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_ (_) _ (_
\/\_/ \,__ _ _\,_|_| | | ISSUE 46 | | An Innovative Creations production April 25 - May 18, 1994 | +=============================================================================+ | Part 5 of our Ultimate Mortal Kombat II guide | | Project TNT: But wait, there's more! | | Email contest: can you come up with somethng better? | | NEWS: Sega + MGM, Atari 3rd party games to come | +=============================================================================+ Ace's Angles What Amtrak is really like, and more information Email Contest You can do better! Project TNT update _THE_ source of Summer CES info! The NEWS Sega and MGM team up, Atari releases new 3rd party titles list Ultimate Mortal Kombat II Guide, part 5 Chess: Zen and the art of character selection +============================================================================+ | _ _ _ _ | | / _ \ ( ) / _ \ | | | | | |_| | _ |/ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ / / _ \/ _ '_ \ / _` / _ \/ | | | | | | | (_| /\ \ | | | | | | | (_| | | /\ \ | | |_| |_|\_\_||_/ _ __ _\, |_|\__/ | | /

/ / / /\ / / / * / _ _ | | | | * / / / / / / / / * \ | | |\/| |\/| | | ] [_| [_| * /_/ / / /_/ /_/ * \ | | | | | | |_ [_] | | * / / / | | | | | | | | \ | | * */ /* -The Next Thing- / [] | | | | [_ | \ | | * *\/ * Get Your Hands On The Single Best Summer CES Resource Available! * TNT: The only great way to get Summer Consumer Electronics Show coverage. Less than a month ago, someone suggested the possibility that the editors of the Internet's game magazinen could team up and produce a single incredible Internet resource. At the time, the idea seemed impossible – besides the logistic problems, why eliminate the quality competitive atmosphere currently in place? That's when it happened. After Team Renegade announced TNT (The Next Thing) magazine, we received tons of E-mail from interested writers, supporters and customers. The editors of Game Master Journal, Intelligent Gamer and VidBits have all generously endorsed TNT as a true success in the making (and we didn't even have to ask them! *grin*). TNT also has an extremely high-caliber staff including many of the Internet's most talented (and thus popular) writers. We just can't lose. Renegade Technologies Unlimited has spent the last several weeks handling orders, organizing the TNT staff and preparing to expand our sales outwards into local game stores. We're taking orders from as far away as Germany and from places as close as Maine. Why so much interest? Because we're going to deliver what the major game magazines cannot: Comprehensive coverage of the Summer CES, which means you'll get detailed information on almost every video game to hit the shelves in the next 6-12 months. Photographs. Articles. Real analysis, not just some paragraph off the back of the game box. Here's the story. Take a look back at some of your old game magazines. How much CES coverage did you find? 10 pages? Maybe 15 at best? I have three words for you: You've been screwed. Ever wonder why the major gaming mags can only squeeze a few pages of information out of a show that lasts for three or four days? Answer: Their "writers" don't pay much attention. Snap a picture, make up a 30-word synopsis, and that's what the game was like at CES. If you believe that every video game is worth thirty words and a photo, you deserve what you've been getting. Stop reading now and go back to sleep until you're woken up by the crowds rioting at the local K-Mart for their home versions of Ridge Racer. Otherwise, read on and discover why your world is about to change dramatically for the better. The last CES yielded at least four huge packed bags full of literature, press kits and neat information that often never appeared in the mainstream gaming magazines. Best yet, RTU made the information available immediately while conducting IRC discussions for several nights in a row, answering any and all questions regarding the CES. Eternal Champions fanatics heard complete descriptions of the game's characters roughly five months before the game was released, including two characters which never appeared in the game's final version. Jaguar press release and video tape information was discussed far in advance of the system's first official press conference. Gamers received candid and honest assessments of almost every single console-based video game on the show floor, even though the major magazines waited months to say the exact same things RTU said. Now things are getting better. Team Renegade is producing a one-shot deal for fanatic gameplayers and even your lazy buddies who are just getting around to playing Super Mario 2. We don't need to compete with the major gaming magazines for their CES coverage. Simply put, they suck. When you sit down at the end of CES with a hundred photographs and fifty pounds of game literature, it's almost laughable to consider that VideoGames gave the show five pages and about 100 words of text. RTU is going to bring CES home to you with our unique new magazine format devoted exclusively to the Summer CES. We're calling it Project TNT: The Next Thing. The high-quality TNT magazine will be a hardcopy printed booklet with many pages devoted to the show's general highlights and notable events. For the reader's maximum enjoyment, additional computer disks [available in IBM and Macintosh formats] will carry photographs (and perhaps digitized sound files) from the show. Does TNT sound like it will kill your pocketbook? Here's why the answer is no: Team Renegade set down four main goals for Project TNT; flexibility, cost-efficiency, functionality and quick delivery. You can order *only* the magazine if you so desire, or spend a little bit more and get brand new high-resolution photographs far in advance of the major magazines. [*] Flexibility: [*] Today's gamer owns two or three systems and generally despises competing companies. Do you own a 3DO and hate Atari and their Jaguar? Or a Genesis and hate Nintendo? Well, don't spend the money on information you'll just skip anyway. The TNT magazine will be available in your choice of configurations – you pick the systems you want and we'll send you the appropriate disks and printed materials. [*] Cost-Efficiency: [*] The printed TNT magazine with CES highlights will cost