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Anne Rosensweig's


1/4 lb each of the following dried beans: kidney, white, pink,

      black, red, pinto, cranberry, and navy

1 lb bacon 5 large onions, peeled and chopped 2/3 C minced garlic 1/4 C toasted coriander seeds, ground 1/4 C ground cinnamon 1/4 C paprika 1/4 C cayenne pepper, or to taste for the timid of tongue 1/2 C ground dried Poblano chili peppers 108 oz (#10 can) Italian plum tomatoes, with juice 12 oz beer 5 lb lean ground beef

      salt to taste

In a large pot, soak the beans together overnight in water to cover.

Drain and add fresh water to cover. Cook at a simmer for 1 1/2 hours or until beans are just tender.

While the beans are simmering, heat a large skillet. Mince the bacon and cook it until it begins to crisp. Add the onions and garlic and cook over medium heat for 5 minutes. Add all the spices and the ground Poblanos and cook another 5 minutes. Add the tomatoes with their juice and the beer. Simmer for half an hour.

In another pan, cook the beef until the pink color disappears. Drain and add it to tomatoe mixture.

When the beans are fully cooked, drain them, reserving the liquid, and add the beans to the meat/tomato mixture. Salt to taste and let the mixture simmer for about 1 hour. If it is too dry, add some of the bean liquid.

Serves 25

KEYWORDS: chili, spicy, make ahead, Arcadia, hearty, entertain

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