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THE U.C.G.G. NEWS LETTER Dated May 1991 Editor-in-chief: Robin #23 With special Thanks to:Angel And everyone else who helped make this letter a success…

Leech: The new online game* By: Robin If you love crashing BBSs, then this is the game for you! You are a hacker, and your main objective is to be as much as a nuisance as possible. But as you get well known it becomes harder as more people start purging your megs. Every time you crash a BBS or a friend you steel there money. Then you dial up the LLL, and buy better software and backups. The better stuff you have the more money you get. ROBIN 23

* {F.C.C. Crackdown} {is is something for underground bbs' to fear?} * by: ACID:

 We like to think were cunning, we like to think all the precautions

we've taken to make our bbs' safely hidden away from those rats in the f.c.c. and other groups that I have found to be involved in the <pirate epidemic> have worked but are we truly safe? A sysop who shall remain un-named once encountered a fellow who claimed he was with the authorities and threatened the very existence of not only his bbs but the pirate community altogether, most local pirate BBS' needless to say were a little nervous. After all the price for loosing this game we play with the law is heavy, it's ring and run game now as it is, then to hear that the "man" may be getting close and had info on our workings and our network? That was enough to rob us of a little sleep. Well this jurk turned out to be some sick kid from a local high-school who got his jollys off terrorizing innocent pirates. This time it was only a false alarm but we are always alert watchful… one day someone's gona cry wolf and he really will be there <let's hope not> ←{ACID}→

* Lost Angel's Realm bbs..New Features. * By: Angel Well lost angel's realm just keeps getting better and better. We now have auto call back verify and password auto validation for invited guests. A special pirates only window so the non-pirates can be denied access, to let only serious pirates use the BBS during these times really cuts down on the traffic.

The U.C.G.G. {united cracking groups guild} Well I started this unusual concept not too long ago with the idea of uniting all the local cracking groups together so they could easily access the others help/suggestions/info on cracks sort of like a think tank and share files as well, it seems to have gotten of to a great start the u.c.g.g. now has charter members from the gerbils T.H.G. I.C.E. A.C.I.D. P.E. P.D.N. the bad dudes and the knights <soon to disband> more on there way. If you wish your group included in the great melting pot of cracking clubs send a comment to any representative from any cracking group on this BBS or contact one of the sysops of lost angels realm, make sure the subject is: attention u.c.g.g. or something to that effect Well not much more to write about this time but these are cranked out ONCE a month so hopefully by the next one we can get more readers to submit letters/comments/suggestions…. {Angel-SysOp of Lost Angel's Realm}

T.H.G. New Ideas by:Dead Zepplin. #2

Well it's been a while since the ct. chapter joined this BBS,.. And we were the first group to join, bringing many others with us. We wish to contribute further to this BBS by setting up an online ansi viewer for the cracking group's artwork gallery, ANYONE u/ling this util would be greatly apreciated… and the secret underground BBS #s list for the entire u.s. and outside countries

Can't put this next issue more appropriately than the original author so I'll just let you read it for your self the next artical callled "The Changing Pirate World". <Thanx go out to the authors for puting this togeather>

                          Dead >epplin

* THE CHANGING PIRATE WORLD * There've been some complaints this summer about the changes in pirate boards. The following was snatched and sent to us from one of the best boards in the country. We've been complaining about lamerz for a long while, and it seems they are taking over. We've shared this with some other sysops, and they pretty much agree that kids, which is a state of mind, not an age, have pretty much moved in to tie up lines. Seems there's not a lot of ideas on what to do about upgrading the quality of losers, so we thought we'd toss this out for some discussion.

S1: I'm almost ready to quit. Things have not been that great with us and the competition is doing pretty good. Lost a lot of good users. Now all I ever get are losers or leeches. Getting kinda fed up I guess. . . . Well I and a few of the other sysops I know have, it's all going to the kiddies now, we have seen at least 30-35 new local pirate boards and about 100 or so new pirate boards nationally spring up within the last few months, and they are all pretty much 15 and 16 year olds who run things pretty shabby in our minds. They have hurt many boards including us for competition of callers. You will start to see many old timers like us go by the wayside for awhile while they clean up, then maybe later on, we might all come back like we did a few years ago when the smoke clears.