only $5.50, roughly what you would pay for a crappy five-page synopsis in some trashy mainstream magazine. Each company-specific set of disks and additional printed materials will cost an additional $4.50, and a disk of miscellaneous photos and out-takes will also be $4.00. That miscellaneous disk will include pictures from companies like Sony, TTI and Commodore (if any of them show up for CES). We're selling Atari, Nintendo, Sega and 3DO company disks which will include the aforementioned companies' licensees as well. If you want to buy the whole compendium of CES information, the price is $23. [*] Functionality: [*] IBM or Macintosh disks will be included with each company-specific or miscellaneous/outtakes- disk order. The photographs will be in PICT format for the Macintosh (readable by any program including TeachText) and .GIF format for the IBM. You'd be amazed at how much high resolution detail we were able to squeeze into the last Summer CES photos; more, believe it or not, than could be seen without a magnifying glass. The printed magazine can be kept on your desk, framed above your fireplace or used as a security blanket. Regardless of what you do with it, it'll look cool and contain entertaining insights into the real nature of the CES show. [*] Quick Delivery: [*] Here's the best part. Waiting sucks and no one knows it better than Team Renegade and you. We're making a guarantee that TNT will be released at a *maximum* of three weeks after CES. We're going to try for two weeks or less, but we can't control everything. Remember, we're not talking about just printing regurgitated press releases and press kit photos; you'll see the former on the Internet within a day of release to the media. TNT will feature the types of nook and cranny questions no one seems to ask. Renegade Technologies Unlimited is committed to the production of an exceptional piece of journalism. The TNT magazine will be both comprehensive and professionally produced, delivered faster than the major magazines and far more insightful for certain. RTU will be maintaining a professional set of records for those who order TNT in advance and we make an absolute guarantee that if we cannot deliver the product we will instantly refund your money. Additionally, if Sega and their licensees have no presence at the CES (which is quite doubtful in my mind), we'll refund the cost of the Sega-specific diskettes. Want to see the quality of our past work? Check out the BUSOP.CIT.WAYNE. EDU site (cd pub/ces and pub/pselect) for high quality photographs, game reviews and information… or read the work of our staff in such publications as GamePro, VideoGames magazine, Wired, Intelligent Gamer, VidBits and Game Bytes. You'll appreciate our devotion to customer satisfaction and the degree of our attention to properly handling your order. Order today and be guaranteed the best *honest* information directly after the Summer CES. No slobbering over lame software, no ass kissing, just the facts and the photographs to prove them. Jer Horwitz President Renegade Technologies - Unlimited - Renegade Technologies Unlimited is proud to announce the staff of TNT: Ralph Barbagallo Kenneth Drake David Hilgendorf Jer Horwitz Robert Huebner Russell Kumro William Reardon Rick Reynolds Richard Shartzer Sergei Shimkevich Teh Kao Yang Kimberly Ziembiec Anthony Shubert David Rubin Tanya N. Kutasz /\* */ /* A Renegade Technologies Unlimited Production / / _ /\ / /_ * / \/ / / / / /\ / / / [ ] _ | / / / / / / / / | | [ ] | \ [ [ ] | [ ] [ ] |\ /| /_/ / / /_/ /_/ | | [] | | | [] [ | | |] | \/ | / /* | | | \ | | | | \ | | | | \ | | */ /* -The Next Thing- * [] | \ [_/ [ | \ | [] | \ | | *\/ * Print It Out, Grab A Check or Money Order, Then Mail It To Us! * Number of Copies: [ ] TNT Printed Magazine: Includes detailed information about the best [ ] and worst at CES; contains no disks but will include some printed digitized photographs. A high-quality printed publication without the childish handwriting you find in "fanzines." $5.50 per copy. [ ] TNT Extended Atari Coverage: Get the inside track on Atari's booth [ ] at the CES, where nearly 100 developers have signed on to develop Jaguar products. $4.50 per Atari extension. Includes: Macintosh or IBM disk(s), circle your choice. [ ] TNT Extended Nintendo Coverage: See what Nintendo and its licensees [ ] will be selling during the Christmas shopping season. Project Reality? New portable Nintendo game systems? SNES Super Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat 2? $4.50 per Nintendo extension. Includes: Macintosh or IBM disk(s), circle your choice. [ ] TNT Extended Sega Coverage: Despite plans to hold their own Sega show [ ] in sunny Florida, there should most likely be a ample representation of Sega software at Summer CES. A Genesis Mortal Kombat 2 and Super SF2? Saturn? $4.50 per Sega extension. Includes: Macintosh or IBM disk(s), circle your choice. [ ] TNT Extended 3DO Coverage: With a powerful multimedia machine and [ ] several hundred licensees, there will be plenty of amazing 3DO hardware and software on display. The new Samsung 3DO machine? The IBM-compatible 3DO-on-a-card? $4.50 per 3DO extension. Includes: Macintosh or IBM disk(s), circle your choice. [ ] TNT Miscellaneous and Outtakes Disks: The types of stuff we couldn't [ ] quite categorize elsewhere. Last Summer CES had photos of Neon Man, this incredibly dopey guy who did exercises in neon-tubed clothing so he could sell neon lights for cars. We'd also anticipate some shots of Sony's PS-X (if they choose to display it), any TTI game system, Commodore CD-32 and the like. When you're not crying about TTI, you can laugh at morons like Neon Man. $4.00, Includes: Macintosh or IBM disk(s), circle your choice. [ ] TNT Grand Package: For $23 you get the magazine and all the extensions [ ] including their disks and printed hardcopies. Specify IBM or Mac disks. TNT will be mailed to the following address: Name/Business: _ Street Address: City, State, Zip: * Country: _ Phone Number At Which You Can Be Reached (and appropriate hours): () - _ Internet Address (or other Electronic Service) (Please be accurate): _ @ Special Deal (if any, see below): _ * INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ONLY: Type of Shipping Preferred: _ (Parcel Post/Printed Matter; include payment) * - Clip Here - **

