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                      THE ELDER SCROLLS: ARENA
      Welcome to the world of Tamriel, known by its inhabitants as

the Arena. This is a glimpse at what awaits you in the Elder Scrolls: over four hundred towns, twelve million square kilometers of cities and wilderness, and more fortresses, dungeons, and crypts than we can count.

How to Play The Elder Scrolls: Arena

On-Screen Buttons

There are many options that you can invoke while exploring the
world of Tamriel. To the right of your character's face are two rows of
buttons. The button and the action it represents are explained in the
following list:
               Left clicking while cursor is an arrow
               will move you in the direction of the arrow.
               The further the arrow is from the center of the
               screen, the faster you will move.
               Left clicking an object while the cursor is an
               'X' interacts with it, the interaction depends
               upon whether you are in 'talk', 'cast', or
               'attack' mode. (see below)
               Right clicking while left mouse button is depressed 
               will cause you to jump.
               Right clicking an object while cursor is an 'X' 
               identifies it, if it is not generic.
   Crossed Swords icon - ATTACK
               Clicking this will draw your weapon and put you
               in attack mode. From here holding down the left
               mouse button moves you in the same direction as
               the arrow. Holding down the right mouse button
               and moving the mouse swings your weapon. You
               may still jump using the 'J' key. Shift+J will
               do a standing long jump. Clicking this icon
               again will sheath your weapon.
   Sunburst icon - CAST
               Cast a spell. Left clicking the icon will cause
               your spellbook to appear. You may pick the
               spell you wish to cast, and the target of that
               To save time in recasting the same spell, you
               can right click the icon again. If you have the
               spell points, you will cast the last chosen
               spell again.
   Fingers picking gold icon - STEAL
               Steal something. When this icon is clicked a
               prompt will come up asking, "Target?". Pick the
               target on the screen. If it is a person, there
               will be an attempt to pickpocket him or her. If it is
               a barrier, such as a chest or door, an attempt
               will be made to unlock it. 
   Hand grabbing icon - USE
               Use something. When this icon is clicked an
               inventory of usable magic items will come up.
               Pick the item you wish to use and then follow
               any onscreen prompts that may arise, such as
               "Target?" for a ring spell. Note: Only from the
               3D walk-around menu can you use an item. If you
               want to use a healing potion, you must use it
               from here, as you will be unable to use it from
               the character sheet.
   Snake-staff icon - PLAYER STATUS
               Player Status. Clicking this icon will pause the
               game and show your current status, and other
               items such as the date and time of day, or any
               reputational issues that may affect your status
               at your current location. Other information on
               this pop up will be your current condition,
               health, spells that are currently affecting
               you, and spells that are currently active.
   Parchment with lines icon - LOGBOOK
               This icon represents the 'Logbook', a journal of
               your travels. This feature is deactivated for the
   Campfire icon - CAMP
               Camp icon. Left clicking this icon will cause
               you to rest. During rest you will slowly regain
               lost hit points, spell points, and fatigue. You
               may camp anywhere outside a city's walls. You
               may not camp inside a city unless you have
               purchased or snuck into a room in a tavern and
               are currently inside the tavern where you have
               that room. The amount you heal per hour of rest
               is greatly affected by where you sleep. The
               nicer the accommodation (ie...expensive), the
               more you will heal per hour.
               Left clicking Map icon:
               Left clicking this icon will bring up your
               automap parchment, upon which will be inscribed
               all the places you have currently visited. Pay
               close attention to this map, it may be the only
               thing to provide you clues when searching for
               You can make notes on the map by left
               clicking the map where you wish to place the
               note and then typing. Hit 'Enter' to get
               back the pen or right click the mouse
               button. You can erase notes by clicking the
               line you wish to erase and then hitting the
               'ESC' key.
               Left clicking the compass points on the automap
               will scroll the map so you can see a larger
               area. Left clicking the center of the compass
               will center the map on your location. As a
               note, any locations that are marked
               automatically by the automap, (ie not by you)
               will be left of the first character in the
               sentence. Therefore an inn that is marked on
               your automap will be to the left of the first
               character in its name.
               Right clicking Map icon:
               Right clicking the Automap icon in the game will 
               bring up the Continental Map, from which you can 
               travel to other cities, towns, or villages. This
               feature is deactivated in the demo.
        ESC key - SETUP MENU
               Setup menu. This will pause the game and bring
               up an option menu from which you will be able
               to do the following:
               1) Play saved game  -  Loads a game from a save
                                 list. Deactivated in the demo.
               2) Save game      - Save the current game.
                                 Deactivated in the demo.
               3) Detail         - Helpful for speeding up
                                 gameplay on slower machines.
                                 Adjust the detail level to
                                 minimum to maximize the speed.
               4) Sound          - Allows you to increase or
                                   decrease sound effects.
               5) Music          - Allows you to increase or
                                   decrease the volume of the
               6) Drop to DOS    - Drops out of the game and
                                   into the world of DOS.
               7) Continue       - Exits back to Arena.
   Character portrait - CHARACTER SHEET
               Clicking your name/face along the bottom row
               in the game will bring up your Character sheet, 
               from which many options are available. This is
               deactivated in the demo.

