOES 

NOT and never has limited who can sell authorized items. Paramount would be putting themselves into very messy legal grounds.

                            Dan Sena
                            2 @7708

12/150: Spock in Command Name: O.D.W.E. #14 @6500 Date: 06/10/91 at 12:05 am <MDT> From: The Pentagon [605-348-4216]

[ Reply to ] Spock and command of Enterprise… [Msg Status] No reply needed. He was also in command during the episode "The Doomsday Device". When Kirk was aboard the Constellation, Matt Decker assumed command to go chasing after the planet killer after he destroyed his own ship. McCoy wanted Spock to take over, but Spock quoted regulations, saying that if McCoy could certify him medically unfit then he would take command. Unfortunately, McCoy hadn't had time to run a physical on Decker. Later, when communications had been restored to the Constellation, Kirk found out Decker was in command and ordered Spock to take over. This was also against regulations, but Kirk gambled his career that Decker wouldn't report to Starfleet(besides, Decker was clearly looney/in shock over the loss of his ship). The funny thing about this episode is why McCoy didn't use his authority as Chief Medical Officer to order Decker in for a physical. In many other episodes it is made clear that if the doctor judges(on his sayso) that someone is acting erratically, he must undergo a physical. Origin: -[The Pentagon]- WWIVnet @6500 USR Dual Standard (605) 348-4216 Rapid City, SD. SNARFable 13/150: Just commenting Name: Crackhead #177 @6500 Date: 06/10/91 at 1:43 am <MDT> From: The Pentagon [605-348-4216] [Msg Status] No reply needed.

Why bring Denise Crosby back? Have you seen that delicious form she walks around in? Many Trekkies watch for it, me included.

I thought "In Theory" was one of the most entretaining Treks of the season. Data's antics even had my Dad(non-Trekkie) laughing. Picards best line was, "Now would be a good time O'Brian." in his usual deadpan.

As for Data's "fledgling emotions" remember him telling Tasha's sister that familliarity with a person made communicating easier? I nearly shed a tear when he said he would delete the appropriate program. Emotion indeed.

I suppose that the obscure Enterprise was not Captained by a flamboyant personality. One not trusted with all of the Federations toughest problems or likely to get into trouble.

I also think that the Picard Maneuver(ie tug) shows that uniform designers will never catch up with designers of casual wear in the comfort area. Is that too strange?

    Origin:  -[The Pentagon]-  WWIVnet @6500   USR Dual Standard
                    (605) 348-4216  Rapid City, SD.  SNARFable

14/150: Help.. Name: The Black Knight #311 @3110 Date: Sun Jun 09 14:05:55 1991 From: Inner Limits [301-356-5112]

I have a question that I'm sure you guys could clear up for me-

How is it possible for the Enterprise (traveling warp 9 in forward direction) to view a ship coming warp 8 from behind them? How would it be possible for light to travel in such a manner?

Well.. there it is.. thanks!


WWIVNet Origin: The Inner Limits BBS <Owingsmills, Maryland> USRobotics HST * 1200-2400-9600-14400-38400 * (301)-356-5112

15/150: CreationCons Name: Michael Liebmann #11 @2396 Date: Sun Jun 09 02:00:57 1991 From: DAG BBS [213-546-1861]

Perhaps the best way to get the point across is to get people to stop going to these Cons. Perhaps, in that way, Malin will get the message. Perhaps it'd be a good idea to let creation know how you feel. # is 516-SHOWMAN

16/150: Re: Promoting Picard Name: Nick Smith #236 @2396 Date: Sun Jun 09 19:00:32 1991 From: DAG BBS [213-546-1861]

My thinking is that promoting Picard to Admiral and Riker to Captain would be great if we only want Patrick Stewart in SOME of the episodes. The problem with him continuing on as a flag officer on board the Enterprise is that the Enterprise is not a "fleet" vessel. It operates on its own too much of the time for it to be a true flagship of a group of ships.

By the way, I just read Vendetta, too. I thought it was well written, and it kept my attention better than most other SF, not just other Star Trek novels. Peter David did a very solid job of writing, and of trying to tie up loose ends. The story was basically believable, although there were some tiny problems caused by the TOS vs. TNG warp speeds. He leaned heavily on the technical manuals, however, and really tried to do his best. Good job.

The new issue of the Star Trek: Next Generation comic had a note in it that there was still some sort of Tasha Yar flashback or something planned, and that they had gotten that information from Denise Crosby. Unless this was deliberate misinformation, we may still see some surprises.

17/150: Enterprise History Line Name: Chakra Datastorm #18 @4401 Date: Sun Jun 09 00:37:20 1991 From:^Iconian Gateway [404-426-1941]

RE: Enterprise C BY: Mainframe #125 @6550

  I saw a time line chart somewhere that showed the evolution of the 

Enterprise from Aircraft Carrier to NCC-1701D, and on this time line it mentions that Kirk is killed in an accident on NCC-1701A, leaving Sulu in command. NCC-1701B had a VERY short-lived history, as it was supposedly destroyed in a warp accident trying to reach the Galatic Center. NCC-1701C was reported destroyed in battle with the Romulans (big suprise here, eh?), and finally NCC-1701D is now flitting around the universe looking for trouble, and finding it.

                              €hàkå† DƒÂ„$çíåm

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18/150: O'Brien, transport me to 10 forward…. Name: Semper Gumby #149 @2907 Date: Fri Jun 07 14:14:13 1991 From: Mc Co. Online [209-538-8454]

RE: Better yet …

I can see several reasons why the transporter is not used radomly. First their are regulations on a starship that could prevent that. As to reasons for regulations… gee their could be any number of ridiculas(sp) reasons. example…. Some high ranking officer thinks starship crews don't get enough exercise being cooped up for months even years at a time… so they get to run around the ship. Another reason, and perhaps more practical, is that the transporter requires energy. I would imagine that a sight to sight transport would take more energie that a normal transport from the transporter room. Why, I am not sure… it just sounds good. a message from SEMPER Gumby

°±²Û Mc Co. Online þ WWIV-Net Node:2907 þ Ceres, CA. þ 209-538-8454 Û²±°

19/150: Dave Kennedy… Name: Tauran Knight #1 @2457 Date: Sat Jun 08 23:58:52 1991 From: Knight Court [214-289-8524]

RE: Spock\Kirk\Picard\Riker

I would say Spock was split three ways: Data, of course… Logical Troi …. Alien, Mind Powers Worf …. Resident Alien ( A Klingon on board a Federation Ship! Great! )

Tauran Knight

20/150: Borg… Name: Warrior Red Baron #50 @7653 Date: Sun Jun 09 11:46:10 1991 From: The Dungeon [716-656-8573]

I think that the Borg are a mechanical/electrical inteligence that use a persons body as a host. They implant there mechanical parts to take over the bodys control over its self. The borg is the artificial inteligence that takes over the body and uses it for its own purposes.

«««««RED BARON»»»»»

21/150: I have a personal opinion on why two transporters Name: Booger #30 @3468 Date: Mon Jun 10 19:32:49 1991 From: The Pyramid BBS [314-861-1232]

RE: Number of items

are used between ships…

It's a rough one, but my guess is that the writers' constanly screw up on this!

See, a normal matter-to-matter transporter can beam an object ANYWHERE it wants, even into solid matter…

So I don't believe that the original transporter in a ship-to-ship transfer has to do anything at all…

Because if a transporter can beam into any space, can't it RECOVER from that space as well?

Why above Earth would the first unit even have to function? Couldn't the second unit just lock onto the object and transport it?

But, then again, there are supposed to be some kind of security devices on Starships that prevent unauthorized beaming…maybe by sheer stupidity they can't be overridden…


22/150: borg… Name: Footpad Ice Cube #196 @7653 Date: Mon Jun 10 21:33:11 1991 From: The Dungeon [716-656-8573]

I think that the borg would get its but kicked in real life. you cant keep re-biulding your ship if your geting blown up at the same time.

23/150: What ever happened to the…….. Name: Josh Wood #300 @6853 Date: Tue Jun 11 01:54:32 1991 From:^USS Hexum [618-624-6578]

Blonde with the short hair and big…….ummmmmmm….Feet?! on Star Treck the next generation? I can't figure why they took the most outrageous girl ever to appear on Star Treck off,would stupidity happen to play a role in that one?

     This is the Ctrl-F MacroLow Rider


24/150: Stewart directing… Name: Handelenoi #14 @9955 Date: Mon Jun 10 16:30:57 1991 From: Spectrum of Dreams [919-876-7395]

Reply to : A NER POST! Original by : Jeff Stevens #34 @6460

the camera angles were real different. There weren't as many "head on" shots.. there were a lot of side shots and "over the shoulder" shots. Data's voice sounded different. Listen to it when he, Picard, and Riker were gathered around the computer. He sounds like he's spitting out his words. There was a lot more "mugging" by the cast (Riker does it all the time so he's not a good example. But Stewart himself is. WORF: "Sir." PICARD: (Soapy pancake smile) "Perhaps not".

  I like Stewart's directing better. The camera doesn't bounce around as 

much and the angles are interesting. They don't work all the time, but they're interesting.

25/150: The Borg must procreate… Name: Shawn Stamps #2 @4401 Date: Mon Jun 10 00:27:57 1991 From:^Iconian Gateway [404-426-1941]

RE: Quick! Someone take away Egon's [W] key! BY: Egon Spengler #1 @2112

in some way. In the show where they first encounter the Borg, the away team discovers their 'nursery' where the 'baby Borgs' are first connected into the unimind.

Whether they actually have sex or not is another matter entirely. They probably use in vitro fertilization and have machine "wombs" (can't imagine a pregnant Borg for some reason).

SS Net/Forty-Four Hundred and One

— þ 4401 þ Iconian GateWay þ Marietta þ Georgia þ 404-426-1941 þ Star Trek

26/150: The latest talk with ROMULANS Name: Albert #458 @6979 Date: Mon Jun 10 08:08:51 1991 From: The Streets of Bakersfield [619-294-5888]

How many of you saw the latest Star Trek in which the Romulans agreed to help the Federation find out what was destroying both Federation and Romulan outposts near the neutral zone? The Romulans haven't agreed on anything with the Federation in a long long long long time. What are your thoughts on this matter?

27/150: Klingon Attack Cruiser model? Name: Steve Manitsas #121 @6951 Date: Mon Jun 10 16:08:18 1991 From: Enigma - TNG [619-453-1819]

RE: Models

  Just got back from the Star Trek 25th Anniversary convention at the Shrine 

Auditoruim (Academy awards, remember?). I'll talk about this soon, but in response to the post about ERTL models, ERTL will be coming out with the Klingon Attack Cruiser from "Reunion" and "The Mind's Eye", as well as a re-release of the "orignal Klingon Battle cruiser" from TOS and the K'tanga class battle cruiser from Star Trek TMP, II, and *VI*!. The TOS Enterprise bridge and the Galileo II shuttlecraft (seen in "The Way to Eden") will be released along with a special chrome edition of the three-Enterprise set and a lighted version of the Enterprise A with sound effects for phasers and photon torpedoes.

  There is no plan to produce the Excelsior / Enterprise B or the Ambassador 

class Enterprise C, even though ERTL has licence to make a model from anything associated with Star Trek. Write to ERTL and let them know you would buy one: – Steve Manitsas

=⇒ WWIVnet Origin| Enigma BBS – The first WWIV BBS in San Diego, CA

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28/150: 25th Anniversary Convention Name: Steve Manitsas #121 @6951 Date: Mon Jun 10 16:42:50 1991 From: Enigma - TNG [619-453-1819]

  Just got back from seeing the entire Star Trek cast at the Shrine 

Auditorium in LA. Star Trek VI is finishing principal photography and should be released in December 91. Trek VI, The Undiscovered Country looks VERY good. Christopher Plummer does indeed play a Klingon. Sulu is the Captain of the U.S.S. Excelsior, with Janice Rand (Grace Lee Whittney) as one of his crew. There should be some footage on Arsenio Hall in August according to BIll Shatner and Ralph Winter. Director Nick Meyer appeared in a short video for the celebration on location at the set for Trek VI. There were shots of LOTS of klingons, as well as Dr. McCoy being tossed into a snow bank and Sulu beaming down with two of his crew, all brandishing phasers. NO plot details were revealed.

