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By P. J. Gagnon

               Garrettsville, OH  

Begin the game by going into Dallben's cottage. Get the gruel to feed HenWen. The cupboard has supplies you will need for your adventure, which can be obtained either now or after you feed the pig. Go to the barnyard and feed the pig. There is dried corn in the shed which the pig will eat, as well, and also earns points – your choice. I could find no other use for the corn or the gruel. Then follow the pig back to the cottage where you will witness her vision. Dallben will give you rope, and the adventure begins. Be sure to fill your flask with water.

Go north for 3 screens, avoiding water. (If you go into the water, the pig gets scared, won't follow you, and you lose her.) Go left when you see the edge of the bramble patch. When you wiggle through the brambles correctly, you find the hidden cottage of the Fair Folk and HenWen is safe. There's some cookies in the cupboard.

Somewhere along here you'll meet Gurgi. When he asks for something to eat, offer him either the cookies or the apple.

Go south upon leaving the cottage for 2 screens. There is a lute in the tree with a hole in it. Take it. Go east for 2 screens, then north, which brings you to the waterfall. The magic word will cause a rock to lower in the water so you can walk on it. Be careful – if you fall in the water, you drown. You'll fall in a hole after entering the cave. Offer King Eidelleg the lute and he'll give you a magic mirror and flying dust. After leaving the cave, go west for 3 screens til you reach the swamp to the west, then north for 2 screens where you'll see a dagger. I've not found a use for the dagger that earns points, but I take it anyway. Go west to the scarey trees, then north to the rocks. I wouldn't tell you how to maneuver through the rocks, even if I could explain it – that would ruin some of your fun. But I will tell you that my 6-year old daughter figured it out when I couldn't. You must go through the rocks to get to the castle.

Upon reaching the point of the highest rock, throw your rope. It will go either east or west; it makes no matter which. Climb the ledge and you will be facing the castle. Welcome to disk 2.

Walk the maze, then go west when you're facing the alligators. There will be a henchman pulling a cart at the drawbrdige. If he's not there the first time, leave the screen and return – as many times as it takes. Jump on the cart and you're in the castle. Wait til the henchman leaves before you get off the cart. Go through the northern doorway into the wine cellar. Go between the last 2 barrels on the right, and you'll fall into a sub-dungeon and find the princess. Go east for 2 screens. Look at the north wall. There's a crack between some of the stones which are moveable and reveal a King's burial tomb. There is the magic sword. The princess makes her escape. You leave the chamber and go south, then east til you see a gargoyle. Turn his head and a door above you opens. Have the sword ready so you can bonk the henchman. He's quite a pest. After emerging, go north again and get the keys on the wall to your right. Open the door straight ahead of you and free Fleuder Flam. You can either use the recently acquired keys or simply untie his ropes.

Have your sword ready to bonk the henchman as you leave that room. Go west through the first door immediately after leaving the room, then up the stairs. Then go east to the main hallway and south back through the wine cellar. Go south to the drawbridge door and break the chain with the sword. You'll be bonking the henchman all along the way.

Return to disk 1 the same way you came. After getting through the rocks, go south for 2 screens where you'll reach the southwest portion of the swamp. Use your flying dust to get to the witch's house. Go inside and open the chest. When the witches appear, offer them the sword and you'll go outside and receive the cauldron. The gwythaint will take the cauldron while the witches are talking to you.

Go back to the castle. Take the same route as before, when you found the princess. Go south for one screen, then through the east doorway (where the skeletons are). Use the magic mirror at the proper time and the King jumps in the cauldron. You float on a log down the river to the cauldron and the witches appear. They will offer you 3 things in exchange for the cauldron. Do nothing til they offer you the third item – the sword. This wins the game with 230 out of 230 points.

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