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Whole Foods for the Whole Family - Nutrition Book Review

Whole Foods for the Whole Family is an excellent cookbook that is  

well laid out and easy to use. The foods used are assumed to be whole grain, nitrite-free and additive-free. Fruits and vegetables are assumed to be fresh as are oils and nut butters.

One  section  includes  "how to make your own"  things  such  as tofu,

yoghurt, mayonaisse, and sprouts. Of course desserts are sugar-free but some do contain honey. The book also helps with food combining and thus caters to the vegetarian as well as the flesh eater. Most recipes include the protein content in grams as well as the calories which is helpful for calorie counters and for vegetarians who need to ensure adequate protein intake.

The recipes are grouped by meals i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner and 

snacks. There are also separate sections for baby food and toddlers. For kid`s who like to help or make their own there is a kid's do it yourself section. The recipes are quite flexible. The one for pancakes, for example goes by ratios and one can sustitute any ingredient and thus have a different recipe everytime one makes pancakes. This is good especially when you have allergies to deal with.

Recipes also cater to different lifestyles. Some recipes are for 

slow- cookers while others are for last minute meals when you are short of time. There are also sections on parties, make-ahead, easy to freeze, easy to make and left-overs.

There are very few draw backs to this cookbook.  It does have some 

recipes that use peanuts, pastas, and milk products but these could always be substituted for in the recipe. Like most cookbooks a lot of the recipes do use heat over 300 0f.

Basically,  this is a cookbook  that is easy to use and  has almost 

everything you need to know in it. If one judges a cookbook by how well the pages are worn, then this is the most used cookbook in my kitchen, and that says a lot as I have over fifty cookbooks on my shelf. Above all, the food is delicious and nutritious!

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