MOUSE CONTROLS The mouse is your direct interface to the world of Arena. You will use it to define actions or choices while exploring the land. As you look at the screen, you will notice that the mouse cursor can change into one of 10 cursors, either an arrow, a sword, or an 'X'. When the mouse is an arrow and the left mouse button is depressed, you will walk in the direction designated by that arrow cursor. The further towards the edge of your screen the arrow gets, the faster you will walk. When the arrow is a sword, it is used to pick or click icons on the walkaround menu. When the arrow is an 'X', whatever is under the 'X' will be interacted with, depending upon what mode you are in. For further explanations, see The 'X' below. Jumping is accomplished by clicking the right mouse button while the left mouse button is being depressed. If you are standing still at the time you will jump straight up. If you are running you will do a running broad jump. The distance you can jump is determined by your Strength, and the Speed at which you were running. Since characters with a higher Speed rating can run faster, they will also be able to jump farther.

The 'X' Placing your 'X' cursor on a monster or door and right clicking will identify the monster or store. Therefore, placing the cursor on an equipment store's door and right clicking will display the equipment store's name, and will inscribe that name onto your automap for future reference.

While the cursor is an 'X' you can manipulate your environment: Placing the 'X' on another person and clicking your left mouse button will allow you to talk to them, pickpocket them, or cast a spell at them, depending upon what mode your cursor is in. (Normal, Steal, Cast) Placing the 'X' on a door or chest will display your assessment of the lock, or allow you to try and unlock it, depending upon what mode your are in. (Normal, Steal) Placing the 'X' on treasure and left clicking will give you a picklist of the treasure available for you to pick up.

Consult the previous section on Onscreen buttons to get a detailed description of how each is accomplished.

KEYBOARD Note: Mouse is required for game and demo to operate correctly.

      ESC                 Setup menu
      Up arrow            Walk forward
      F1                  Character Sheet
      Dn arrow            Walk backward
      F8                  Compass on/off toggle
      Left arrow          Turn left
      A                   Attack - weapon draw/sheath toggle
      Right arrow         Turn right
      C                   Cast
      CTRL + arrow        Run forward, run backward,
      J                   Jump
      SHIFT + J           Jump forward from standstill
      M                   Automap
      P                   Pick/Steal
      R                   Rest, Camp option
      S                   Status of character
      U                   Use
F3                  Change damage mode

Notes: + Requirements to run the game are:

  386/25 MHz, DOS 5.0+, 4 MB RAM (2MB EMS), VGA graphics card,
  Mouse (100% Microsoft(TM) compatible)
+ Game requires 25 MB free Hard Drive space
+ There are three different modes to show that you have been hit.  
  To cycle through these modes, press F3.  They are:
  - Normal Roll - This is the default mode, screen shakes slightly
  - Severe Roll - Screen shakes violently, may be disorienting on 
	      faster machines
  - Cross Hatch - Screen flashes red

		The Elder Scrolls: Arena

TES: Arena is the first chapter in one of the most all-encompassing

CRPGs ever created. Arena heralds a new level of CRPG interactivity and depth.

+12 million square kilometers +18 unique character of world to explore! classes!

+150,000 word story! +Full character generation!

+Full screen, first person, 360 +Over 400 cities, towns, degree rotational movement! and villages!

+Create thousands of spells! +Over 2,500 magical items!

+Both interior and exterior +Accurate date, time, exploration! location and weather depiction!

+Complete automap with notation +Quests from escorting a villager capabilities! to rescuing the Emperor himself!

 The Elder Scrolls: Arena is the next generation in CRPG entertainment.
BETHESDA SOFTWORKS, 1370 Piccard Drive, Rockville, MD 20850

Tel: (301) 926-8300 Fax: (301) 926-8010

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