RTU recommends the use of US Mail Postal Money Orders but will also

    accept valid personal checks and other legitimate types of money
    orders. * Please make all checks and money orders out to Jer Horwitz. *

* = International TNT Orders:

  International TNT orders will be accepted with payment in United States

funds only, and we advise use of either American Express money orders or cashiers' checks from large international banks. The rates quoted below are for US Mail standard international air service and are based upon estimates of package weight – we do not intend to profit from shipping costs and RTU will absorb losses if the magazine is heavier than anticipated. US Mail currently claims the following rates will deliver a package within 7-10 days of mailing; RTU makes no guarantees regarding the US Mail's system of international deliveries but we do guarantee that RTU will promptly mail all materials to you upon completion of the publication.

Overseas mailing rates (in Europe [outside of the United States]):

Printed Matter Rate for any TNT order (take some risk of damage given disk contents, though we'll try to prevent it on this end): add $7.00 for shipping.

Parcel Post Rates (treated like packages, with somewhat more care):

For the TNT magazine without any additional supplements: add $4 for shipping.
For TNT with one supplement: add $5.50 for shipping.
For TNT with two supplements: add $7.00 for shipping.
For TNT with three supplements: add $8.50 for shipping.
For the TNT Grand Package (or 4 supplements): add $9.25 for shipping.

Canadian and Mexican (hehe) mailing rates:

Printed Matter Rate for any TNT order (take some risk of damage given disk contents, though we'll try to prevent it on this end): add $4.00 for shipping.

Parcel Post Rates (treated like packages, with somewhat more care):

For the TNT magazine without additional supplements: add $2.50 for shipping.
For TNT with one supplement: add $3.75 for shipping.
For TNT with two supplements: add $5.00 for shipping.
For the TNT Grand Package (or 3-4 supplements): add $5.50 for shipping.

