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               / /#/  / /#/ /__| |#| |#_| |\#\     \
              / /#/  / /#/  __   |#|   _  / \#\  \\  \
             / /#/  / /#/  /##|  |#|  |#\ \  \#\  \#\  \
            / /#/__/ /#/  /#/ |  |#|  |##\  \ \#\  \##\  \
           /________/#/__/#/  |__|#|__|#\#\__\ \#\__\\##\__\
           \##############/   \######### \####  \###/ \####/
     __________  ________   ________    _______  ________    _______
    /  _______/\/ ______ \  | _____ \  / _____ \/\  _____\  /  _____\
   /  /########/ /#####/ /\ | |####| | | |####\_\#\ \####/ /\ \#####/
  /   _____/#// /#/   / /#/ | |____| | | |   \##/\#\ \____ \#\ \______
 /   /######//  /#/ /  /#/  |  ____  / | |        \#\   __\ \#\_____  \
/   /#/     /  /#/ /  /#/  |  |####| \ | |      __ \#\  \#/   \#####\  \

/ /#/ / /#/_/ /#/ | | | || |_/ / \#\ \ _\#\ \ /_/#/ \/#/ || ||\_ \#\\/\_/ \####/ \########/ |##| |##||#########/ \#######/########/ _ _ / /\ / \ / \ / _/# _ \/\ \ / /########## /#########\ \#\ \#######\ \ / /#/_ | |#_#| |#\ \ \#\ \ / /\ | |\#\ \ \#\ \ / /#/ | _ | \#\ \ \#\ \ / /#######/ | /#########\ | \#\ \ \#\ \ / /#/ | |#| |#| | \#\ \_/\ \ / /#/ | |#| |#| | \#\ \_ //#/ |_|#| |#|_| \# \ \ \#####/ |#######| |#######| \############\__\ \#######/ —————————————————————————- STAR WARS: DARK FORCES FAQList "The dark side of the force Just got darker." Version 1.10 Last updated: February 10, 1995 compiled and maintained by Karsten A. Loepelmann This FAQList is copyright 1995 by Karsten A. Loepelmann. All rights reserved. Permission is granted for reproduction, distribution, transmission, or storage for noncommercial purposes only, on the condition that the contents are not changed in any way. Permission for any other use or distribution of this FAQList must be obtained from the rights holder, Karsten A. Loepelmann. All trademarks herein are acknowledged as the property of their respective owners. Star Wars is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. Dark Forces is a trademark of LucasArts Entertainment Company. Header created by Bren Lynne ( Preferred forum for discussion is: Due to low propagation of the above newsgroup, an alternate forum is: Abbreviations used: DF = Dark Forces LA = LucasArts TD = Thermal Detonator DT = Dark Trooper Contents: * indicates a section changed since the last release of this FAQ + indicates a new section added since the last release of this FAQ + 0.0 Dark Forces FAQList 1.0 Introduction * 1.1 What is "Dark Forces"? * 1.2 When will DF be released, already!? * 1.3 What media format is DF offered on? * 1.4 What is required to run DF? + 1.4.1 What kind of sound support does DF have? + Sound card tips 1.5 Why no modem play? 1.6 How much will DF cost? 1.7 Is DF canon? + 1.8 Will there be any sequels to DF? + 1.8.1 Will any sequels offer a multiplayer option? 2.0 Is there a DF demo available? * 2.1 Where is the demo available from? * 2.2 Is there a demo editor? + 2.3 Will the demo level be in the full game release? * 3.0 DF vs. DOOM 3.1 Isn't DF just a ripoff of iD Software's DOOM? 3.2 Does DF kick DOOM's butt? 3.3 Is DF easier than DOOM? 4.0 What are some DF command-line options and undocumented features? 5.0 What are the secret areas in the Prologue Mission 1 demo? 5.1 Red Key Door 5.2 A New Area 5.3 Thermal Detonator/Shield Unit Storage 5.4 Ground Floor Zero * 5.5 Outer Ledge and Caves 5.6 The Big One Method 1: Troublesome Windows Method 2: A Leap of Faith * 5.6.2 To the Outer Wall 5.7 The Death Star Plans 5.8 A Revolution 5.9 A Diversion and a Grate Finish 6.0 Weapons, shields, and objects 6.1 What weapons are there? 6.1.1 Fists 6.1.2 Modified Bryar Rifle ("blaster") * 6.1.3 Stormtrooper Rifle 6.1.4 Thermal Detonators 6.1.5 Imperial Repeater Rifle ("autogun") 6.1.6 Jeron Fusion Cutter 6.1.7 IM Claymore Mine 6.1.8 Packered Mortar Gun + 6.1.9 Weapon Supercharge 6.2 How is aiming/targeting accomplished? + 6.3 How do the shields work? * 6.4 What do those little black robots that run on the ground do? 6.4.1 How do you shoot them? 6.5 What does the 'Spider-Gem' do? * 6.6 What does the red switch behind the hidden panel in the 'Emperor's Lounge' do? 7.0 Misc questions 7.1 Who are the people behind DF? + 7.2 Has George Lucas provided any input to DF? + 7.3 What are .GOB files? * 7.3.1 What software was used to create the .GOB files? + 7.3.2 How should a custom .GOB file be loaded? * 8.0 Problems running DF? 8.1 How can I contact LA? 9.0 References ============================================================================ 0.0 Dark Forces FAQList This file is a list of Frequently-Asked Questions about the MS-DOS game "Dark Forces." It's also a file of answers to those questions ;-) I welcome any