  Shatner and Kelley each gave their account of a matter the disappearing 

english muffins on the set of Trek VI. I'll post each person's account soon. Nichelle sang a song she wrote for Gene (three times!! Aaargh!) Walter complained of being mistaken for Tattoo on Fantasy Island. Jimmy rambled about a seroius problem with his vocal cords (cancer?), but never told us the diagnosis. He had called Ralph Winter in December to ask if he could record his lines, afraid that he would no longer have the ability to speak by the time the movie began shooting. George talked about Seatrek and the French people who tried to imitate his laugh (Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah…). Nimoy talked about the development of Spock and his love for the character. Majel opened the show with a retrospective of Star Trek. Ralph Winter spoke of Trek VI and showed a trailer for the theaters (Awesome!! - but no scenes or plot details). Gene Roddenbery showed up last in his wheelchair with his son, G.R. Junior, and recieved a letter from George Lucas (delivered by Darth Vader) as well as a collosal telegram from the fans thanking him for Star Trek. Grace Lee Whittney was also there to talk about being back with Trek. This will be the last Old Trek, but no one is betting money on that. – Steve Manitsas

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29/150: English Muffins Name: Steve Manitsas #121 @6951 Date: Mon Jun 10 16:56:56 1991 From: Enigma - TNG [619-453-1819]

Deforrest Kelley:

  Christopher Plummer was eating these English muffins that smelled 

wonderful, so I asked him where he got them. He showed me the bag on the table in the back. I popped one in the toaster. The makeup director asked to check my makeup, and when I went back to the table, the muffins were gone. I put the last muffin left in the toaster and the same thing happened! Then I looked around, cuz I KNEW shatner must be behind it. He was sitting at the end of the table with his mouth full, choking with his hand at his throat saying "Call 9-1-1!"

William Shatner: (in the manner we know and love so well…)

  Kelley and I were doing this scene where we would crawl out of this.. 

really.. tiny.. hole, and-then-fall-in-the-snow. It wasn't right. The director said to do it again and I rolled back int he hole, and Kelley… stooped.. down….. slowly… with his hand on his back. We came out again, and this time, when we had to redo the scene, Kelly ROLLED into the hole, … and got stuck. As he was stuck in the hole, he told me he was afraid of forgeting things, he was getting old. THEN! – I KNEW HIS WEAKNESS!

  Kelley walked to the food table and cut his muffin in half and put it in 

the toaster… and WATCHED it. I grabbed the makeup man and pointed at Kelly, "DISTRACT HIM." The makeup man called him over to check the make up, pretending something was wrong. I … GRABBED.. the english muffin from the toaster. Kelley returned to the table and stood in front of the toaster.. waiting… and waiting… and waitng…

                           TO BE CONTINUED

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30/150: picard "cured" of his borgness … Name: Pythagoras #157 @9955 Date: Tue Jun 11 00:20:04 1991 From: Spectrum of Dreams [919-876-7395]

Reply to : Mabey… Original by : Dr. Manhattan #39 @3302

I've hear some interesting rumors about that one. There may be another "borg" episode featuring a struggle with the "Locutus mind."

31/150: Intraship transport Name: Pythagoras #157 @9955 Date: Tue Jun 11 00:23:04 1991 From: Spectrum of Dreams [919-876-7395]

Reply to : Transporting within the Enterprise Original by : Chris Weber #4 @2396

In the TOS episode "Day of the Dove," it was stated that intraship transport was very dangerous because the slightest error would be fatal. Now, we can assume perhaps that the transporter system has improved since TOS. But even in TNG, it is safer and more accurate to use a transporter pad whenever possible, and reserve "direct beaming" for emergencies.

P Pythagoras /

32/150: Woman trapped in the floor in "In Theory" Name: Pythagoras #157 @9955 Date: Tue Jun 11 00:26:47 1991 From: Spectrum of Dreams [919-876-7395]

Reply to : IN THEORY… Original by : Mickey #22 @2392

Well, the idea of a person getting stuck inside a wall or floor because of some sort of "dematerialization" is an old one, common in a number of science-fiction stories. It's almost cliche.

As for the special effects involved, it was clearly a dummy. I guess they were trying to save a couple of bucks with the special effects.

Not to mention that I think it was unrealistic. First, she wouldn't have died that quickly. Second, if she were dead or unconscious, her head would have drooped.


33/150: You are incorrect. Name: Pythagoras #157 @9955 Date: Tue Jun 11 00:35:58 1991 From: Spectrum of Dreams [919-876-7395]

Reply to : Nope, she was not,,, Original by : Jeff Stevens #34 @6460

{re: "Yesterday's Enterprise"}

Capt. Garrett of the Enterprise-C was killed in the attack from the klingon BOP (bird of prey). She was not killed in the attack of the three kvork-class klingon ships. She was already dead when the kvorks approached.


34/150: Meaning of "Best of Both Worlds" Name: Pythagoras #157 @9955 Date: Tue Jun 11 00:39:51 1991 From: Spectrum of Dreams [919-876-7395]

Reply to : I think you missed the point…. Original by : Widard Of Odd #110 @3355

Well, Riker wanted to be a captain, and he wanted to stay on the Enterprise. In BOBW he got both. You might say he got the "Best of Both Worlds."


35/150: well Name: Chronos #114 @2383 Date: Mon Jun 10 22:08:12 1991 From: Guilded Globes [213-594-0505]

RE: In ST3

I heard that the "B" version was lost in space……not junked…..

The Host With The Most -=-=-=-=-=-=-=→> Chronos

36/150: one thing Name: Chronos #114 @2383 Date: Mon Jun 10 22:20:04 1991 From: Guilded Globes [213-594-0505]

RE: ..

I have found is that data is really good at giving computational analysis but falls apart completely in human relations. This machine has been around humans for unpteen years, yet he cannot master simple mimiking of humans. He need not create programs of accurate reproduction, and finding an appropriate time to use them, he need only copy until the trial and error phases indicate when a situation merits a certain response. After all isnt that what we humans do anyway. We copy each other. If the response is wrong we store it away for futute refernce, and try it out on different situations until we find one that it fits well. He always seems to look and act ackward. I beleive any machine would have been able to formulate a good human mimiking program after rising through the ranks of Star Fleet. Even our own simply PCs can learn by the imput you give them in a simple routime of a game or such. I think for such a great machine, they purposely reduce his potential.

The Host With The Most -=-=-=-=-=-=-=→> Chronos

37/150: Piker Name: Chronos #114 @2383 Date: Mon Jun 10 22:23:34 1991 From: Guilded Globes [213-594-0505]

RE: I like Riker.

That was suppose to be Riker….Anyway I think that Riker as Capt James T. Kirk has to work for his victories and has alot of emotions and makes mistakes. Kirk was always screwing up but came out OK in the end. Picard is always in control, and always parading up and down that bridge. Even when he stands up from his chair he is strutting. I dont like this. Jim never strutted. He OVER ACTED yes, but never strutted. I liked his over acting….

The Host With The Most -=-=-=-=-=-=-=→> Chronos

38/150: also, there was a statement about intraship transport Name: Lockjaw The Ogre #31 @9955 Date: Tue Jun 11 11:08:39 1991 From: Spectrum of Dreams [919-876-7395]

Reply to : Intraship transport Original by : Pythagoras #157 @9955

it seems that the power drain is so great for intraship transporting that it can only be used in emergencies. the turbolifts are plenty fast enough enyway.

In the Black Forest lives an Ogre named Lockjaw!

39/150: No she WASN'T Name: Caesar #309 @4401 Date: Tue Jun 11 01:55:56 1991 From:^Iconian Gateway [404-426-1941]

RE: Nope, she was not,,, BY: Jeff Stevens #34 @6460 On: Sat Jun 08 13:33:10 1991

Captain Garrett was killed when the Enterprise C was in its future, the present of STTNG. A Klingon scout appeared and attacked (if you want to know why, watch the episode Yesterday's Enterprise). Lt. Castillo took over for some several hours during which he helped repair his ship, and the scout returned to base and sent 3 battlecruisers. I know, I watched the episode VERY recently.

Just correcting, Caesar

— þ 4401 þ Iconian GateWay þ Marietta þ Georgia þ 404-426-1941 þ Star Trek

40/150: ;;; Name: Aahz #109 @9409 Date: Mon Jun 10 07:58:24 1991 From: Da Rucci BBS [904-743-7052]

RE: RE: Replicators and Transporters

Home Chicken: I don't aree that they are unable to create people and such from the replicators.. I believe that they won't create humans because of ethics. While the computers in ST have the power to store the genetic codes this newly created being would have to be taught everything… They are able to create meats and alcohol (although it is called synthehol… and doesn't appear to have the alcohol content meaning it lacks the yeast used to give it the potency). However it can replicate the proteins found in meat with accuracy.. perhaps it can replicate anythin but not neccisarily imbue it with life…

41/150: well./ Name: Aahz #109 @9409 Date: Mon Jun 10 08:05:53 1991 From: Da Rucci BBS [904-743-7052]


Jeff Stevens: I compared the klingons to the russians as they currently are… one could compare the romulans as cold War russia… where the ferrenghi go I'm not quite sure.. maybe a sort of midle east nation somewhere..

As for Patrick Stewart's directing of Data's love episode: I thought it was quite good. All'n'all… The part about him erasing her program was kind of sad but wrong.. if data desires nothing more than to be human he must've realized in his studies that love is one of the most important human emotions and as such would desire nothing more than to keep that program and in fact study more and more texts in hopes of one day really desinging a program that mighty fully deal with the concept..


42/150: .. Name: Aahz #109 @9409 Date: Mon Jun 10 08:09:33 1991 From: Da Rucci BBS [904-743-7052]

RE: I like Riker.

Turan Knight: I didn't like the first officer woman.. sure she was someone to drool over but she's too pushy. Riker's not good enough… Picard's awesome because he's got enough fire in him.. the only complaint I have is when he breaks off into his little tangents of Reciting shakespere.. it makes you think he's going senile.. but I think Riker as captain would change the show for the worse. The only good thing about that would be to see Data as #1..

43/150: FASA Name: Admiral #91 @9409 Date: Mon Jun 10 11:33:06 1991 From: Da Rucci BBS [904-743-7052]

RE: No, you're right, we don't,,,

For all of you to know, FASA is not a reliable source on the Star Trek Saga! FASA is a Role Playing Game company. I have proof that they stretch the limits of the Enterprise. They change everything and anything. It maybe based on Star Trek, but it isn't the rea thing and you shouldn't rely on it for information. Second, Star Trek novels can't be a source either. Tehy are written by writers, but the writers of Star Trek are not consulted. The fact it, you can write a Star Trek novel too. The writers do sometimes change things around. The novels are only BASED on Star Trek, they are not approved by Paramount of Gene Roddenberry!

  1. *-


  1. *-

44/150: More stuff Name: Steven Smith #155 @18 Date: Tue Jun 11 09:03:18 1991 From: The Federation [818-407-0419]

RE: Help..

  If a starship is traveling at warp speed, and stop a day later, could they 

wait 2 days or whatever and look back and see themselves? Or if a starship left earth at warp speed, could they look back and see themselves leaving?

Steven Smith

45/150: Explanation… Name: The Traveler #52 @8261 Date: Tue Jun 11 15:06:18 1991 From: 4th Dimension [812-331-8421]

RE: Nope, she was not,,, BY: Jeff Stevens #34 @6460

Romulans killed Yar and Castille.

The Rock
» The Rare Breed of BBS'rs «

No, Yar didn't exist once the Enterprise-C went back, they had just the 125 officers they (124 since Garret died) normally had, but since Tasha didn't go back, she never would have known Castillo, and if he didn't know her… See, like Doc Brown said if there is a Paradox in time the universe could be destroyed… well it sure would make things a little clearer.


WWIVnet Origin:ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ»> 4th Dimension BBS (812)-331-8421 SysOps AV SNARF!

46/150: I disagree. Name: Widard Of Odd #110 @3355 Date: Tue Jun 11 18:52:08 1991 From: The Cat's Meow [313-235-6094]

RE: Quick! Someone take away Egon's [W] key!

I think that the Borg DO procreate to some degree. In the first part of B.O.B.W., I seem to remember when they beamed aboard the Borg ship, that they found a nursery….

Just think about it.

°±²Û²±°Widard of Odd°±²Û²±°

47/150: Ok reasons, Semper Gumby, BUT Name: Frenchy Python #82 @2392 Date: Tue Jun 11 10:32:23 1991 From: The Outpost [213-719-1887]

wouldn't transport inside the ship be authorized in case of extreme emergency? Remember the TNG episode where Worf's mate was attacked in her cabin – he found her still alive and called for help – which arrived about 3 minutes later instead of 10 seconds. That needs to be accounted for. Frenchy Python

48/150: Help Name: Mark Harklerode #349 @5312 Date: Tue Jun 11 22:17:10 1991 From: The Capital Connection [503-371-6566]


I though I was a Trekie, but after finding this board and reading it I'm not so sure. I am confused by some of the abreviations used on the board, such as TAS, TOS, and what is meant by "canon"? Also where does one find out about ST conventions, who, what, when, and where ect…? I live in Salem,OR if that will help. Thanks for your time.

Mark Harklerode

49/150: The Enterprize in general Name: Green Barron #220 @6870 Date: Wed Jun 12 15:52:00 1991 From: The Downeaster Alexa [618-254-6303]

The biggest problem I have of ST concept of future space is the interior of the ships…. Anybody remember Alien(s)??? Remember how those interior ships looked realistic, and possible???