Please mail completed order form and appropriate payment to:

   Renegade Technologies Unlimited
          37 LeBrun Circle
     Amherst, New York 14226-4120
       Attention: TNT Magazine.


+-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ / \ \ # # ##### # # ### # # #### #### ### ##### ##### / / ## # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # \ \ # # # ### # # ### # # #### # # ##### # ### / / # ## # # # # # # # # # # # # # # \ \ # # ##### # # #### ### # #### # # # ##### / / Sega inks deal with MGM, Atari shows list of upcoming Jag titles \ +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (AP) – Sega of America Inc. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. will jointly create video games, movies and television programs.

 The companies said the new products would be based on original ideas -- a

first for such a collaboration. But Sega and MGM said they also may decide to develop games based on upcoming movie releases.

 MGM and Sega will invest undisclosed amounts in the venture, which was

announced on Wednesday.

 "Clearly this deal allows us to blend the strengths of both companies,"

said Alan Cole-Ford, MGM's executive vice president for strategy and development.

 The deal blends the studio's expertise in developing and writing stories and

access to acting talent with Sega's technical and game-playing know how, he said.

 Sega and MGM said they would immediately start work on titles for Sega

compact disk, its Genesis 32-bit cartridge player and still-in-the-works Saturn CD player.

 The CD games would feature real actors, whose recorded actions would respond

to players' commands.

 "We've believed the melding of live-action video and computer technology as

a great means of delivering a cinematic experience on an inexpensive home game system for some time," said Tom Kalinske, president and chief executive officer of Sega of America.

 The deal is not the first involving a video game company and a film studio.

But it is the first in which such companies will collaborate from an idea to completed product.

 Sega, part of Sega Enterprises Ltd.  of Japan, has worked with several

studios, including Walt Disney Co., which helped develop Sega's hit "Aladdin" game, which was based on the movie.

 Also on Tuesday, Warner Bros. and Acclaim Entertainment Inc.  reached an

agreement to make video game versions of the upcoming movie "Batman Forever."

SUNNYVALE, Calif. (GMJ) – Atari has furnished us with a list of companies and the games they are working on for the Jaguar. The list is unedited to show "holes" in the list as it was given to us (Atari could not give us a complete list, but they could tell us the incomplete parts.)

 Do not call these companies as most customer service reps will not have info

on these games. Stay tuned to GMJ, your Jaguar information source.


All Systems Go All Systems Go Hosenose and Booger 4th Qtr 94 All Systems Go All Systems Go -BIOS Fear 4th Qtr 94 Anco Software Ltd Anco Software Ltd Kickoff 3/World Cup July Beyond Games Inc Beyond Games Inc BattleWheels December Beyond Games Inc Beyond Games Inc Ultra Vortex September _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ DTMC DTMC Lester the Unlikely -N/A- Gremlin Graphics Gremlin Graphics Zool 2 October Ocean Krisalis Software Soccer Kid June -N/A- Loriciel S.A. Extreme Skiing/Snwbord -N/A- _ _ _ -N/A- Microids Commando December -N/A- Microids -Evidence 1995 MidNite Ent. Inc MidNite Ent. Inc Air Cars October MidNite Ent. Inc MidNite Ent. Inc Dungeon Depths October MidNite Ent. Inc MidNite Ent. Inc Assault 1st Qtr 95 Telegames Millenium/Teque Brutal Sports Football July _ _ Ocean Software Ltd Ocean Software Ltd Ape Sh_t (WT) December Ocean Software Ltd Ocean Software Ltd -Lobo 1995 Ocean Software Ltd Ocean Software Ltd Theme Park 3rd Qtr 94 Ocean Software Ltd Ocean Software Ltd Syndicate 3rd Qtr 94 _ _ _ -N/A- Photosurealism Galactic Gladiators 4th Qtr 94 PIXIS Interactive PIXIS Interactive -Neurodancer -N/A- -N/A- Virtual Xperience Zzyorxx II July -N/A- Virtual Xperience Indiana Jag July -N/A- Silmarils -Robinson's Requiem September _ Telegames Telegames Ultimate Brain Games September Telegames Tradewest Double Dragon V July Telegames Tradewest Troy Aiken NFL Ftball July Trimark Interactive Trimark Interactive White Men Can't Jump October U.S. Gold Ltd. Tietex/Delphine Flashback July _ _ _ _ 21st Century 21st Century Pinball Dreams September Virgin UK Argonaut Creature Shock V-Reel V-Reel Horrorscope V-Reel V-Reel Arena Football Readysoft Readysoft Dragon's Lair