feedback, questions, answers, and suggestions. You can send email to either of my addresses. I also scan the Usenet newsgroups and semi-regularly. This file is available in the AOL Star Wars Software Library, the Action Games forum on CompuServe, as well as the Star Wars FTP archive. (With that kind of distribution, I don't intend on establishing a mailing list.) What I'd like to have is more info on solving problems running DF, especially with regard to sound cards. I'd also like to have Dark Forces snugly spinning in my NEC 3Xi as soon as possible :-) Dark Forces fans are fortunate that DF project leader Daron Stinnett has agreed to provide me with inside info on DF. Many of the questions below were answered with info provided to me by Daron (thanks!). In fact, he's even outlined the contents of the .GOB files (see section 7.3)! Send your questions to me; I will relay them to Daron and include them in the FAQ. -KAL (hate to say it, but…) May the Force be with You 1.0 Introduction 1.1 What is "Dark Forces"? [* Warning: Spoilers in paragraphs below! *] Dark Forces ("DF") is LucasArts' ("LA") new first-person perspective game. It is based on a LA-developed 'Jedi Engine', which according to the company supports "full 3D objects, a realistic lighting model, atmospheric effects (haze, fog, etc.), Gouroud shading, animating textures, 3D viewing angles and more." Missions encompass 14 different worlds, each with a unique look and feel. This is not a static environment, according to project leader Daron Stinnett: "the worlds extend out in all directions. There are elevators to take you to multiple floors, bridges over flowing water, catwalks, air shafts and other architectural features. We wanted an active environment, so ships come and go at the flight decks, rivers sweep along, platforms and conveyor belts move, and much of the machinery functions." In this game, you play Kyle Katarn, a mercenary once employed by the Empire, now working for the Rebel Alliance. Kyle's first mission is to steal the plans for the Death Star. However, Kyle stumbles upon the Imperial Admiral Mon Mohc's plans to create battalions of mechanized "Dark Troopers" – specially enhanced stormtroopers which could spell the end of the rebellion. In Dark Forces, the player, as Katarn, must travel to varied locations – such as the rebel base on the planet Agamar and the Gromas Mines, a Star Destroyer, the Imperial City on Coruscant, and the spaceport moon of Nar Shadda – to stop the Empire from unleashing the Dark Troopers… The characters inhabiting the game are familiar ones from the Star Wars universe, and include Imperial Stormtroopers and officers, Gamorreans, interrogation droids, the monster from the trash compactor, and Boba Fett (and maybe even Princess Leia, Darth Vader, and Jabba the Hutt). You will be able to use nine different weapons; among them fists, blaster, blaster rifle, thermal detonators, autogun, mortar gun, fusion cutter, Claymore mines, and an assault cannon. (For more, see section 6.1. No, there are no lightsabres. Why not? Because the protagonist, Kyle Katarn, is *not* a Jedi. Yet. ;-) In your DF directory, you will find the file TXT.MSG, which is the source for the messages displayed on-screen during the game. This file lists some interesting objects – such as ice cleats and gas mask – not found in the demo. Scott H. Novack ( hacked this file: So, in the spirit of the recent Star Wars commercial on TV, I've changed, among other things, the message "1 Battery Pack" to "1 Energizer". :-) 1.2 When will DF be released, already!? Hold your horses. Do you want it good, or do you want it now? (Yeah, I know: you want both!) Note that LA doesn't provide an exact shipping or release date. Also, the estimated release date apparently depends on which customer service representative you speak with! Bottom line (as of 2/1/95): Late February/early March, 1995 1.3 What media format is DF offered on? Right now, DF is being offered on MPC CD-ROM *only*. Although it has been rumoured, there are apparently *no* plans to offer DF on floppies later. Daron Stinnett notes: I don't think so. We considered it, but it doesn't look like the retailers want a floppy version. LA has not announced that there will be a version of DF for the Apple Macintosh computers, which is not a denial ;-) 1.4 What is required to run DF? COMPUTER: IBM and 100% compatibles OPERATING SYS: MS-DOS 5.0 or higher CPU: 386/33 DX Minimum (486 strongly recommended) MEMORY: 8 megabytes system memory (6.5 megabytes EMS free) INPUT DEVICE: Mouse required, joystick supported VIDEO: VGA (Local Bus, or PCI Recommended) SOUND CARD: Various popular sound cards supported; see section 1.4.1. The full release of DF requires