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HERB : DAMIANA BOTANICAL NAME: Turnera diffusa L. SYNONYMS : Mexican Damiana LOCALES FOUND : Texas & Mexican Deserts

The effects of Damiana are to stimulate the genito- urinary tract, acting as a mild aphrodisiac and also produces a euphoria like that produced by the THC in Marijuana for 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

CAUTION : Excessive long term use of this herb may be toxic to the liver (in a way similar as alchol can)

Damiana can be prepared as a tea, using two heaping tablespoons of dried leaf and letting it seep for just under 5 minutes. [Adding a tablespoon of Catnip to this can increase the euphoria effect but may detract from the Aphrodisiac stimulation].

 It can also be prepared as a liquer, by mixing it

with Vodka (1 ounce leaf to 1 pint vodka for 5 days before consuming), but may have a mild purgative result in some people.

 You can also place it within a brownie mix, as if

marijuana, at about the same levels. This cuts the flavor, but not the effects as far as is known.

 It can also be added to a standard meade recipe,

about 1 ounce per gallon, at the start of fermentation process.

Damiana is useful in magical work in that it aids in the breaking down of the natural mental barriers and inhibitors, if not used in excess, and preferably not by someone working on the opening of a gateway/portal. It can be highly useful in tantra magics and in such activities as Astral travel, deep meditation and spirit quests.

 Damiana is LEGAL at present in the US, but like most

herbs that have mind-influencing affects there have been attempts at legislation to prevent its sale in some states but so far it should not be a problem. Damiana may also be useful in small quantities for stomache ailments, and pain relief in mixes with other herbs.

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