I think that walking around in clean uniforms, never(hardly) REALLY fixing anything (just punch the right buttons on the computer and all's well).

That's another thing. The computers look to fine. Not like something I'd expect to be scouting around in space…..

Has anyone else felt like this about ST's concept of future ships???


50/150: transporters Name: Adept Osiris #27 @7653 Date: Tue Jun 11 00:24:42 1991 From: The Dungeon [716-656-8573]

RE: Two Transporters… BY: Quantril #241 @8302

I always wondered why noone ever transported a photon torpedo or other weapons on to an enemy ship? This would seem to be an effective way of destroying an enemy.

  1. sky

51/150: Just for you… Name: Booger #30 @3468 Date: Wed Jun 12 19:54:32 1991 From: The Pyramid BBS [314-861-1232]

RE: Well, Mycroft…

Guess what? Data's cat's name is incongrous in the extreme with what's in the ST:TNG novels…

The cat's name is "Mystery", not Spock or Spot or whatever Mr. Spiner constantly mumbled throughout the episode…

Named "Mystery" because the cat pops up all over the ship, with seemingly no regard for doors, force-fields, or walls…you'll remember that was briefly discussed 'twixt LaGeordi (!) and Data!!

Booger! /ws oops…

52/150: Of course, Name: Shadowspawn #121 @5311 Date: Wed Jun 12 19:05:26 1991 From:^Milliway's [503-644-3537]

Commander Riker enjoyed (for the first few moments, anyway) Future Imperfect. This might be one good way of representing him in another episode. BTW-just what is Counselor Troi's offical rank? She is seated at the bridge, and according to Star Fleet regulations no one under the rank of Ensign may sit there, yet she wears no formal uniform.

To reply to an earlier message, the Vulcans show very little emotion towards one another, yet the one thing that they do show emotion at is the 'Pan-Thur'. I believe I spelled that right. The Pan-Thur is where two Vulcans get 'in heat', and for one brief moment, express feelings through a mind-link, sharing the other's thooughts and movements.

53/150: transporter problem Name: Sly #349 @7354 Date: Tue Jun 11 21:56:22 1991 From: PC Nowhere [713-242-9766]

One other problem that may occur with just constantly beaming folks from spot A to the bridge (or wherever) instead of the transporter room, is… what about the number of people already present at that place. Wouldn't it be sad if, just as Picard was beaming straight to the bridge, riker stepped right into that same spot? Ooops. I think they prefer specific tranporter areas and (on many planets) landing areas. Far fewer passerbyers getting screwed up in things…

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                     349 @7354

PC Nowhere BBS @7354 - Your Not Dealing With AT&T!

54/150: Yes.. Name: Michael The Prophet #1 @3468 Date: Wed Jun 12 20:37:45 1991 From: The Pyramid BBS [314-861-1232]

  But that was probably supposed to be with the ship 'phasing in and out'. 

I had first thought it was supposed to be that girl 'breaking into his house for a evening of computing'..heh.

                ³°±²³Û³²±°³ Michael the Prophet ³°±²³Û³²±°³

ps. sex with an android..their babys would be calculators or maybe worse.. a timex sinclair??

55/150: The Deadly Years Name: O.D.W.E. #14 @6500 Date: 06/12/91 at 1:32 pm <MDT> From: The Pentagon [605-348-4216]