a CD-ROM drive. The drive need not adhere to the MPC2 standard of a 300kb/s transfer rate, but the faster your drive, the faster you'll load the levels. DF actually exceeds certain MPC2 requirements (i.e., you *must* have 8 Mb RAM). Yes, you need at least 8 (eight) megabytes of RAM – no, this is *not* a typo. Time to upgrade that PC XT! (There are rumours of people running the DF demo with <8 megs of RAM, but they're probably also running Widget-DOS v.23.01 plugged into a gerbil running wheel…;-) The README.TXT file accompanying the DF demo states that DF requires a Microsoft-compatible mouse, but will also support the Flightstick Pro and ThrustMaster Flight Control Systems, as well as regular joysticks. 1.4.1 What kind of sound support does DF have? Among supported sound cards in the demo are the SoundBlaster, SoundBlaster 2.0, SoundBlaster Pro, SoundBlaster 16, AWE 32, AdLib, Roland MT 32/LAPC-1, ProAudioSpectrum 16; General MIDI and compatibles supported. Note that although there is no official support for General MIDI daughtercards in the demo (as stated in the README.TXT file), some people have apparently had some success with them (see section The final version is expected to iron out any bugs, as well as have support for an extensive list of sound cards, including – yes – the Gravis UltraSound and the Ensoniq. (I have a PAS16, and can attest that the stereo sound is flawless and fabulous.) Sound card tips - SoundBlaster16 with WaveBlaster owners will need the file SBMPU401.EXE (to give the SB16 MPU-401 compatibility). This fix can be obtained from Creative Labs' FTP site: (thanks to Bart Barenbrug []). - SoundBlaster16 with Roland SCD-10 owners will also need this fix, apparently run with the "/E" parameter (thanks to Thomas Meyer []). 1.5 Why no modem play? LA made the decision not to include modem play in DF, preferring instead to concentrate on producing a solid game (I'm paraphrasing). Although it wouldn't make sense to have a 'deathmatch'-style game with two rebels fighting each other, it might have been interesting to see a one-on-one Dark Trooper/Kyle Katarn match. Also, a cooperative modem game option could fit into the storyline. The storyline, however, is not the decisive factor here. LA obviously decided that DF would be 'popular enough' without a modem-option. Perhaps if they received enough feedback from DF players, they might consider changing their minds when/if DF2 is released. So stop complaining and *do* something about it! 1.6 How much will DF cost? DF is listed at US$54.95 when ordered directly from LA (CA residents add 7.25%). Shipping and handling is another US$5 per order within the US; US$6 to Canada. Yes, LA is taking advance orders (see section 8.1). 1.7 Is DF canon? DF itself is probably not canon (meaning 'in Star Wars continuity'), but that's not to say it isn't tied into Star Wars continuity. Kyle Katarn's first mission takes place shortly before the events of _Star Wars: A New Hope_ (Episode IV). BTW, 'katarn' (the surname of the protagonist in DF) is the name of a predator on the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk. In the Star Wars book _Heir to the Empire_, written by Timothy Zahn (the first book in his trilogy), there is a Lieutenant Page who heads a New Republic group called the 'Katarn Commandos.' It is unknown whether the LA design team consciously named the protagonist of DF after either the commandos or the animal. 1.8 Will there be any sequels to DF? It's not policy for LA to speculate on unannounced products; however, it is very likely that the DF design team will use the 'Jedi Engine' to create sequels to DF, perhaps with a Jedi knight in the central role. 1.8.1 Will any sequels offer a multiplayer option? LA is reportedly "exploring multiplayer technology for use in future games." 2.0 Is there a DF demo available? Yes: "Prologue Mission 1: The Death Star Plans, Operation Skyhook: Phase 2" (Kyle infiltrates an Imperial base on the planet Danuta) is available in a package of three files: DFORCES1.ZIP - This file contains the first level of Dark Forces. This is the only file that is REQUIRED to play the demo. FILE SIZE: 3.3 Megabytes HD SPACE : 8.0 Megabytes DFORCES2.ZIP - This file contains the opening cutscene for the demo. This file is optional. The demo will work without this file, however you will not see the opening cutscene. FILE SIZE: 1.0 Megabytes HD SPACE : 2.0 Megabytes DFORCES3.ZIP - This file contains the trailing cutscene for the demo. This file is optional. The demo will work without this file, however you will not see the trailing cutscene. FILE SIZE: 5.8 Megabytes HD SPACE : 8.0 Megabytes 2.1 Where is the demo available from? Try the following FTP sites:

(If you don't know what FTP is or how to do it, pick up one of those ubiquitous Internet books at a local bookstore, or contact your system administrator.)

Apparently, the demo was also included on the CD-ROM coverdisk of the UK magazine PC Gamer, dated February, 1995.

2.2 Is there an editor for the demo?

Yes there is! According to the README.DFE file accompanying DFED15.ZIP, this editor will add and randomize weapons/characteristics including: energy, shields, invincibility, extra life, revive, "concussion rifle" (stormtrooper rifle?), fusion cutter, thermal detonators, autogun, Claymore mines, mortar launcher, mortar shells, and med kits. You can also apparently add and randomize enemies including: stormtroopers, officers, commandos, interrogation droids, probots, seeker remotes, Gamorrean guards, "Ree Yees" (Quarren?), Dark Troopers (3 kinds), Boba Fett, and Bossk. The program will also allow you to back up and restore levels.

This editor can be found at the FTP site (? anyone know for sure?).

The author of the editor is Sean Baker ( If you decide to use this editor, he requests a donation of between US$2 and US$10 sent to his snail mail address:

                              Sean Baker 
                            335 Sunset Dr.
                        Defiance, OH 43512-1762

2.3 Will the demo level be in the full game release?

Yes. However, not all of the enemies, weapons, and secrets will be in that level in the final game. The demo level was loaded up with goodies so that people would have more fun with the demo and see more variety.

3.0 DF vs. DOOM

I've only included this section because there's a *lot* of net.advocacy (and net.noise) on Usenet. *Don't flame me!* I have tried to make this section as balanced and fair as possible, staying away from mere opinions in favour of the facts. If my facts are wrong, let me know. Ultimately, every individual must make up his or her own mind which game he or she prefers. (Me? I bought DOOM, and have played it solo and over the modem, and have played a bit of DOOM II – in addition to playing the DF demo level about a thousand times, of course. But I'm probably not going to "rmdir doom" anytime soon. I think I'll like each game for its unique features.)

I suggest you make up your own mind – and not try to "convert" others. Download the shareware version of DOOM 1.8 and compare it with the DF Prologue Mission 1 demo, available at better FTP sites everywhere (see section 2.0).