+-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ / ### #### ##### ### ##### ### # \ \ # # # # # # # # # / / ### #### ### # # ##### # #### ##### #### ### #### ##### \ \ # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # / / #### # ##### ### ##### # # ####### ### #### # # #### # \ \ # # # # # # # # # / / # # ##### # ### # # # \ +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+

                  Ultimate Mortal Kombat II guide, part 6
                    "Chess", or choosing your character

One of the most overlooked parts of Mortal Kombat is character selection. What character you pick – and when you pick it – is almost as important as knowing when to uppercut or to throw a fireball.

First, answer a few simple questions. Who are you good with? Who are your three best and worst characters? Can you compete using any of the 12 characters?

Figure out what match-up you DO NOT want for each character, and which one is IDEAL for each character you'll play. You should learn several characters so you do not get trapped into a match-up you can't win. Learn your strengths and weaknesses so you know what is coming at all times.

Find your strong character and choose him or her often. But don't be obvious: play _The Game_. The Game is the 15 second period before the fighting starts where the two players choose characters. Learn the count – the length of time between you press START and your character is chosen automatically by the computer – and use it to your advantage. Learning the count will allow you to get the match-up YOU want, not one your foe wants.

For instance: Lets say that you are good at Raiden. You want to be Raiden, unless your foe is Liu Kang, because Raiden vs. Liu is suicide for the Thunder God. So, you want to be Scorpion if he's Liu.

OUTCOME #1: When you press start you are on Liu Kang, and your foe is on Reptile. He moves over to Liu Kang, you move to Scorpion and press block (or any other button) to choose him. Then HE moves to Jax, someone you aren't good against, chooses him and proceeds to trash you. What happened?

Well, this is a common mistake. NEVER PICK YOUR GUY/GAL FIRST. EVER. This is how you lose. Selecting the character first puts you at the mercy of your opponent, allowing him to pick his best character against the one you have chosen.

OUTCOME #2: Instead of moving to Liu he moves to Shang Tsung. You think "Cool!" and go over to Raiden, and because you have learned from your mistake from #1, you wait. He doesn't want that match-up, so he moves to Liu. You move to Scorp. He goes to Jax. Time runs out, ou get thrashed. ACK!

You moved to your character-of-choice too soon! This gets you in a game of "tag", where you pick a guy, then I do, then you move, then I do, and so on. This is avoided by waiting until time is about to run out, then move to your guy.

OUTCOME #3: You wait 12 out of the 15 seconds and then move to Raiden. You have your foe trapped on a wierd (to him) character, and thrash him throughly!

Congrats - you have learned The Game. Most people call this Chess… because it's all a mind game.

      ##### #   # #####   ###  #   # #####   ### ####  ##### #   #
        #   #   # #      #     ## ##    #   #    #   # #     #   #
        #   ##### ###    # ##  # # #    #   #    ####  ###   #   #
        #   #   # #      #   # #   # #  #   #    #  #  #     # # #
        #   #   # #####   ###  #   #  ##     ### #   # #####  # #

Anthony Shubert "Ace" Publisher / EIC

                          Lives in Quincy, MA
                          Loves Virtua Fighter
                          Dislikes flames

Reny Falzarano "Da Phunky Home Systems Editor

               Pheel One" Lives in Massachusettes
                          Loves Disney's Aladdin and Super SF2
                          Dislikes deadlines
                          Learns from his high school

CJ Mushala "Instigator" Home Systems Editor

                          Lives in Massachusettes
                          Loves his Sega CD
                          Dislikes deadlines
                          Learns from his high school, too

Tanya N. Kutasz "Arkady" Future Wave Editor

                          Lives in Pasedena, California
                          Loves netDOOM
                          Dislikes travelling to Southern Cal and back
                          Learns from Caltech

David Rubin "Cue" Contributing Editor

                          Lives in Manhattan, New York
                          Loves the Jaguar and ALL new games
                          Dislikes deadlines and UNIX
                          Learns from his high school, three

Sharon Birdsall "Shez" Spokesperson / Gamer

                          Lives in South Carver, Massachusettes
                          Loves her Game Boy
                          Dislikes road trips
                          "Learned all I needed a while ago!"


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