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Antipodal Mead (Traditional) Category: Beverages: Drinks, punch, etc… Posted by: Zero Quantity:

Ingredients: Ingredients for 5 gallons 15# light honey (that's 5g water) 1 Tbsp gypsum 4 tsp. acid blend 1/2 oz yeast extract 1/4 tsp. Irish moss powder 14 gram or 1/2 oz dried in preboiled 105 degree Champagne yeast or Pris de water for 10 min. before Mousse wine yeast rehydrated pitching O.G. (Original Gravity) F.G. (Final Gravity) 1.020 - 1.120 - 1.130 1.035

Instructions: Add the honey, gypsum, acid blend and Irish moss to 1.5 gallon water and bring to a boil for 15 min. Skim the coagulated meringue like foam off the surface. Transfer the hot mead wort to a closed fermenter system and cold water. Seal and shake to aerate the wort. Rehydrate and pitch the yeast when temp. is below 80 degrees F. Ferment to completion, then rack into a secondary fermenter and let clear. Bottle when mead has cleared. It is ready to drink when cleared.

Comments: What is mead? mead is defined as yeast-fermented honey water. if fruit is added to this, it is technically called a melomel. with grapes, it is called pyment. a mead with herbs and/or spices is called a metheglin. honey and apple juice fermented make cyser. a spiced pyment is called hippocras,

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