[ Reply to ] Deadly Years… [Msg Status] No reply needed. That was the one where the Commodore went chasing after the Romulan ship wasn't it? He blundered the attack very badly and Kirk received the youth serum just in time to save the day?? The only reason I mentioned this was because we didn't get to see the Romulans in TOS very much, did we? I mean, there was this episode, Balance of Terror, and the one where they stole the cloaking device(the title escapes me). Very few episodes(out of 79), considering that the Romulans are a very developed(scriptwise) race… Origin: -[The Pentagon]- WWIVnet @6500 USR Dual Standard (605) 348-4216 Rapid City, SD. SNARFable 56/150: You Name: Mr. Potato Head #79 @2392 Date: Wed Jun 12 15:16:22 1991 From: The Outpost [213-719-1887] don't even need ONE transporter! Didn't you see the episode where Data went to visit Dr. Soom (however you spell it) The transporters can perform site-to-site transporting so that you don't even need one. Same for last season's finale. They transported from the shuttle to the Borg ship, didn't they? 57/150: In the Paradise Syndrome… Name: Mr. Dickens #15 @5415 Date: Tue Jun 11 23:10:52 1991 From: The Guild [504-282-8270] RE: Or… Wasn't there a series of lines that went something akin to the following: McCoy: You only did this so you could be in command of the Enterprise. Spock: Doctor, I AM in command of the Enterprise. Kirk had been victimized by amnesia after touching some alien device on a planet peopled by an indian culture, and, in fact, Spock had assumed command for a time period of some "months" as Kirk had had time to marry, and get his new wife into an advanced state of pregnancy before the big E returned. [BOZ] 58/150: Well, Rider… Name: Nimbus #24 @5415 Date: Wed Jun 12 04:05:04 1991 From: The Guild [504-282-8270] Her character's OBNOXIOUS PERSONALITY might have had something to do with it… Perhaps the Yar/Data (the blonde character was Tasha Yar) confrontations were supposed to be reminiscent of the old McCoy/Spock ongoing state of "war"… if so, it fell (IMHO) flat on its face… N. 59/150: I agree…… Name: Josh Wood #300 @6853 Date: Wed Jun 12 14:45:02 1991 From:^USS Hexum [618-624-6578] That just ruins the whole idea of realistics in movies when they blow something up or kill someone and then you see them an episode or movie later.That realy sucks. I guess the deal with spock was accepitible though. I just don't uderstand when you see something go BOOM! how would it be able to survive? Low Rider /ed 60/150: Yech…. Name: Mark Johnson #149 @6853 Date: Wed Jun 12 17:17:51 1991 From:^USS Hexum [618-624-6578] RE: Quick! Someone take away Egon's [W] key! BY: Egon Spengler #1 @2112 Nanoo Nanoo Indeed….Actually, I think your're right..maybe not an egg, but an elgongated cigar shape….much better. Like the Magellan from THE SONGS OF DISTANT EARTH. Even if they did have infinite power, they still needed a way to diminish stress/ablation. 61/150: Ship classes Name: Hal Nine Thousand #133 @8405 Date: Wed Jun 12 11:09:30 1991 From: Late Nite Amiga BBS [804-262-9944] RE: No, you're right, we don't,,, TO: Jeff Stevens #34 @6460 According to the now infamous tech manual (the writer's one, heaven and Roddenberry forbid I should quote the Franz Joseph one), the following chart holds for the Enterprise: Ship Number Commander Class NCC-1701 J.T.Kirk Constitution NCC-1701 (refit) J.T.Kirk Constitution NCC-1701A J.T.Kirk Constitution NCC-1701B ??? Excelsior NCC-1701C Rachel Garrett Ambassador NCC-1701D Jean-Luc Somebody Galaxy Another interesting note or two: NCC-1701-D was launched in 2363, the first year of ST*TNG was 2364. Also, ship classes are named according to the name of the first ship of that class that is launched. Therefore there should be a USS Galaxy somewhere around, and maybe there is still a USS Ambassador. Also, of course J.T.Kirk was not the only commander of some of those ships. Hal *> WWIVnet Origin: Late Nite Amiga BBS/8405 - Richmond, VA - (804) 262-9944 Home of CITIES IN FLIGHT (18405) The SF&F Literature Sub 62/150: Data in love Name: Hal Nine Thousand #133 @8405 Date: Wed Jun 12 11:13:06 1991 From: Late Nite Amiga BBS [804-262-9944] RE: .. TO: Aahz #109 @9409 I noticed "In Theory" was written by Joe Menosky (sp?) and Ron D. Moore. These two are the executive story editors. Someone said they were wondering what the writers planned. I think you can take this episode as a good example of how they view Data, since the authors are rather high up the chain of command. Hal *> WWIVnet Origin: Late Nite Amiga BBS/8405 - Richmond, VA - (804) 262-9944 Home of CITIES IN FLIGHT (18405) The SF&F Literature Sub 63/150: Wrong… Name: Hal Nine Thousand #133 @8405 Date: Wed Jun 12 11:20:10 1991 From: Late Nite Amiga BBS [804-262-9944] RE: A few reasons why Star Trek should/could never be TO: The Neon Samurai #278 @5415 You bring up some interesting points in your comments on why Star Trek could never be. You are also interposing your opinions and working with incomplete information. As to the transporter: Who says it cannot handle that amount of energy? Why should it not be able to? And for static, a subspace pathway called an Annular Confinement Beam is opened to be used by the transporter. The energy is sent directly through the ACB. As to color and fashion: Fashions change. I just read an article last week about polyester returning due to a change in chemistry and fashion. The colors are your own taste. Fashions and tastes change and oscilitate. Your tastes are no reason to condemn something else. As to the warp speed, you have omitted the "pseudo-science" of subspace and warp fields. When we talked about Wesley's bubble, someone pointed out how many of the theories put forth by minds such as Stephen Hawking come close to some theories mentioned or touched upon in the episode "Remember Me." I don't mind a two way discussion, but you have facts for only one side. Get all the facts, then you'll be ready to discuss everything. You do like to know all the facts before you make up your mind, don't you? I mean you have no objection to learning both sides of the issue, right? Hal *> WWIVnet Origin: Late Nite Amiga BBS/8405 - Richmond, VA - (804) 262-9944 Home of CITIES IN FLIGHT (18405) The SF&F Literature Sub 64/150: Question: Name: Beastie Boy #37 @9985 Date: Tue Jun 11 22:37:15 1991 From: Chaos! [919-766-7650] Ok…what would happen if some two people went onto the HoliDeck and ran in seperate directions? In other words, how does the HD scroll with the people? Please E*MAIL me as I don't read all the msgs on here that often… Hit 'A'…Beastie Boy|/-\|/-\||/-\|/-\ Boy 65/150: in that episode…. Name: Aahz #109 @9409 Date: Wed Jun 12 06:54:09 1991 From: Da Rucci BBS [904-743-7052] RE: Not quite.. the one with the time change when Tar was still alive and the Fed.. was at war was interesting.. I liked it how guinan was the only person who sensed that something was wrong. I think that that was interesting but if gunian is blessed with this soirt of "sense" in the episode where all the mind's of everyone on the enterprise was erased except for Data's and he had to cover up that there was life on that planet they had gone to.. how come Guinan didn't sense anything 66/150: Muffin story continued Name: Steve Manitsas #121 @6951 Date: Tue Jun 11 18:23:36 1991 From: Enigma - TNG [619-453-1819] RE: English Muffins William Shatner (continued): Kelley finally figured something was wrong and he lifted the bar on the toaster. NOTHING! Kelley twisted his face and put his hand on his forehead, he whispered "shit." He looked around. He didn't see me. He looked back at the toaster. "God damn it," still whispering "… Now I KNOW I …" The hand returns to his forehead, "shit." Kelley now, with determination takes the last english muffin from the bag, and takes the knife firmly in his hand, and with purposefull thrusts of the blade cuts the english muffin in half. Then he puts it in the toaster, standing guard, with all his attention on it. I grab the makeup man again, and once again I thrust my finger at Kelley, "DISTRACT HIM!" Once again, the makeup man takes DeForrst Kelley aside and Shatner makes his move for the english muffin. Mission accomplished: Shatner has the muffin – but NO PLACE to hide it. Kelley returns to the table, and Shatner stuffs the whole thing in his mouth, he chokes. Kelley comes over to where Bill Shatner is sitting at the end of the table and smiles. Bill has his hand around his throat and while spitting fragments of english muffin utters his plea "CALL 9-1-1 !" – Steve Manitsas =⇒ WWIVnet Origin| Enigma BBS – The first WWIV BBS in San Diego, CA (619) 453-1819 – From Quantum Reality to the Existentialist Lounge… 67/150: yes Name: Chronos #114 @2383 Date: Wed Jun 12 22:36:51 1991 From: Guilded Globes [213-594-0505] RE: "In Theory" You are right, they should have either ended that part quicker, or if they wanted to get really deep and probe it to a better conclusion, have made it a two part episode. Alot of the times the TNG leaves me wanting….Wanting alot of stuff, usuually a proper ending. ST had good beginings, middles and ends…TNG just quits and puts up titles, they dont really finish the show. AS you said also the whole portrayal was totally OFF….. The Host With The Most -=-=-=-=-=-=-=→> Chronos 68/150: well Name: Chronos #114 @2383 Date: Wed Jun 12 22:41:23 1991 From: Guilded Globes [213-594-0505] RE: Well, Mycroft… I ÿthink they do have a BIG problem with DATA. They want him to be like Spock but cant do it. Sometimes he is a perfect machine, and others he is a goofy person. They cant make up their minds in anyÿû way that makes perfect sense. Spock was unique cause he was half human and half Vulcan. Thus it was accept/fble for him to ÿûhave confussion and probleéms. Data should by all intents and purposes be perfect. Emotions are impossible in a set of circuits. The Host With The Most -=-=-=-=-=-=-=→> Chronos 69/150: I agree Name: Chronos #114 @2383 Date: Wed Jun 12 22:45:19 1991 From: Guilded Globes [213-594-0505] RE: In Theory… The girl Jenna kept playing with Datas mind (as it were) trying to trip him up. I mean a person you can do that to and have some human reactiÿûons but a machine would have only direct reactions. Like when she told him to go back to painting. That was stupid. I would have gone back to painting also the way she worded it and the tone of her voice. Then later she sais, nope sorry I was just testing you….That doesnt wash. She was screwed in the head….Think about it guuys, how many of you could have done better or would even have put ÿûup with her for very long….Yea she was cute but a real heachache The Host With The Most -=-=-=-=-=-=-=→> Chronos 70/150: Also Name: Chronos #114 @2383 Date: Wed Jun 12 22:54:08 1991 From: Guilded Globes [213-594-0505] RE: O'Brien, transport me to 10 forward…. I beleive that in the begining they were doing site to site tranporting and it just didnt have the real flavor of the old days. They had so many good sceens in the old transporter room that they probablyÿû decided to bring it more into use. Otherwise they would have kept doing the site to site transportations and we would be arguing why botÐoer having a transporter room in the first place. The Host With The Most -=-=-=-=-=-=-=→> Chronos 71/150: From Lampoon True Facts Name: Zen Coyote #125 @9955 Date: Thu Jun 13 04:55:15 1991 From: Spectrum of Dreams [919-876-7395] "This curious addendum was published in LA Weekly: "In last week's film review of Star Trek V, Helen Knode wondered if in Star Trek VI they'll put Jim, Bones, and Scotty naked in a hot tub together playing hide the sasuage. She meant to ask whether they'll put Jim, Bones, and SPOCK together to play hide the sasuage. She apologizes for any misunderstanding." Have a less than normal day. :-) 72/150: Vendetta Name: Caesar #309 @4401 Date: Thu Jun 13 05:01:28 1991 From:^Iconian Gateway [404-426-1941] I read Vendetta recently, and I have one major objection. According to the book, the Federation is already dead. It just hasn't stopped moving yet. Look, the Preservers were the most powerful, technologically advanced civilization ever known to exist. They lost to the Borg because they disliked war. However, when they finally put their hearts into it, they managed to create an ultimate weapon. It took a grand total of 5 Borg cubes to destroy it, and only 3 really were important to the actual destruction. I think that David has misplaced the strength of the Borg. In his book, they are just plain powerful. It's like going up against an irresistable force. However, in the series (true canon, here), they are nasty principally because you have to invent a new weapons system each time you attack them, because they'll adapt instantly. THAT'S their true strength, that and the fact that they're so big that a single blast from just about any weapon wouldn't hurt them enough to put them out of commission before it became useless. And they repair fast. Naturally, a fleet of Starships armed with regulation strength phasers and such wouldn't even harm it. According to the book, of the 3 ways to defeat the Borg reliably, only one would wo k. rThe 3 ways are a) create a weapon that simply cannot be stopped, by the laws of physics (whatever they are in Star Trek), b) Create a nasty weapon and a jammer too, so they never find out what hit them to adapt to it, and c) become a Borg, or the equivalent, and adapt as fast as they do. According to Vendetta, only type A attacks would work, they'd be too powerful to be hurt by type B and C attacks. Just talking, Caesar — þ 4401 þ Iconian GateWay þ Marietta þ Georgia þ 404-426-1941 þ Star Trek 73/150: stupidity is exactly what played a role in this one… Name: Twilight #1 @8263 Date: Thu Jun 13 07:28:42 1991 From: RingWorld [812-339-6632] RE: What ever happened to the…….. hers. you appear to be speaking of Denise Crosby who played Tasha Yar the Security Chief – she left the show during the first season because she felt she wasn't getting enough air time. her brilliant acting has since taken her to such lofty heights as "pet cemetary" (ooh, aahhh) – she has since come back to the series twice – once in a time travel episode and once as a Romulan Commander – she will probably appear in the season finale once again as the Romulan Commander – tho we hope she'll come out of the shadow's this time… shade and sweetwater, twilight 74/150: A side nOTE about Ertl/AMT's Trek models… Name: Omega Man #1 @5282 Date: Thu Jun 13 15:50:02 1991 From: Klingon Empire [512-459-1088] RE: Klingon Attack Cruiser model? …actually, for the 1986 toy trade shows, Ertl/AMT was displaying the scratchbuilt prototype for the Excelsior, and mentioned the possibility of casting the Bird of Prey as well if the demand was there. The demand for the BOP was there, but sales on the Enterprise kits with the STIII rebox were dismal, and were interpreted as a loss of interest in Trek-based kits. Of course, why buy a kit just to get a new box? Most people wouldn't, and most people didn't…. OM [Klingon Empire BBS] <> [512-459-1088] <> [WWIVnet Node 5282] "My momma says to get things done, you'd better not mess with Major Tom!" 75/150: Get a life….. Name: Captain Quirk #1 @5312 Date: Thu Jun 13 21:01:29 1991 From: The Capital Connection [503-371-6566] RE: A few reasons why Star Trek should/could never be I read your list of "facts"….. entertaining…… I thought you would like to hear a few "facts" from much less than two hundred years ago….. to sort of go along with the impossible ones ST predicts for two hundred years in the future. Please keep in mind that these "facts" were "unbreakable laws" supported by the science of the time. 1. The human body will not survive at speeds greater that 25 miles a hour. 2. Man will never fly. 3. The moon is not reachable. 4. No machine is capable of playing Chess. 5. It's impossible to break the sound barrier. There must be more examples, but I can't think of any more….. some of you bright types out there should be able to fill in more "impossible" things. How about it Steve? Hal? 76/150: More thoughts on Albert…. Name: Captain Quirk #1 @5312 Date: Thu Jun 13 21:16:19 1991 From: The Capital Connection [503-371-6566] "As you approch light speed, the mass of the ship expands", so says Albert…. Maybe thats the key to FTL travel. To travel 10 light years, you accelerate your ship until the ship size grows to 100 light years, then slow it back down again…. but first select a different center of mass! The ship will colapse around the new center, leaving you at your destination! 77/150: The only real problem there is Name: Warrior Justice #89 @7653 Date: Thu Jun 13 15:56:23 1991 From: The Dungeon [716-656-8573] RE: A few reasons why Star Trek should/could never be BY: The Neon Samurai #278 @5415 RE: #3: When you said that the mass of the enterprise would increase, you were right. Only, as you said E=MC(C) and Albert originally. So, the energy to move the Enterprise would also increase, and the "warp" engines providing the extra power, it could surpass this. And the comment about not having the room to have the Enterprise move, well, only the MASS increases, not the actual area. So there would be enough room. 78/150: lessee… Name: Warrior Justice #89 @7653 Date: Thu Jun 13 16:10:25 1991 From: The Dungeon [716-656-8573] RE: Help.. BY: The Black Knight #311 @3110 Okay, here goes my xplination. Probably not right, but what the heck. Okay, even at warp 9 the Enterprise is not moving at light speed. The ship travelling behind it at warp 8 isn't either. Light moves in all directions, so, the light to see the rear ship Would be travelling at "light" speed, so in an iundetermined amount (i'm not too surw how fast any "warp" factor is) of time ( relatively fast I assume) the light from the rear ship would over take the Enterprise, thereby registering on their monitors. I 've always wondered why the Enterprise can't move faster than the speed of light. If, as the thoery goes, mass inctrease as the energy of an object increases, and vice versa, wouldn't that be assuming that no other outside force is affecting the speed. If the Enterprise kicks it's engines up and hits the speed of light, then why could they not do it (kick up the engines) when they are at the speed of light. Then moving faster, having both the needed energy, and mass, to go past it. Also if aomething ever got to the speed of light (real life now not ST) then droped off a piece of itself, wouldn't the energy at that point be greater that the mass, thereby speed ing up until the weight and mass were again even? Hmmm… Any way, hope that answers your question. 79/150: true Name: Chronos #114 @2383 Date: Thu Jun 13 22:32:00 1991 From: Guilded Globes [213-594-0505] RE: Woman trapped in the floor in "In Theory" That did seem pretty silly to me also. If she had fallen into a void why didnt she keep going all the way through it. AS you said why was her head still upright, andas her head upright and why were her eyes still open ? Not too well done I must agree…… The Host With The Most -=-=-=-=-=-=-=→> Chronos 80/150: Question: Name: The Melody Maker #1435 @1 Date: Fri Jun 14 17:22:53 1991 From:&Amber [213-208-6689] I was wondering… Since I love the old episodes of Star Trek, how many of the old episodes are there… I've seen about 68 of them but I know there is about 10 more… Anyone know the exact figure?? »»> ThE MeLoDy MaKeR ««< 81/150: Transporters Name: Hal Nine Thousand #133 @8405 Date: Fri Jun 14 10:19:48 1991 From: Late Nite Amiga BBS [804-262-9944] RE: You TO: Mr. Potato Head #79 @2392 >don't even need ONE transporter! Didn't you see the episode where Data went >to visit Dr. Soom (however you spell it) The transporters can perform >site-to-site transporting so that you don't even need one. Same for last >season's finale. They transported from the shuttle to the Borg ship, didn't >they? Like a bad check, I've just bounced back. I had a comment on this post, but I thought I'd mention a few things from the tech manual about transporters while I'm at it. 1) If you convert a person to energy, you have a heck of a lot of energy that has to be handled carefully. 2) It takes a lot of energy to run the t-porter. 3) Casual t-porting (I'm tired of typing) from one deck to another would waste mucho energy. That's one reason it's not used. It's also overkill. Kind of like driving to your next door neighbors (unless he's 25 miles away). 4) Site-to-site transporting does require a transporter, but that doesn't mean the user has to ever actually be in the chamber. 5) Site-to-site is only used in emergency. Why? The outrageous amount of energy involved. More than normal transporting. 6) If an enemy ship has its shields up, there is no way you can transport a photon torpedo aboard (or anything else, for that matter). 7) T-porting a photon torpedo would be dangerous anyway, since they contain anti-matter. Everything has to work just right or ka-boom. 8) The shuttle had an emergency transporter. Data pointed that out. They had to use it because the Borg had modified their shield. Apparently all these little expeditions to the cubeship were getting annoying. Hal *> WWIVnet Origin: Late Nite Amiga BBS/8405 - Richmond, VA - (804) 262-9944 Home of CITIES IN FLIGHT (18405) The SF&F Literature Sub 82/150: To Ahaz, re: replicating people Name: Pythagoras #157 @9955 Date: Fri Jun 14 13:49:21 1991 From: Spectrum of Dreams [919-876-7395] Reply to : ;;; Original by : Aahz #109 @9409 It has been stated several times that the replicates are not able to replicate everything. They simple CANNOT replicate humans. Ethics has nothing to do with it. 83/150: Why not transport a photon torpedo onto an enemy ship? Name: Pythagoras #157 @9955 Date: Fri Jun 14 13:52:24 1991 From: Spectrum of Dreams [919-876-7395] Reply to : transporters Original by : Adept Osiris #27 @7653 Because you cannot transport ANYTHING to or from a ship that has its shields raised, that's why. (Well, there are exceptions to this, most notably in the TNG epiosde "The Wounded." But it applies in general.) Pagoras / 84/150: Data……. Name: Miss Scarlett #2 @3302 Date: Fri Jun 14 08:35:07 1991 From: Terra Main [303-830-8098] RE: .. I saw that one of his sources was 1950's family sitcoms (honey! I'm home!), and a few soap operas. It was a funny show (what I saw of it). After something as serious as a person being melted into the floor, there was some necessary comic relief. yes, there is a different directing style, but I'd like to see him direct something else so that I could be a better judge. For all I know, the script could have been lame or something. Miz Scahlett —-←(@ Origin:Terra MainReally out of this world.Auto Sysop Validation 85/150: hmmmm… What blond are you referring to?? Name: Dr. Manhattan #39 @3302 Date: Wed Jun 12 05:25:21 1991 From: Terra Main [303-830-8098] Well, It would be nice if you could recite and episode or two to give us a general feeling of who it might be…. As for Big feet… Counselor Troi will do nicely… Has a Nose the size of a mountain though… I saw her in person at a Starcon…. God she's amazingly beautiful… No kidding, much better in person than on T.V. …. OH, another thing… Notice how every babe on TNG has a how should I say this… Shapely Body??? Think about it… Who wants to see unshapely babes in Spandex?? I certainly don't… >*<? Dr. Manhattan ?>*< Origin:Terra MainReally out of this world.Auto Sysop Validation 86/150: Visit to a Wierd Planet Name: Edward Darlow #319 @9409 Date: Fri Jun 14 02:03:39 1991 From: Da Rucci BBS [904-743-7052] Does anyone have a copy of this old fan story? I read it several years ago, it deals with the crew of TOS accidently beaming into the TV studio where Star Trek is being filmed. It lead to a sequel A Visit To a Wierd Planet Revisited in the short story book…New Voyages. The first one is what I am looking for. Does anyone have any of the old fanzines they would be willing to sell? Please get in touch with me. Thanks. Edward Darlow 87/150: Replicating and synthahol. Name: Firesong #18 @5912 Date: Fri Jun 14 15:39:12 1991 From:^The Garage [509-483-0042] On the contrary…real alcohol cane replicated, and has been - there was the one episode where one colony had become clones, the other Irish fascimiles, and Worf showed the leader of Irish types how to get actual alcohol.. They go by tastes, but in general, I suspect synthanol is safest, so used most…getting drunk in important negotiations is not helpful - that's why the Ferrengi came up with synthanol. 88/150: My opinion Name: Makor #100 @3309 Date: Sat Jun 15 01:07:15 1991 From: S.C.C.O.R.E. B.B.S. [303-788-1618] Spock: I believe the name is Pon-Farr. And, as someone mentioned, Vulcans do feel, they just refuse to express/accept it and only durring intense emotion (like Pon-Farr) does it show. Also, if we are to consider the novels as good sorces, then it is not only durring that stage for in Vulcan's Glory, Spock fell for (and made love to) another Vulcan after (I believe) being turned down by his 'wife'. Warp: I'm not sure but warp drive is, like subspace, not of this universe. I'm not certain if it's a universe where the speed of light is extremely fast, or where the speed of light is unimportant. In either case, when a ship goes into warp, there is no image of it simply because it's not there. So you would not be able to se the image after a few days because no light from this universe has reflected off it. However, now that I think about it, in the warp universe, the speed of light must be very fast (not the second choise) because, as someone else mentioned, a ship traveling through warp can see behind it (but From S.C.C.O.R.E. B.B.S. WWIV Node 3309 (303) 788-1618 Sysop: YOGI Statewide Consumers of Colorado On the Rise for Expression 89/150: Cont. Name: Makor #100 @3309 Date: Sat Jun 15 01:16:13 1991 From: S.C.C.O.R.E. B.B.S. [303-788-1618] Of course, a ship within warp cannot see an object in our universe and vise versa. Transporters: At first I though it was tradition. You know when the first transporters came out they needed two pads, and as technology increased the tradition stayed. However, I don't think so (maybe to some extent but not completely). The act of converting matter to energy is (relatively) easy. We can do it ourselves, and should be to ST standards by the end of nest century (assuming all goes well). However, converting energy to matter will take us another century. It is a (relatively) simple mechanical problem. But, to shoot the energy several kilometers away and Then convert it, well that seems impossible. After all, you now don't have a mechanism to do it. Instead you have to use some sort of beam, either in our universe, or in subspace, that converts matter (or energy) into the opposite when it comes in contact. Sort of like the beam in Macroscope. So the energy is From S.C.C.O.R.E. B.B.S. WWIV Node 3309 (303) 788-1618 Sysop: YOGI Statewide Consumers of Colorado On the Rise for Expression 90/150: Mickey… Name: Tauran Knight #1 @2457 Date: Wed Jun 12 20:42:39 1991 From: Knight Court [214-289-8524] RE: IN THEORY… I have to agree. I can take Freddie Krueger and Jason and other gore like that, but the lady in the floor was a real stomach churner. In a way, I am glad she was dead when they found her! It would have been horrible were she still alive and squirming. Technically, only the lower part of her body was destroyed. She could have lived a moment or two longer… Eeek! Tauran Knight 91/150: Admiral Kirk… My thoughts on Data. Name: Tauran Knight #1 @2457 Date: Wed Jun 12 22:31:48 1991 From: Knight Court [214-289-8524] RE: Number of items I started to wonder about DATA's significance as an android. Every show up until now has had him express somewhat of an emotional response… with Tasha and with her sister. He's like a little boy. But, until this latest episode, I really didn't think of him as anything other than a painted up human. He really does a good job with his part. TK 92/150: Ships being to fine? Name: Silicon Surfer #16 @5299 Date: Fri Jun 14 05:22:56 1991 From: Tejas [512-467-0663] Hmm, I don't agree with that. It is supposed to be the 24th century, is it not? And it seems that if the ship weren't so good, people would get awfully sick of it. Now, don't get me wrong, but if you were going to spend the better part of your time on a ship, wouldn't you want it to be nice/comfortable/homey? 93/150: well… Name: Iceman #245 @2306 Date: Thu Jun 13 16:46:20 1991 From: Cheers! [DSS] [203-826-6249] BY: Footpad Ice Cube #196 @7653 RE: borg… thats just it, the Borg woulndt fit in real life…. BECAUSE they're no wher near our time ! … You say they can't keep rebuilding their ship while getting attacked at the same time, but that is very much posssible in the FUTURE … If the Borg were to pop in on Planet Earth 1991, we'd be space junk! … the concept of the Borg is designed for a look at the future, where regeneration of the ship while being attacked is probably nothing out of the ordinary … you gotta live then to understand the time… 94/150: Ertl models Name: O.D.W.E. #14 @6500 Date: 06/15/91 at 12:37 am <MDT> From: The Pentagon [605-348-4216] [ Reply to ] Klingon Attack Cruiser model? [Msg Status] No reply needed.