If you wish to flame me on these (quite reasonable, I think) answers, get a clue. Like IDDQD. ;-)

3.1 Isn't DF just a ripoff of id Software's DOOM?

Strictly speaking, no: although Dark Forces is a first-person perspective action/adventure game – as is DOOM – it has many features which make it unique. Think of it this way: if DF is a ripoff of DOOM, then DOOM is a ripoff of Wolfenstein 3D, which is a ripoff of Wizardry for the Apple ][…

Each one of these games has, shall we say, 'inspired' a successor. The successor has made large improvements in gameplay and design. Also, advances in computer hardware have allowed the latter games to be more ambitious in their attempts to create a pseudo-immersive game environment.

That is not to say, however, that DF could have existed without DOOM. But I will not change the answer to this particular FAQuestion unless I receive the 'smoking gun' internal memo from LA stating "Develop a ripoff of DOOM."

From _CD-ROM Magazine_:

 So how much had id Software's Doom influenced the team.[sic] "When Doom

first came out it made us set our sights a bit higher," said Stinnet[sic]. "We knew we wanted to do a first-person _Star Wars_ game, but we didn't know what programming technology we'd use. But it is our own engine, which we developed internally." Is it better than the Doom engine? "It has quite a bit more capability – ours can look up and down and it has 3D objects."

 However, there's no rivalry going on, just a lot of healthy American

mutual respect. Both teams keep in touch through E-mail and the id team has played Dark Forces and (according to a Lucas PR person) loved every bit of it. This is probably because Dark Forces includes some of the features which id is supposedly including in its latest title, Quake. The most obvious difference is that in Dark Forces, you can look up and down. To create the right perspective, the programmers emplyed a clever fish-eye effect which makes buildings look as if they're really looming over you.

3.2 Does DF kick DOOM's butt?

DF does offer several substantial improvements over the features offered in DOOM. The primary one to be considered must be the fact that it is a part of the Star Wars universe. As a member of the 'Star Wars Generation', I can attest to the impact of the movie trilogy on the popular culture shared by me and my peers. Indeed, George Lucas intended Star Wars to be no less than "a fairy tale for a generation that had none of their own" or something like that.

DF and DOOM have many features in common:

  1. designed as pseudo-immersive first-person shoot-'n'-move environments.
  2. use realistic lighting/shading fx (unknown whether DOOM uses Gouraud


  1. have the player acting as a single protagonist attempting to accomplish

various goals (e.g., collecting keys, destroying enemies, finding

  exits) within each game level. 
- have a myriad of weapons at the player's disposal.

As mentioned in section 1.1, though, DF has several unique features:

  1. has full 3D objects, whereas DOOM had planar graphics (I believe).
  2. allows multiple-layered 'levels' of play *directly* above each other, vs.

DOOM's multiple-tiered, but single-layer levels.

  1. many animated fx (rotating Death Star holos, etc.)
  2. atmospheric fx, like haze and fog.
  3. the ability to 'look up' and 'look down', as well as aim weapons up

and down at will.

  1. multi-megabytes of cutscenes.

The most significant difference between DOOM/DOOM II and DF is that id's games have a modem play feature, an option that LA does not currently offer in DF (see section 1.5).

3.3 Is DF easier than DOOM?

Did you get *all* the secrets in the DF Prologue Mission 1 demo (see section 5.0)? It's difficult to compare the DF demo with the DOOM shareware release, because the former has one mission, compared with the latter's multiple levels. Enemies not challenging enough, even on "hard"? Press a certain button (see section 5.6.2), and DF becomes pretty friggin' challenging. Even so, I presume that DF's later levels will be even more difficult. (Note that the demo level doesn't even contain a *single* Dark Trooper!) Which one is harder? Maybe I don't care. Maybe you think you're some DOOM-god. To you I say: Don't underestimate the Force. Your overconfidence is your weakness. ;-)

4.0 What are some DF command-line options and undocumented features?

Thanks to pulse ( on Usenet for this section.

At the main screen (mission objectives) press F1, then F2. This will bring up a counter of some sort in the form of xxx(xx) where x equals a number (e.g., 001(00)). Pressing F1, then F2 stops it. F1, then F2 re-starts it.

