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                         The Sperm Factory!!
        Presents ANOTHER WORLD - Level Codes by Pot-Noodle!
Fuck me what a cool game! Ive just played it from start to end non-stop,

so maybe they should have made it a little harder?? Oh well another game I wont buy!!… Anyway here are all the codes, or at least all the ones I got!!

1 - HICI 2 - FLLD 3 - LABC 4 - CCAL 5 - EDIL 6 - KCIJ 7 - FADK 8 - LPCI 9 - LAEA 10 - LFEK


Ok, ya start in the water sitting at your desk, so obviously push up!! Then run to the right, squishing all the slugs (but not the beatle!) until the Lion attacks. Then run to the left, until you come to the cliff, where you jump onto the vine. This will snap and send you flying to the right, where you run to where you originaly met the Lion. At the edge of this screen 2 aliens will appear, one will kill the lion, the other will pick you up, and eventually after a disk change, you end up captive with another friend. Ya gotta swing the cage left and right till it falls down on the guard. Ya friend will tap you, and ya should pick up the gun and run right. Kill any guards and make sure you and your friend reach the doors at the same time. While the other guy starts to fiddle with the door switch ya should keep building sheilds to protect both the friend and the doors as if one door is blow up the others wont open. Once the guy opens the door, itll close after him, but you can run through and itll open for ya… Now take the lift up and look at the nice pitcure in the window… Then go to the bottom stop on the lift, walk left and shoot the switch. This makes the door in the above lift stop unoperational. Goto the stop above and blow away the 1st door with a megablast! Then stand over the hole and pull down; RUN left before the guard breaks out, and when youre under the whole, push up! Your friend follows you, and after you blow the next door, an alien appears! Your friend will open the manhole which ya should drop down!… In the pipes … well ya can work out the way around the small maze type thing as I've forgotten it now!!… Anyway you fall out from the hole to the left is a gun recharge chamber. If you need it go in there… if not, blow away the doors to the right, and then get the gun changed. Walk to the right until you meat a guard,and guess what! Kill the bastard!… You should also see your friend run past followed by lazers and guards. Do a long jump (fire + up) from the edge of the platform, and ya should either land on a spike, or on a small platform. If your luck, ya can get cool thrills from that large, lubricated spike, if not, oh well, ya can always blast the wall to the right and get into the cave!!…From here keep going down, till you cant go down no more! Then run right, and jump over the spikes. The next screen to the right has lots of rocks falling… You can simply keep doing long jumps from the moment you enter. On the next one however ya should stop, and wait until the rock nearest you is just starting to fall, then piss bolt to the right, until your close to the slimy tenticles!! Ya can walk up to the right a little, till youre in light with the tenticles. Then blast em away with a big shot (ya have to wait for them to lower after youve energized). Then walk right. Using carefully placed normal jumps you can jump past/over all of the things in this room. To the right, you should blast away all three tenticles, and small jump the 1st pit monster, and long jump the remaining two. Now you come to a pit which must be jumped so you land just before the pit monster. Jump over him and continue right till you get to the wall. Which ya blast. Now go back left till you get to the rightmost falling rocks room. Go up from here till ya see the small flying thingy. Wait for it to take off, and then walk to the left. Now wait at the top of the cliff till the bird is eaten by the tenticles. Once its eaten, you can jump to the 1st stalegtight (or dictionary…), then to the next and keep movin allong till you've back ontop of the wierd rock formation. Ya now drop to the left of it, and blast it in the middle. Itll topple over, and you can jump allong it to get above it. Now run right, jumping the 3 pits allong the way till you get to the water above the cave. Blast the cave and run like SHIT!! to the left, jumping the 3 pits you pasted, and over where you jumped up, to land on the little platform!…The water will push this up, and you can go right to get to the door which you should shove you dick into the hole err I mean blast it, and go right. Dont go up the stairs, but instead keep going right, past the X-waterfall, and into the building. If theres a guard, kill him in the usuall way (Im not going into that, if ya that lame ya should buy a ST!). And then shoot the longest chandelleierierie (fuck i need that dictionary!) from on top of the stairs… This allows your friend to escape by losening the roof above. Now go right, killing all guards, untill you find the water pool. Jump into this and go down. You'll realise this is the wall you blasted a while back. Go through the wall, and to the left, past the pit monster, and then up the passage above and to the left of the pit monster. At the top is some air!… Once you have the air, go down, past the pit monster,and swim right to get out of the water!. Shoot the power cabel, and then swin directly out of the water pool. Go left, accros the waterfall, and up the stairs. Now go right accross the higher waterfall, and into the bulding. You may see your friend sliding past. Go right and dispose of the guard, jump the steps, and you'll find yourself in a room with a guard behind a door. 1st stand near the door (but dont open it!) and make a sheild or two!, then walk nearer the door to open it, and quickly walk back behind you sheilds. The guard should have thrown a grenade, which will come back to him off the closed door… Now ya simply walk right,blast the door, and after recharging your gun (if you like) go right again. On this room DO NOT FIRE A SHOT!! Crouch down ready to fire at the light's cable. You should be able to see the reflection of the asshole guard below who you cant kill normally. Hell keep walking in this pattern: left to right, right to left, left to middle, middle to left. And repeat. When he is in the middle fire and the light will fall on him! Now go back to the left, recharge your gun, and go left until you are at the stairs. Go down and down through the teleporter thingy!! and then right, accross the water pool, past the dead guard, and jump down the hole… Now things get a little HOT! Quickly blast the wall to your right, and RUN right!!! Keep going through the doors which will be blasted away behind you by an endless supply of guards! If youve done it all right your friend should be crawling above you… When you get to the dead end, keep making sheilds to your left and killing anyone who gets in the way!… Wait until you friend opens the trap door, and after making a final sheild, run and jump to his hand. He'll pull you up and you both get into the wierd vehicle which drives itself left into some sort of arena… In the left top corner of the screen youll get a image of your hand!… Keep pressing all ythe different buttons till you and friend are shot out!… Youll be transfered to a nice peacefull bathing pool… well peaceful till you crash through the roof!! Run right jumping lazers and once on the next screen, make sheilds and stay standing (dont worry, lazers from the left are not harmful to you, only your sheild!). Kill the 4 guards that will come after you and run right till you meat your friend who crashes throgh the window… Run right again… and youll be standing in the middle of a platform which is blasted away and you fall down… to be grabbed by a guy that looks like your friend… hell kick you right, and your friend will come to the rescue… In the next room, while the two are fighting, you have to crawl right till your next to the levers.. then wait until the friend is pushed off. Once the bad one walks in line with the 1st blue line, press fire to blow him up with some kind of lazer… then fire again to open the roof!… Crawl left and if you get there before being shot youll be sucked up the hole, and into a scene with you lying near a bird. Crawl a little to the right, until your friend comes an helps you!

GAME OVER (Phew and all that off the top of my head!!)



Special HI to new members Ice Manx Damien and >aisy <hainsaw (!!)

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