I was just talking to a friend about that very same subject(a release of the 

Klingon battlecruiser).

I just bought the Adversary Kit...a set of three models-the Romulan 

Warbird(not full size/grumble grumble…), the Klingon bird of Prey, and the Ferengi Marauder.

I still remember the old Enterprise bridge, but my model is long gone....
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95/150: Conventions Name: Bethnal #2 @5465 Date: Fri Jun 14 23:26:16 1991 From: JAVA BBS [514-462-9285]

I don't know if I've posted this before (my memory is getting really bad

these days) but here is it (maybe again, I don't know).

July 20-21 at Le Palaise Congres in Montreal there will be a major

Convention featuring Nichel Nichols and Star Trek VI info!

Be there!  I  will.
                             Bethnal the Black
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96/150: Novels and approval (I know, I know) Name: Mycroft #81 @5311 Date: Fri Jun 14 09:59:15 1991 From:^Milliway's [503-644-3537]



You made one slightly confusing statement back there, in claiming that "the novels are only BASED on the series, they are not approved by Paramount or Gene Roddenberry."

That's accurate for purposes of determining what *information* is "canonical" to the ST film and TV series – the merits of which policy can and have been debated until we're all in the hospital with sore typing fingers.

HOWEVER, it is emphatically not true that Paramount doesn't approve the novels generally. Reading novel proposals and MSS delivered from Pocket is apparently one of Richard Arnold's jobs, and there are others with influence on this process. (Peter David tells the story that he won Paramount "approval" for Q-IN-LAW, the novel in which Q must cope with Lwaxana Troi, by managing to get a manuscript of same into the hands of Majel Barrett, whereupon Barrett apparently *leaned* on the licensing folks….)

Merely clarifying.

97/150: Spock\Kirk\Picard\Riker II Name: Screaming Eagle #70 @5650 Date: Thu Jun 13 19:43:38 1991 From: Sex World BBS [516-488-8368]

I agree 100% about the splitting of Kirk and Spock. The first time I saw TNG, all I could think about was how they had split Spock's role and abilities into two different characters, although for some reason, I never clicked on that Kirk was totally split. Riker seems to fill the 'macho' role that Kirk played(bedding just about every woman who comes aboard) and I suppose Picard fills the good leader part of Kirk. Just as I've been thinking, TNG needs twice as many characters(and 3 times as much money) to do what TOS did. Sounds like we have a little error here. Just like I always say:TOS is BETTER!

98/150: Final Frontier(No relation to the movie,again) Name: Screaming Eagle #70 @5650 Date: Thu Jun 13 20:14:29 1991 From: Sex World BBS [516-488-8368]

Just FYI, Kirk's father was also on board the starship with April. He functioned as the security officer and perhaps as something else. There was an espionage investigation during the course of the story and he headed that up. He played the role of advisor and actor(one who does actions) of April. His name was George Samuel Kirk Sr. According to the novel, he never told his sons about it and it was kept under the highest security ad STC because when the Enterprise confronted the Romulans, according to the Enterprise's memory banks no human and romulan had ever met face to face, which was what happened in the novel.

                                            Screaming Eagle

99/150: Spock vs. Data Name: Screaming Eagle #70 @5650 Date: Fri Jun 14 23:48:50 1991 From: Sex World BBS [516-488-8368]

Although some of the characteristics are similar and I DO belive that Spock was split into Data and Troi, it is intended to be an opposite battle. Spock fights to repress his emotions, while data strives to gain his. However, same old conflict, I think its just a gimmick for more story lines…. Just Speculating(borrowed that one from o'l J. Caesar)

                                          Screaming Eagle

100/150: It wasn't Turnabout Intruder Name: Screaming Eagle #70 @5650 Date: Sat Jun 15 00:11:37 1991 From: Sex World BBS [516-488-8368]

Just FYI, I believe the episode was titled "The Enemy Within". I've been seeing alot of posting about whether Spock ever assumed command. Do you mean just took over when Kirk left or Forcefully(Legally or Physically) removes him from command. Let me know so I can put something in.

                                  Screaming Eagle

101/150: Spock-Data/Troi/Work Name: Screaming Eagle #70 @5650 Date: Sat Jun 15 00:22:34 1991 From: Sex World BBS [516-488-8368]

I meant ^^^^^^Worf. Anyway, that is a good point. I originally reiterated that I thought Spock was split into Data and Troi. The point about him also being split into Worf-the resident alien, is a very valid one. Half of spocks's purpose originally on TOS was just to be very alien yet accepted and aprreciated. Looks like TNG was able to wring even more characters and story lines out of good ol Spock. And seeing as they split Kirk into Picard and Riker, seems to me that TNG is getting a bargain out of TOS. What a crock…, tell me why TNG needs five times as many characters… because each individual character is about as deep as a wading pool! This seems to be a plot-stimulating move and coming from "The Great Bird of the Galaxy" I find it pretty disappointing. I think the only I appeal I see(which is very little) for TNG is the overworked but good FX and its subliminal resemblance to the original.

                               Screaming Eagle

P.S. How 'bout this split:McCoy's emotional understanding into people like Crusher, Yar, and even Riker picked up a bit of McCoy's pricelss rhetoric and sarcasm.

102/150: TO: Adept Osiris RE: Transporters Name: Shadowstar #75 @2524 Date: Wed Jun 12 20:30:18 1991 From: Myth Drannor [205-699-5811]

RE: transporters BY: Adept Osiris #27 @7653

  If you check out an earlier issue of the Star Trek comic book, the 

Enterprise transported some Klingon photon torpedoes from coming at them to a spot right behind the Klingon ship. Furthermore, they kept their inertia and hit it dead on. Lots of readers complained, but the editor told them that Paramount (and Gene Roddenberry's staff) approved. Of course, he admitted it wasn't a very safe or easy thing to do and would only be resorted to in emergencies.

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103/150: Breaking light speed. Name: Albert #458 @6979 Date: Sat Jun 15 07:23:14 1991 From: The Streets of Bakersfield [619-294-5888]

RE: Get a life…..

Didn't Albert Einstein say you can't break the speed of light? Many people said that about the speed of sound before it was broken. We did it! Some day we'll break the speed of light as well. Now that does not mean Einstein was an "IDIOT"! He was quite brilliant. But I do believe there are is no such word as "IMPOSSIBLE". The first time something is done no one before that knew how to do it. We will break the speed of light some day. Then what will they say is the ultimate speed? Maybe it's thought. Have you ever day dreamed about something and almost thought you were there when in reality you weren't. Now harness that speed and you can go anywhere in the universe in a matter of a second or two. Maybe that's the ultimate speed! Maybe even that can br broken! Again I say, then what will the say the ultimate speed is?

104/150: Woman in floor Name: Bikerboy #116 @6979 Date: Sat Jun 15 11:24:59 1991 From: The Streets of Bakersfield [619-294-5888]

The 'void' as you call it passed through the deck where she was walking, and then left… as she was falling the deck 'phased back into reality' (for lack of a better phrase) I personally thought there should be at least a little blood to show the bodily separation… as it looked in the show all of the trauma was immediatly cauterized stopping the flow of blood….

