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The following list appears in the Book of Lists, Walleninsky, Wallace and Wallace, 1977, William Morrow & Co., and is originally from a study which appears in: "Genetic Study of Genius" Vol. 2, by Catherine Morse Cox, copyright 1926 Stanford Press. The IQ's are estimated based upon various analytical elements, including performance before the age of 17. Presumably, these are on the Stanford- Binet scale.

1. John Stuart Mill (Philosopher, economist) 190 2. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (German poet) 185 3. Thomas Chatterton 170 4. Voltaire (Author, philosopher) 170 5. George Sand (the only woman on the list; author) 150 6. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Composer) 150 7. Lord Byron (English poet) 150 8. Thomas Jefferson (President, statesman, author) 145 9. Benjamin Franklin (Writer, statesman, inventor) 145 10. Charles Dickens (English writer) 145 11. Galileo (Astronomer) 145 12. Napoleon Bonaparte (Military strategist, conqueror)140 13. Richard Wagner (Composer) 135 14. Charles Darwin (Scientist: theory of Evolution) 135 15. Ludwig von Beethoven (Composer) 135 16. Leonardo da Vinci (Artist, inventor) 135 17. Honore de Balzac (Writer) 130 18. Sir Isaac Newton (Mathematician, scientist) 130 19. Baruch Spinoza (Philosopher) 130

  (Note that those below this level would likely be
   below the 98th percentile required for MENSA)

20. George Washington (Statesman, militarist,President)125 21. Abraham Lincoln (President, lawyer) 125 22. Robert Blake (British admiral, writer) 125 23. Johann Sebastian Bach (Composer) 125 24. Josef Haydn (Composer) 120 25. Hernando Cortes (conqueror of Mexico) 115 26. Emmanual Swedenborg (Swedish religious writer) 115 27. Martin Luther (Religious reformer) 115 28. Rembrandt van Rindt (Dutch Painter) 110 29. Copernicus (Astronomer) 105 30. Cervantes (Writer: Don Quixote) 105

Surprised? So were we at the Greater Phoenix Mensa BBS, (602) 840 4865 (300/1200/2400 N81), for which this computer file has been generated. Thanks to Kate Searle for bringing this list to my attention. – Bob Hirschfeld, SYSOP.


Another file downloaded from: NIRVANAnet™

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