While in the DF directory, type one of the following:

   df -testlevl
   df -test
   df -transform
   df -trans

This skips the intro screen showing you mission objectives. It automatically loads the level with the gates closed (you're locked in). Exits after about 5 seconds.


   df -level


Dark Forces Demo Version: 0.163D
FILE: c:\proj\jedi\src\main\main.c, LINE: 1484, ASSERT: COULD NOT LOAD LEVEL



   df -advanced


Dark Forces Demo Version: 0.163D

Dark Forces Advanced Controller Mode…

Control Structure Version: 18616458.7341812
Control Structure Address: 0H
ERROR: Bad Control Structure Version Number
ERROR: Terminating Advanced Controller Mode…

Press Any Key To Continue…

5.0 What are the secret areas in the Prologue Mission 1 demo? [* Warning! Spoilers ahead! *]

5.1 Red Key Door

To get the red key, go outside the complex to Floor 0. As you exit Floor 1, there will be two doors in front of you–one to your left, one to your right. Go in either one, and shoot the stormtrooper. There will be an elevator which you will take up a level. Shoot any enemies; the Imperial officer is the one with the red key. Run over the key and go back to Floor 1. Now you can go through the red door and take the elevator up a level.

5.2 A New Area

In the red key area, there is a round, red switch on the wall. Press the switch and jump down to Floor 1. There will be a new area now open, to the right of where you started the game. Kill any enemies there.

5.3 Thermal Detonator/Shield Unit Storage

While in the new area described in the section above, turn around as if to leave this area the way you came. There will be a switch on the wall. Press this and return to the red key area (Floor 2). Go to the round switch again, and look across the hallway. There will be a 'closet' that has opened up. To get to it, you must run fast (hold down the left [SHIFT] key and jump [X] at the last moment. You will retrieve some shield packs and Thermal Detonators.

5.4 Ground Floor Zero

Go outside to Floor 0 again. Check your map with [TAB]. You exited Floor 1 at a location of 6:00 on an analog clock; on the outside wall, between 11:00 and 12:00, there is a crack in the wall. (It's pretty tough to see; it looks a little like an "X".) Use a TD to blow open the crack (stand back a ways!).

Enter the cave; if it's too dark, turn on your headlight with the [F5] key. You will find 5 TDs and a Weapon Supercharge!

5.5 Outer Ledge and Caves

Go into the area opened up by pressing the round switch in the red key area. (This is the area behind the walls to your right as your started the game.) Take the round elevator up to Floor 2. Shoot any enemies. Go up to the Northmost part of the Floor (don't fall off!). Point yourself West. You should see a ledge on the outer wall that has three shield units on it. Back up as far East as your can go, and take a running jump to reach the ledge. Pick up the shields.

Now face the wall; if you turn to your right you should see another, very narrow ledge. You will see two cracks in the wall here. Open them up with a couple of TDs. Now do a tiny run and jump to this ledge. Turn on your headlight to see. The left cave contains energy units and the autogun. The right cave contains medkits and an extra life (the spinning red New Republic insignia).

5.6 The Big One Method 1: Troublesome Windows

Go into the red key area again. There you will see two windows to the outside. You must get to the other side. Some have found it easy to get through the right window by taking a crouching run and jumping at the last moment. Others can only get through by doing a crouching run *backwards* and jumping (it's worked for me). Go to section 5.6.2. Method 2: A Leap of Faith

Go to Floor 2 again, as described in section 5.5. Go to the Southmost point, where it forms a little 'peninsula'. There is another peninsula for the East side of this Floor. You must jump across from the West side to the East side. (It may help to use the Map view.) It *is* possible to run and jump almost immediately and reach the other side.

5.6.2 To the Outer Wall

Go to the NorthEast corner of this Floor, and point yourself to the NorthEast. You should be able to see a crack in the outer wall. Throw a TD to the crack (hold down the fire control for a second or so to get some distance). Back up a ways, and run and jump into the cave. Turn on your headlight. You cannot open the door on your right. Go deeper into the cave until you hit a wall. You can open the wall, which reveals a switch. Press the switch to open the door by the cave mouth. Go through the door, and press the switch on the wall. This will lower the wall. Drop down.