Perhaps as the camera panned down on her, have her head drop forward and perhaps have her hand go limp as a pool of blood spreads out upon the carpeting…. that would have added a rather gory end for her…


105/150: Two comments (actually three) Name: Michael The Prophet #1 @3468 Date: Sat Jun 15 12:05:02 1991 From: The Pyramid BBS [314-861-1232]

1) You're all basing this on 20th century technology. part two of this is that who knows what techonolgy we will have next year or in five years or in 100 or 500 years. Maybe the fuel of tommorrow maybe a refined jello! Imagine that we can run machinery on Bill Cosby's jello! This is just an off the wall comparision to that we just don't know what lays a head in techonolgy so yes it can be possible to do anything in the trek world of Gene Rodenberry because he's based it on us and taken it to where HE thinks it will go. After all if you were to tell an 11th century person that people will be cured by moldy bread he'd think you were crazy (penacilen).

2) Again this is Gene Rodenberrys interpatation of our future..sheesh, some of you sound like that there really ARE klingons out there..

                ³°±²³Û³²±°³ Michael the Prophet ³°±²³Û³²±°³

ps. and 3) Two things controdict eachother but could cooralate. 1) Someone said Sulu was in short command of NCC1701-B for a short time (which IS possible) but another person said they read that Sulu took command of the Excellsor. These could BOTH be true to the 'ongoing' idea because look at Picard he was captain of two ships too..

106/150: warp Name: Capt. Kirok #16 @6974 Date: Fri Jun 14 11:42:52 1991 From: The Gangs of Vista [619-758-5920]

Regarding: More stuff Written By: Steven Smith #155 @18

RE: Help..

If a starship is traveling at warp speed, and stop a day later,
could they wait 2 days or whatever and look back and see themselves?
Or if a starship left earth at warp speed, could they look back and
see themselves leaving?

Steven Smith

No, you wouldn't. The starship would be traveling too fast to be perceptual by any optical equipment much less our eyes. Besides the point the ship is traveling in a subspace warp bubble which can only be seen with special sensing equipment.

107/150: I musta been asleep during Physics Name: Makor #100 @3309 Date: Sat Jun 15 15:13:27 1991 From: S.C.C.O.R.E. B.B.S. [303-788-1618]

But the way I remember it…As an object aproaches the speed of light the mass increases, but the length, in the direction of travel, decreases. Slso, in our universe you cannot reach light speed, not that you can't go light speed (photons go that fast) but you cannot reach it. Close, but not quite. In fact, electro-magnetic radiation is created already going the speed of light (so it dowsn't break this theory).

From S.C.C.O.R.E. B.B.S. WWIV Node 3309 (303) 788-1618 Sysop: YOGI Statewide Consumers of Colorado On the Rise for Expression

108/150: Data's love… Name: The Batman #26 @8421 Date: Sat Jun 15 20:46:20 1991 From: Electric Avenues [804-423-3518]

I know this post may about a week late, but it took me that long to figure out who Data's love was. She was on Alien Nation, which is finally back! Every time I heard her talk, I had the strange feeling she was going to say "George…", but I had no idea who "George" was until I watched Alien Nation, and that was her husband's name on the show, GEORGE FRANCISCO.

  1. =ðThe Batmanð=-

109/150: But the Novels aren't fact…. Name: Miss Scarlett #2 @3302 Date: Sat Jun 15 16:05:11 1991 From: Terra Main [303-830-8098]

RE: Just for you…

they are fiction. Sometimes the show uses things from the novels and sometimes they don't.

It was either Spot (which is comical since it was an orange tabby) or Spock (which is comical since it has pointy ears).

  Miz Scahlett
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110/150: beaming through shields … Name: Pythagoras #157 @9955 Date: Sun Jun 16 07:07:40 1991 From: Spectrum of Dreams [919-876-7395]

Reply to : Transporters Original by : Hal Nine Thousand #133 @8405

Actually, you CAN beam through shields. It is just very, very, very, tricky/dangerous. Basically, you have to time it so that you go through a "hole" that appears every couple of nanoseconds. If you time it wrong … whoops.

My source is the 4th seraon episode "The Wounded."

111/150: transmorters Name: Spiral Architect #246 @2457 Date: Sat Jun 15 12:18:21 1991 From: Knight Court [214-289-8524]

  Going from transporter to transporter would seem logical for 3 reasons:

1. Added precaution for the individual being teleported 2. Added precaution for security of the RECEIVING ship 3. Almost "curtosy" to the receiving ship

  If you were captain of a ship, you wouldn't want people just rudely

appearing at random in your ship (possibly on top of someone else). It would also be very unorganized and unlike the federation. It also possibly allows a small hole in the force shields for receiving at specified times. Of course, the any added precaution to keep someones matter from splattering in outer space would also be suggested.


112/150: Admiral….. Name: Komic #98 @5275 Date: Sat Jun 15 18:33:04 1991 From: The Business Board [512-787-8974]

[Reply to] FASA [By: ] Admiral #91 @9409

The novels are not only BASED on Star Trek, but MUST (read MUST) have approval from Paramount and from Richard Arnold, before Pocket Books can publish the books…, they aren't canonical sources, but do have some vital information….such as Diane Duane's Spock's World….that book was nothing less than stellar, and I would consider that a factual work with respect to Vulcan and it's history….

Komic The Devil's Advocate

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113/150: Chronos…… Name: Komic #98 @5275 Date: Sat Jun 15 18:43:06 1991 From: The Business Board [512-787-8974]

[Reply to] well [By: ] Chronos #114 @2383

I think you have a BIG misperception of what Data is. He is NOT the Spock substitute…..he is an android with heuristic learning algorithms….making it possible for him to adapt to new circumstances….and to quote him on a matter regarding all the information he houses.

The line comes from The Offspring

You are wise father

It is the difference between knowledge and experience.

He has to continue to evolve, because although he can, with the help of the ship's computer, access any known bit of information, his problem stems from a lack of experience in interpersonal relationships. That's something Spock didn't have a problem with….But with Data, it was a complete tabula rasa.

Komic The Devil's Advocate

[Message Author] Komic #98 @5275 [Net Sub Origin] Startrek [System] The Business Board Ü Alamo, TX Ü 512-787-8974 Ü 1200/2400

114/150: To everyone wondering about Name: Komic #98 @5275 Date: Sat Jun 15 18:47:21 1991 From: The Business Board [512-787-8974]

[Reply to] The only real problem there is [By: ] Warrior Justice #89 @7653

how the Enterprise is able to go faster than light, and jump into sub-space….here's some information courtesy of Rick Sternbach (the man who's job is to come up with all the 'treknology' used on the show). He is also as CANONICAL as it's going to get.

According to him, the Enterprise accellerates up TO c and beyond in less than a constant called Plank's Time (which I've never heard, but is supposed to be accurate today), which is 10^-33.

As a result, the universe never actually sees the Enterprise at c….because it's already beyond that speed…

Komic The Devil's Advocate

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115/150: May I assist… Name: Bonnie Graas #67 @7708 Date: Sat Jun 15 05:09:23 1991 From: Morning Star BBS [707-263-6612]

RE: Of course,

I believe the situation you are referring to is the "Pon Farr". And while your analysis of "in heat" is, if I may coin a phrase, "somewhat applicable", it was explained by Mr. Spock as "the time of mating".

I have always liked that particular episode. My favorite passage is T'Pring's explanation of why she chose the challenge. Talk about "logical".

I always thought I would have liked to have been "a fly on the wall", when Stonn left that battlefield. Ha-ha!

What a Bitch! But I always say, if you are going to do something, do it well!

116/150: Well done! Name: Bonnie Graas #67 @7708 Date: Sat Jun 15 05:14:34 1991 From: Morning Star BBS [707-263-6612]

RE: In the Paradise Syndrome…

You are quite correct. He also assumed command of the Enterprise in the episode "The Tholian Web". The Spock/Bones "problem" was anticipated by Kirk and he addressed it eloquently in his "last message" to them both. I always thought this was a good touch.

A tip of the "Star Fleet Cap" to you.

117/150: Warp drive… Name: Medium Rhiannon #104 @7653 Date: Thu Jun 13 18:11:03 1991 From: The Dungeon [716-656-8573]

  Warp-capable starships DO move faster than light.  Or -- faster than light 


  What the warp drive does, as I understand it, is generate an envelope of 

OTHERSPACE around the starship. There, the speed of light is higher – MUCH higher – than it is in normal space. The starship can move REAL fast, without conflicting with e=mc^2…

  the Impulse drive, on the other hand, should really be called the warp 

drive because what it does is warp normal space, generating "waves" in the continuum. The starship moves on the waves… sort of like surfing…


118/150: space travel Name: Adept Osiris #27 @7653 Date: Fri Jun 14 01:14:47 1991 From: The Dungeon [716-656-8573]

RE: Warp drive… BY: Medium Rhiannon #104 @7653

what I would like to know is when they travel in uncharted space what prevents them from hitting objects at warp speeds? At such high speed how could they catch everything on sensors? -sky

119/150: Romulans Name: Seer Rhiannon #104 @7653 Date: Fri Jun 14 23:34:39 1991 From: The Dungeon [716-656-8573]

RE: The latest talk with ROMULANS BY: Albert #458 @6979

  Actually, the Romulans are a lot more like the Federation than you'd 

think. (The xenophobic portions of it, true, but still…)

  BTW -- If you haven't read MY ENEMY, MY ALLY and THE ROMULAN WAY, both by 

Diane Duane, space-bar the rest of this post.

  The Romulan Empire, as portrayed in the Next Generation episodes, has lost 

COMPLETE track of its roots and of mnhei'sahe. They're acting like the original series' Klingons. (Translation – like idiots.) If they're finally agreeing with the Federation – GOOD! It's about bloody TIME! (You wonder if Senator Arrhae had any long-lasting influence? Like over whoever made the agreement with the Feds?)


120/150: Ethics Name: Seer Rhiannon #104 @7653 Date: Fri Jun 14 23:39:06 1991 From: The Dungeon [716-656-8573]

RE: ;;; BY: Aahz #109 @9409

  Aahz, I fully agree with your hypothesis that they (presumably the 

Federation) "won't create humans because of ethics". The Federation won't allow experimentation with artificial intelligence, either – because of the fact that slavery is unethical… and they'd never be sure what to do. (Data was an exception – and by the time they found out he was "alive", it was too late to do anything about it. Dysfunction CAN equal murder…)


121/150: Woman in floor Name: Emerald Gladiator #108 @3110 Date: Sun Jun 16 01:59:20 1991 From: Inner Limits [301-356-5112]

RE: true

You guys are bypassing something…perhaps her death had nothing to do with the fact that the floor closed on/around/in/?? her. Perhaps it had to do with the dark matter itself. They never showed or even speculated what would occur if organic material passed through it.


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122/150: FUTURE SHIPS Name: Marco Bruno #18 @6460 Date: Sat Jun 15 22:59:38 1991 From: GWE BBS [614-282-3409]

{ REGARDING } : The Enterprize in general { Posted By } : Green Barron #220 @6870

The ships in Star Trek dont have to be well rounded, etc. because there is not need for aerodynamicity. So yes, I feel as you do in that the ships in Aliens, 2001/10, and heck even Battlestar Galactica are realistic. Especially since the ship in 2001 (I'm racking my brains out for the name of it) didnt make any SOUND in space, another reason why the ships in ST are a little out of wack, other than that their great, very imaginative. "Beautiful barges in the sea of space".


  • FROM *

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123/150: Characters and complaints about TNG Name: Hal Nine Thousand #133 @8405 Date: Sun Jun 16 13:06:18 1991 From: Late Nite Amiga BBS [804-262-9944]

RE: Spock-Data/Troi/Work TO: Screaming Eagle #70 @5650

  Most of this is in reply to Screaming Eagle.  Before I talk about the ST

stuff (either TOS or TNG), I want to say to you, Screaming Eagle, that I'm glad to see you on this sub. You articulate your points well and you back them up. You don't try to give people a quick opinion and insult them by refusing to back it up with only insinuation or insults. I'm always glad to see posts by anyone who can state a point of view and support it.

  Now, on the ST part.  I disagree.  I've said before that I like TNG better

than TOS. When I started watching, it seemed to me that TNG had several "splits", most notably Kirk=Riker/Picard and Spock=Troi/Data. I don't think so now. I also made lists of the casts. I have to admit I left Tasha off the TNG list (so if anybody wants to add 1 to the TNG talley, do so). I am not making a comparison, but by listing characters I get:

TOS Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scottie, Sulu, Chekov, Uhura

TNG Picard, Riker, Beverly, Geordi, Data, Worf, Troi

I counted seven each. I did not count Guinan, Barclay, Janice Rand, Lt. Kyle, O'Brian or others. I also have to admit I left Wesley off the list (maybe because he's not on the current TNG cast list). I get 7 characters versus 7 characters. I don't think the splitting was done to "create more characters" or to get more plotlines. I wonder, though, if the original thinking was what abilities and traits were needed.

I have to agree, though, that both Worf and Spock were the resident aliens. I prefer to use the word token. To be honest, I think there is a certain amount of tokenism. In TOS, there was a token woman, black, Russian, oriental, and alien. Now we have a token alien (although Troi is 1/2 alien–the token half-breed, like Spock), handicapped person (excuse me, differently abled for the PC people), token women, and token black. In some cases the roles are combined. Notice that the stories still tend to center on WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant), or on Worf.

Something else to consider: We saw how the cast list changed from "The Cage" to "Where No Man Has Gone Before" to "The Mantrap" (first aired TOS). Creating a cast and a series is dynamic. Changes are constantly being made. I seriously doubt the initial goals were that close to the end results. Characteristics and traits were needed, and they were probably adjusted until a tight ensemble was worked out.

I have to admit, I am glad to see the de-emphasis on science from the crew point of view. I thought Spock's role as science officer was over-emphasized to the point where it was sometimes hard to remember he was also the first officer. BAsically, there was no executive officer. Science and the science officer always provided the answer. I'm not speaking against science, since I love it and SF a lot, but it seemed unrealistic for a military captain to always look to the role of science officer for help. True, Spock was technically the executive officer, but that never seemed to come out.


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124/150: Not to mention range has something to do with it. Name: Mr. Dickens #15 @5415 Date: Mon Jun 17 00:09:43 1991 From: The Guild [504-282-8270]

RE: TO: Adept Osiris RE: Transporters

  I don't know what the range of Photon Torpedoes "fired" may be, but 

transporters have always had limitations.


125/150: Enterprises Interior Name: Midnight Master #2 @2579 Date: Mon Jun 17 00:19:37 1991 From: Chaotic Madness [215-576-5980]

  In response to the post about the Enterprises's interior being too perfect

etc. I would have to agree that Enterprise is a very comfortable ship. The computers are … user friendly and most of the time everything to do with the Enterprises systems runs smoothly.

  The interior of Enterprise was not always so comfortable.  Look at the

older Enterprise ncc17101. You can tell immediately that it wasn't a luxury liner. The new Enterprise ncc1701d houses the crew's family. They - well make it comfortable for the crew and family. The new Enterprise is realistic I think because when we eventually travel through the galaxy, we will want to make space travel as comfortable and convenient as possible.

  Midnight Master

126/150: Nice Try, Captain Quirk Name: Michael Carpenter #313 @6951 Date: Sun Jun 16 09:11:39 1991 From: Enigma - TNG [619-453-1819]

RE: More thoughts on Albert….

Quoting Captain Quirk… "As you approch light speed, the mass of the ship expands", so says Albert…. Maybe thats the key to FTL travel. To travel 10 light years, you accelerate your ship until the ship size grows to 100 light years, then slow it back down again…. but first select a different center of mass! The ship will colapse around the new center, leaving you at your destination! … End of quote

That would work, save for the problem that *all* lengths along the velocity vector of the ship appear to be dilated, so that the mass of the ship becomes concentrated spatially as reckoned by a "stationary" observer of the ship. There really aren't any tricks anyone can pull to get around the physical laws, as we know them to be.

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127/150: Transporter bombs… Name: Shawn Stamps #2 @4401 Date: Sun Jun 16 15:07:29 1991 From:^Iconian Gateway [404-426-1941]

RE: Why not transport a photon torpedo onto an enemy ship? BY: Pythagoras #157 @9955 On: Fri Jun 14 13:52:24 1991

Well, I see the point the fellow was making. Often they are bent on doing damamge to something (like the Borg ship in BoBW) and they can transport over and do damage, but they can't beam a bomb over with them (or without them) and blow the ship into subatomic particles. No excuse possible except 'Well, I didn't think of that'. The excuse about antimatter being dangerous to transport is ludicrous. They've done it several times; the last time was Wesley's science experiment he beamed to the USS Hathaway; and very casually, I might add.

Transporter bombs would do one thing, though: They would insure that shields would be up at most any encounter.


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128/150: yes, MASS does increase to infinity Name: Floyd #2 @3468 Date: Sun Jun 16 14:41:33 1991 From: The Pyramid BBS [314-861-1232]

RE: The only real problem there is

as you approach the speed of light..likewise (per the LORENTZ-FITZGERALD CONTRACTION..look it up in any college physics book) ..when a body moves through space its dimension parallel to the line of mass should become less by an amount DEPENDENT UPON ITS SPEED. if the speed of the body is v, and that of light is c, then the contraction is in the ratio of:

  1. ———

/ (v*v) .

                                 / 1 - _____   .   1
                               \/      (c*c)  
so, at the speed of light, v=c you get a ratio of the objects length of 0:1,

or a length of 0! so the mass of an object has increased infinitely, and its length is zero at the speed of light.

                 /  \ /
                /    /
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129/150: Realism vs. Dramatic Effect Name: Trekster #78 @6453 Date: Sat Jun 15 16:06:26 1991 From: The Enterprise [614-837-9622]

After reading some of these messages, there seems to be numerous criticisms dealing with the realism of Star Trek (specifically the Next Generation) sucha as the føÄAµýemale crewman who got "stuck" between decks. Such scenes may appear to be unrealistic and the makers of the show are probably aware to such nuances. BUT, they make it that way as to produce a dramatic effect. I wish I could think of better examples of this, but I think you can still get the point.

…Picard out!

130/150: Realism again! Name: Trekster #78 @6453 Date: Sat Jun 15 16:10:14 1991 From: The Enterprise [614-837-9622]

Another thing about realism. There is one aspect of the Next Generation that tries to keep its realism. That is the computer graphic displays. Whenever you see a close-up of a computer readout, what you see is completely relevant to what is being talked about. I ïkþòô¨¶¥úÊfÿÿË]‹÷ ÿrecord every new episode and have carefully examined such scenes. It's pretty neat to see that they don't overlook such items and that adds to the realism a bunch!

…Picard out!

131/150: Pythagoras… Name: Komic #98 @5275 Date: Sun Jun 16 19:00:18 1991 From: The Business Board [512-787-8974]

[Reply to] beaming through shields … [By: ] Pythagoras #157 @9955

you needed to watch the show a little closer. Yes, O'brien was able to beam into the Phoenix, because he KNEW the energy cycling pattern repeated itself every 5 minutes, or so….it was THAT knowledge that allowed him to be able to time his transport over to the Phoenix….but to do that with a Klingon ship, or a Romulan ship would be darned near impossible, without knowing the information listed above.

Komic The Devil's Advocate

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132/150: Borg from TV and BOOk Name: Zone Trooper #24 @6450 Date: Sun Jun 16 11:14:23 1991 From:^Valhalla BBS [614-488-2314]

I agreee, they screwed up the borg in the book. They were not quite "right". I don't really know any other way to put it. The fact that instantly, there was a way to defend against a bean on anti-matter from an apparently ordinary Borg ship seemed a bit TOO far gone to viewed as realistic as far as the storyline went. I'm sorry, but the magnitudes of power being thrown out there were just to much to be simply "defelected". They brought the borg down to a fightable level with near Star Fleet technology. That's a NONO in my book. Gee.. a race whose biggest strength is the ability to adapt to its environs.. kinda like the human race?

food for thought.

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133/150: To Chronos re: data's woman Name: Jt #159 @6463 Date: Sun Jun 16 21:12:12 1991 From: Columbus Skyline [614-267-6453]

RE: I agree

I agree, when she explained to him he shouldn't have gone back to painting as he did, I was anticipating Data to turn his head to one side and wiggle his eyes back and forth and say, "scanning………oh, is this what is refered to as a mind game, messing with my head, trying to trip me up,etc." and even still, "I suppose this is what as known as a guilt trip…not paying enough attention to you….scanning….Ah yes…I'm sorry honey, you're right. I was being a jerk would be the appropriate response."

134/150: Re: Replicator Technology Name: Nick Smith #236 @2396 Date: Wed Jun 12 00:31:50 1991 From: DAG BBS [213-546-1861]

Actually, the writers keep showing the replicators reproducing VERY complex molecular combinations: FOOD. The limitations that they tend to keep to are two: You can have a complex structure made up of a simple material, thus producing a wine glass, or you can have a complex molecular component in a simple form, thus producing the liquid wine (with synthahol, of course). I think these two limiting descriptions would cover what we've actually seen produced, and still keep the bloody thing from replicating phasers, or intact Borgs, or things like that.

135/150: In Theory Name: Lt Barclay #263 @6951 Date: Sun Jun 16 22:11:59 1991 From: Enigma - TNG [619-453-1819]

RE: true

Woman trapped in the floor in "In Theory"

That did seem pretty silly to me also. If she had fallen into a
void why didnt she keep going all the way through it.

Personally, i liked that touch as it reminded me of "The Philadelphia Experiment"

as to why she didn't fall into the void, from what I understood, there wree bubbles of subspace inbstability (ie holes in the fabric of space/time) if the instability phased out the floor just as she stepped on it, she would have dropped down and when the deck phased back in, ouch.

Hopefully, in a future episode they'll devote some time to the replacement of that deck section (eiither rthat or put up with the crew passing around stories about the haunted corridor since part of that woman's body would' still be in the floor.

What gets me though, is that she looked like she was only into the deck up to her hips, I can't image why she didn't survive a little longer, at least long enough for a dramatic "O`brein, medical emergency, beam two to sickbay" and having a chunk of the deck on the examining table.

dr crusher: "Geordi, this woman has deck plating where her legs should be." Geordi: "Golly Doctor, you're right."

'Computer, save program and discontinue.'

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136/150: Survey says: Ennnh! Name: Lt. Cmdr. Data #20 @2907 Date: Fri Jun 14 14:50:04 1991 From: Mc Co. Online [209-538-8454]

RE: Just for you…

Mystery is not the name of Data's cat. That was in Metamorphosis, which is not an official source (but a damn good book nonetheless). Mystery was sort of a stray cat…who went wherever it pleased.

Spot, Spock, or whatever the hell Data called it (sounded like "Spot" to me) is his cat's official name.

For all intents and purposes, Spot would be funny `cause that's a typical dog's name.

Computer, disengage soapbox.

(Wow two posts in one day. And it's only my first day back!)

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137/150: Oh yeah. One more thing… [ Columbo title ] Name: Lt. Cmdr. Data #20 @2907 Date: Fri Jun 14 14:55:31 1991 From: Mc Co. Online [209-538-8454]

Remember Sarek, or rather, the actor who played him (in ST:TNG)?

The same actor was the Romulan commander in the original conflict with NCC-1701<no letter>

Mark Lenard.

Now did someone say something about Romulans and Vulcans looking alike? I guess he hasn't retired his pointy ears yet, eh?

  1. Lieutenant Commander DataDataDataDataData
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138/150: The chances of an "in space collision" is minimal at best: Name: Mr. Dickens #15 @5415 Date: Mon Jun 17 23:58:59 1991 From: The Guild [504-282-8270]

RE: space travel

  While objects in space may appear to be "jammed up" specks of dust, the 

vastness of space between them is unbelievable. Two entire galaxies can collide and pass through each other without a single star colliding with another. The probability of a spaceship travelling at incredible speeds through a galaxy colliding with another object is a reality, but of such incredible odds that a trip on a modern jet stands a much higher probability of crashing.