Now you're on Floor 0 again, but to your left will be a new area. Go through the door. This area will contain a lot of neat stuff. First up will be some axe-wielding Gamorrean guards who are, for some odd reason, a lot tougher than stormtroopers. Be on the lookout for TD-tossing Quarren ("Squid Heads"). There are also seeker remotes, which are much more lethal than the ones Luke Skywalker practiced with. You will also find *lots* of goodies! Among them, the Mortar Gun and mortar shells, TDs, Fusion Cutter, Claymore mines, a battery cell, infrared goggles, and a 'revive' gem.

Go to the door of the central room. In the room are several dangerous interrogator droids. You'll see why this room is called the "Emperor's Lounge": there are a couple of pictures of Palpatine. On the wall is a panel, behind which is a switch. Pressing this switch will start a few enemy generators. When you leave this area, there will be a *lot* of stormtroopers and floating probe droids ("probots"). Note: you don't *have* to flip the 'enemy generator' switch if you don't want to!

Interestingly, the probots don't appear consistently each time you play. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. It is not clear why this occurs. Also, some enemies will tend to come back to life after this switch has been activated!

5.7 The Death Star Plans

Go to the new area described in section 5.2. Take the stairs behind the round elevator. Behind the first door is a stormtrooper and a brownish mechanism, which is part of the elevator mechanism. If you have followed this walkthru so far, the elevator will be in the upright position, and you will be able to step into the secret area behind the mechanism and pick up some energy cells and shield units.

Continue down and past the holo of the Death Star, turn left down the hallway. You will see an Imperial officer behind a counter. Shoot him and any others. Behind the counter is a switch which will open the wall behind you . Go into this new room and take the red circuit board. "This is too easy. Now to get to my ship!"

5.8 A Revolution

Go through the door on your left, and go *past* the door of the round elevator until you reach a lone stormtrooper. Blast him. Now face East. Go up to the wall and open it. It will turn, and you must move ahead to enter the room. Blast the stormtroopers and soldiers. Pick up the TDs, rifles, energy packs, and shield units. To exit, go back up to the wall and open it again.

5.9 A Diversion and a Grate Finish

Now take the round elevator up. Blast any stormtroopers here. (In this courtyard, you can open a grate in front of a duct leading down. If you take this, you will land right where you started, which is kind of pointless. This is presumably how Kyle entered the Imperial Base in the first place.)

Go out into the courtyard, where your ship is waiting. You've accomplished your objectives! (Hit [ESC] to end.)

* If I've left out any secret areas, please let me know where they are and how to reach them. * If my description makes no sense, let me know and I'll attempt to

  clarify my instructions.

6.0 Weapons, shields and objects 6.1 What weapons are there? 6.1.1 Fists

 Good luck! ;-)

6.1.2 Modified Bryar Rifle ("Blaster")

 Fires coherent packets of intense light energy, also called bolts.

6.1.3 Stormtrooper Rifle

 Also fires bolts, but more rapidly. Also, each bolt takes *two* units of
 energy, whereas the blaster uses only one. Note that it appears the player
 is only allowed a certain number of shots at any given moment (e.g., when
 you shoot a near wall, the rifle fires more rapidly than when firing at a
 more distant target). Uses the same ammo as the blaster; you can carry a
 maximum of 500 rounds. 

6.1.4 Thermal Detonators

 When activated, a TDs produce a fusion reaction which causes a small
 explosion. Princess Leia threatened to use one in _Return of the Jedi_.  The
 longer you hold down the primary fire button (e.g., the [CTRL] key), the
 farther you toss the TD when you release it. Hitting secondary fire (e.g.,
 [z]) tosses the TDs with a time delay before detonation.

6.1.5 Imperial Repeater Rifle ("autogun")

 Fires blue energy bolts. Pressing primary fire shoots off a single bolt,
 whereas pressing secondary fire shoots off a trio of bolts simultaneously
 in a triangular configuration. 

6.1.6 Jeron Fusion Cutter

 Fires green energy bolts. Pressing primary fire shoots bolts successively
 from each of the four chambers. Pressing secondary fire launches all four
 chambers simultaneously
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