139/150: ST TOS Names and Star Dates…. Name: Shooter #251 @2457 Date: Sun Jun 16 16:19:25 1991 From: Knight Court [214-289-8524]

                                      AIR             STAR            PROD
                                      DATE            DATE            NUMB

First Season

0 The Cage Pilot unknown 1 1 The Man Trap 9/08/66 1513.1 6 2 Charlie X 9/15/66 1533.6 8 3 Where No Man Has Gone Before 9/22/66 1312.4 2 4 The Naked Time 9/29/66 1704.2 7 5 The Enemy Within 10/06/66 1672.1 5 6 Mudd's Women 10/13/66 1329.1 4 7 What Are Little Girls Made Of 10/20/66 2712.4 10 8 Miri 10/27/66 2713.5 12 9 Dagger Of The Mind 11/03/66 2715.1 11 10 The Corbomite Maneuver 11/10/66 1512.2 3 11 The Menagerie Pt 1 11/17/66 3012.4 16 12 The Menagerie Pt 2 11/24/66 16 13 The Conscience Of The King 12/08/66 2817.6 13 14 Balance Of Terror 12/15/66 1709.1 9 15 Shore Leave 12/29/66 3025.3 17 16 The Galileo Seven 1/05/67 2821.5 14 17 The Squire Of Gothos 1/12/67 2124.5 18 18 Arena 1/19/67 3045.6 19 19 Tomorrow Is Yesterday 1/26/67 3113.2 21 20 Court-Martial 2/02/67 2947.3 15 21 The Return Of The Archons 2/09/67 3156.2 22 22 Space Seed 2/16/67 3141.9 24 23 A Taste Of Armageddon 2/23/67 3192.1 23 24 This Side Of Paradise 3/02/67 3417.3 25 25 The Devil In The Dark 3/09/67 3196.1 26 26 Errand Of Mercy 3/16/67 3198.4 27 27 The Alternative Factor 3/23/67 3087.6 20 28 The City On The Edge Of Forever 4/06/67 3134.0 28 29 Operation - Annihilate 4/13/67 3287.2 29

Second Season

30 Amok Time 9/15/67 3372.7 34 31 Who Mourns For Adonais 9/22/67 3468.1 33 32 The Changeling 9/22/67 3451.9 37 33 Mirror, Mirror 10/06/67 Unknown 39 34 The Apple 10/13/67 3715.0 38 35 The Doomsday Machine 10/20/67 4202.9 35 36 Catspaw 10/27/67 3018.2 30 37 I, Mudd 11/03/67 4513.3 41 38 Metamorphosis 11/10/67 3219.4 31 39 Journey To Babel 11/17/67 3842.3 44 40 Friday's Child 12/01/67 3497.2 32 41 The Deadly Years 12/08/67 3478.2 40 42 Obsession 12/15/67 3619.2 42 43 Wolf In The Fold 12/22/67 3614.9 36


                                      DATE            DATE            NUMB

44 The Trouble With Tribbles 12/29/67 4523.3 42 45 The Gamesters Of Triskelion 1/05/68 3211.7 46 46 A Piece Of The Action 1/12/68 4598.0 49 47 The Immunity Syndrome 1/19/68 4307.1 48 48 A Private Little War 2/02/68 4211.4 45 49 Return To Tomorrow 2/09/68 4768.3 51 50 Patterns Of Force 2/16/68 2534.0 52 51 By Any Other Name 2/23/68 4657.5 50 52 The Omega Glory 3/01/68 unknown 54 53 The Ultimate Computer 3/08/68 4729.4 53 54 Bread And Circuses 3/15/68 4040.7 43 55 Assignment: Earth 3/29/68 unknown 55

Third Season

56 Spock's Brain 9/20/68 5431.4 61 57 The Enterprise Incident 9/27/68 5031.3 59 58 The Paradise Syndrome 10/04/68 4842.6 58 59 And The Children Shall Lead 10/11/68 5027.3 60 60 Is There No Truth In Beauty? 10/18/68 5630.7 62 61 Spectre Of The Gun 10/25/68 4385.3 56 62 Day Of The Dove 11/01/68 unknown 66 63 For The World Is Hollow 11/08/68 5476.3 65

      And I Have Touched The Sky

64 The Tholian Web 11/15/68 5693.4 64 65 Plato's Stepchildren 11/22/68 5784.0 67 66 Wink Of An Eye 11/29/68 5710.5 68 67 The Empath 12/06/68 5121.0 63 68 Elaan Of Troyius 12/20/68 4372.5 57 69 Whom Gods Destroy 1/03/69 5718.3 71 70 Let That Be Your Last Battlefield 1/10/69 5730.2 70 71 The Mark Of Gideon 1/17/69 5423.4 72 72 That Which Survives 1/24/69 unknown 69 73 The Lights Of Zetar 1/31/69 5725.3 73 74 Requim For Methuselah 2/14/69 5843.7 76 75 The Way To Eden 2/21/69 5832.3 75 76 The Cloudminders 2/28/69 5818.4 74 77 The Savage Curtain 3/07/69 5906.4 77 78 All Our Yesterdays 3/14/69 5943.7 78 79 Turnabout Intruder 6/03/69 5298.5 79


                                      DATE            DATE            NUMB


1. Yesteryear 9/15/73 5373.4 3A 2. One Of Our Planets Is Missing 9/22/73 5371.3 7A 3. The Lorelei Signal 9/29/73 5483.7 6A 4. More Tribbles, More Troubles 10/06/73 5392.4 1A 5. The Survivor 10/13/73 5143.3 5A 6. The Infinite Vulcan 10/20/73 5554.4 2A 7. The Magicks Of Megas-Tu 10/27/73 1254.4 9A 8. Once Upon A Planet 11/03/73 5591.2 14A 9. Mudd's Passion 11/10/73 4978.5 8A 10. The Terratin Incident 11/17/73 5577.3 15A 11. Time Trap 11/24/73 5267.2 10A 12. The Ambergris Element 12/01/73 5499.9 13A 13. Slaver Weapon 12/15/73 4187.3 11A 14. Beyond The Farthest Star 12/22/73 5521.3 4A 15. The Eye Of The Beholder 1/05/74 5501.2 16A 16. Jihad 1/13/74 5683.1 12A 17. The Pirates Of Orion 9/07/74 6334.1 19A 18. Bem 9/14/74 7403.6 17A 19. Practical Joker 9/21/74 3183.3 20A 20. Albatross 9/28/74 5275.6 18A 21. How Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth 10/05/74 6063.4 21A 22. The Counter-Clock Incident 10/12/74 6770.3 22A


1. Star Trek - The Motion Picture 12/07/79 2. Star Trek II - The Wrath Of Kahn 6/04/82 3. Star Trek III - The Search For Spock 6/01/84 4. Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home 11/23/86 5. Start Trek V - The Final Frontier 6/09/89

Reference: "The Star Trek Compendium" by Allan Asherman

140/150: Transporters Name: Screaming Eagle #70 @5650 Date: Sun Jun 16 21:28:17 1991 From: Sex World BBS [516-488-8368]

That theory about transporting a photon torpedo onto an enemy ship could not work because, when a ship's shields are up(almost always during battle), transport between the ships is impossible(I won't even BEGIN to cite example of this happening in ST). However, if you read the novels, in the TOS Novel "The Kobayashi Maru", Scotty tells about his Kobayashi Maru test where, when all of his weapons were destroyed he transported photon torpedos and antimatter bottles right next to the enemy ships and caused an explosion. In case you really wanna know…It was later stated that that strategy wouldn't work in real life. It was theoretically correct and that's why the Simulator Computers accepted it, however, when Scotty was debriefed afterwards, the reviewing admiral opens an encyclopedia(paper encyclopedia in ST times?) and points out "The Aberdeen Incident " in which Montogomery Scott, an Aberden youth tried an experiment of placing photon torpedoes in proximity of homemade shields, similar to Klingon ones, and an explosion DID NOT ENSUE. The scientists were never sure why(according to the novel) but it just didn't work… Hope I answered your question…

                                          Screaming Eagle

141/150: in 'Devil's Due' Name: Dragon #37 @6500 Date: 06/17/91 at 11:18 am <MDT> From: The Pentagon [605-348-4216]

[Msg Status] No reply needed. How long can the shields remain up without draining them or the power source out? Could the Enterprise have put the shields up to prevent "the devil" from transporting aboard the ship? Could Q get on the ship even if shields were up? Maybe another entity? As I said in the last post.. "You can't actually get through the shields" but maybe you can… if you have massive ammounts of power. Dragon Origin: -[The Pentagon]- WWIVnet @6500 USR Dual Standard (605) 348-4216 Rapid City, SD. SNARFable 142/150: dismal sales Name: O.D.W.E. #14 @6500 Date: 06/17/91 at 3:59 pm <MDT> From: The Pentagon [605-348-4216] [ Reply to ] A side nOTE about Ertl/AMT's Trek models… [Msg Status] No reply needed.

I like what they did between movies...release a kit for Trek II, III, and 

IV. The only difference in models was: One was the original refit NCC-1701. The next was NCC-1701-A(The only thing they changed was the DECAL!!! No wonder sales were so dismal!!! All you'd need to do is call up Ertl(they give a toll free number) and request the decal sheet with the 'A' on it…and you have a new model.

I think they also released a kit of the NCC-1701-A with the Galileo 

shuttlecraft(from Trek V)…

    Origin:  -[The Pentagon]-  WWIVnet @6500   USR Dual Standard
                    (605) 348-4216  Rapid City, SD.  SNARFable

143/150: character analogies: TOS/TNG Name: O.D.W.E. #14 @6500 Date: 06/18/91 at 12:17 am <MDT> From: The Pentagon [605-348-4216]

[ Reply to ] Spock vs. Data [Msg Status] No reply needed. __

The closest analogy that I have seen so far was when Dr. Pulaski replaced 

Dr. Crusher as Chief Surgeon. She was similar to McCoy in that she was strong willed. She even had an extreme dislike of the transporter similar to Doctor McCoy. The thing I liked about her was that she did not get along with Data. She was constantly challenging Data's assertation that he was "alive". This was similar to the Spock/McCoy arguments, but not a carbon-copy of their arguments. This added some spice to the show, and I was sorry when whiney (oh, save my son, Jean-Luc) Dr. Crusher returned…

    Origin:  -[The Pentagon]-  WWIVnet @6500   USR Dual Standard
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144/150: Good Point! Name: Bonnie Graas #67 @7708 Date: Mon Jun 17 18:23:17 1991 From: Morning Star BBS [707-263-6612]

RE: Get a life…..

I have been waiting for someone to take this stand. Look into the Science Fiction writing of the 30's. To think they actually envisioned lap top computers in every home, wall sized television, test tube babies. The people of their time emphatically denied the ability to actually have these visions realized.

Just because we do not know how to create these "Star Trek" visions now, does not outlaw their future creation any more than the Science Fiction of past years.

As the theory was put forward in past times that Man is a product of evolution from lesser creatures, only "Arrogant Man" assumes that our present stage of evolution is the ultimate. It is more appropriate to say that Man is continuing to evolve and the future holds limitless accomplishments.

Have some faith people, believe in the future of Man.

145/150: TOS: Name: Bonnie Graas #67 @7708 Date: Mon Jun 17 18:30:18 1991 From: Morning Star BBS [707-263-6612]

RE: Question:

There were 79 aired episodes of the original Star Trek Series. They are available on cassette tape from CBS home video. I have a set. If you would like to information about their purchase (The collector's edition) please E-Mail me an address and I will send the brochures to you.

There is also the release of the original pilot (the one turned down by the networks) called "The Cage". Parts of this original were used in the episode of "The Menangerie" (two parter).

It is interesting, if you get a copy of "The Cage" it contains the parts used in "The Menagerie" in color (the original pilot was in black and white). It is an interesting comparisson to see the original change from black to white as the original pilot was cut and these parts computer colored for the use in the series. The effect of added color is truly amazing.

Hope this was of some help. If you were a local to Lake County you could come into the bar I own and view them. I run them constantly in my bar. They have quite a following there.

146/150: New Voyages: Name: Bonnie Graas #67 @7708 Date: Mon Jun 17 18:34:39 1991 From: Morning Star BBS [707-263-6612]

RE: Visit to a Wierd Planet

This is one of my favorite books. It has a wonderful story in it that always thought would make a great ST film. It is about Kirk being "mind ripped" by the Klingons and transported back in time to present day, where he has become an inmate of an insane asylum and Spock's undying efforts to find him while all others lose hope.

Anyone read that one?

147/150: Transporters: Two or one? Name: Roger Long #54 @5914 Date: Mon Jun 10 19:53:40 1991 From: TC-CUBED [509-588-6822]

RE: Well,

One reason I've heard for sometimes using two transporters is that the energy usage is less if they share the load than if one is doing all the work. I think the book "Memory Prime" is where I heard this.

One theory I have is that the receiving transporter provides a constant reference to transport to, whereas using a single transporter requires it to search for a suitable place to lock on to. "The Menagerie" and "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" both expressed concerns about reappearing inside rock.

148/150: The unknown captain Name: Roger Long #54 @5914 Date: Mon Jun 10 19:58:41 1991 From: TC-CUBED [509-588-6822]

The "Enterprise" has always been the jewel of Starfleet, and the best captains have been assigned to it. But, if the captain assigned to NCC-1701-B was not of the same calibre we've seen (it would have to be "no where close"), Starfleet might want to put that behind them.

On the other hand, "Star Trek VI" is supposed to be the final movie, so we might see the baton passed from Captain Kirk of 1701-A to a new captain of 1701-B. (Anyone heard a rumor as to what happened to 1701-A after it was discovered to be such a dog?)

149/150: "The Making of Star Trek" Name: Roger Long #54 @5914 Date: Mon Jun 10 20:12:03 1991 From: TC-CUBED [509-588-6822]

RE: was that canon??

Bought that a while back. In it are several memos, amongst them the names of the people who have captained the Enterprise. Also in it are the accepted starship names, as well as a series of memos about Vulcan names (lists of five-letter combinations that begin with S and end in K, I think) and how to pronounce them. (Glad that G.R. decided on a little variety for Vulcan names, in keeping with I.D.I.C.)

The book has been re-printed, perhaps with new information. I consider it canon because it is a documentary-type book about how "Star Trek" was created.

150/150: Question about Wil Weaton… Name: Delsa Andixon #40 @6463 Date: Mon Jun 17 08:16:12 1991 From: Columbus Skyline [614-267-6453]

Recently I've been hearing stranger and stranger reasons for Wil Weaton not being on the show anymore. Is there anyone out there that knows the ACTUAL truth of the matter?


Post on Star Trek?

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