S2: Yeh, the number of "kiddie Klubs" grows as the ease of getting modem/pc gets more popular, but those I've hit have been so mad! Mostly the games, which is fine, but the way that other stuff, what little there is, is uploaded–like, just collapsing a hugh file into a single data set and uploading. Geez!

S1: Get used to it, thats what you will find on most of them from now on, as we old guys start to fold our tents up. Many of my friends have been saying that when mine and 1 or 2 other boards they call go, that might be the end of their calling days for business stuff.

S2: Yeh, it gets depressing to call some board, struggle for the access and find there's nothing there. From the guys I've talked to, they also talk about the time, the new stuff coming out and how hard it is to keep on top of it all.. but these guys are the "neurotic collectors," and not much into using it.

S1: Thats right, and they usually don't support you after they get what they are looking for. Thats what has hurt us. We had some great guys for awhile that kept supporting us until they got all the stuff they wanted, then they said adios. Plus the pcp cap has hurt…

S2: Isn't there a law against lamerz, or has that been protected by the constitution? I haven't pulled down anything good since school let out in the spring and my original disk sources moved home for the summer. S1: Yep, most of these new pirate boards are guys back from Illinois U that ran campus boards, so they all started up for the summer and have been murdering the good boards with their instant access and easy files deals. They have been having giant leech parties and all. If I go down, it would be for quite awhile I guess, maybe a year or so, depends on how things are I guess. I really hate to, but things are so slow, I just can't see wasting the electricity when it goes unused all day.

S1: Well, maybe come the fall, it'll pick up, 'because it does seem to be slow all over on nat'l boards….but you're right about the kids going home and opening up boards—at least a half-dozen from our school did, but these were guys who leeched from boards here, and my guess is will try to leech some more when they get home…take the money and run type thing… interests me, they usally just tell me how great they are and that whoever they mention can vouch for them even though they mention they aren't into files or calling BBS's that much. So you can see why I'm a bit hesitant in granting them access, besides they never read what I put up for new user access either, so they waste both of our time. Now I just usually give access to users here I have talked to about a guy who applies first before I go any farther. Thats how I can tell that they are either kids or losers since they don't know the ropes, it always glares out of what they type when I read these things, comes from years of experience sifting thru all this BS. When I find one that looks like a winner, it's like a needle in a haystack, happens only once in a long while or wait. Yes and it pisses me off very much. As soon as I reopened membership about 6 months ago after 2 great years of none of that BS, all of a sudden I'm getting losers constantly tying up my line each day recalling for access and it has been irritating me a lot. Thats why the number has to be changed at my expense. Would go would it be, they'd just tie up the line from guys who were willing to upload instead of download, everyone who is willing to pay, is new and has nothing, or isn't on any good boards. No this is like CB's. You can get away with anything as long as your parents don't know about it and you are anonymous from the law. I'm afraid it's a plague that will haunt BBS's for awhile unless enough of them start setting up guidelines like I tried to do, and not give them access, but as you can see, it doesn't work, when most of the boards are kids anyways. Yeh. Well, maybe they'll grow up, except there always seems to be more where they came from (grin)….well, it's maybe time to get all the sysops of good boards together in a union or something. We have tried many times. It's a lost because. Bummer. Can't think of any cheery words of wisdom….just hang in there and hope they all get run over by drunken white sox fans, or something. They are drunken white sox fans. Yeh well we will hang around at least a couple more weeks, then who knows. OK—but if you go down, you'll be missed. You just don't know it.

S1: Well maybe and maybe not, I know there are better boards around, but if they are getting half of what we aren't then maybe they will fade also. I hope not. Like the Joni Mitchell song…"ya don't know what ya have til it's gone." Well, Tell it to the losers. right?

S2: Geez, how far we've come in tek in just a few years. That's impressive. Well, one thing the kids don't have going for them is high tech and perseverance

Old timers have seen a lot of changes in the pirate world in the last two years. Let us know your gripes and opinion.


Distributed in part by:Skeleton Crue 415-376-8060 located out of Moraga, California.!! Get on the band wagon before it RUNS YOU DOWN!! Headquarters for Computer Hackers and Anarchists to Overthrow the State (CHAOS)

Hackers and Crashers:How to Protect Yourself* By: UNKNOWN In today's world of BBS hackers and crashers there is alot to be known about how to protect yourself. First it is a good idea to get a virrus scanner for files. You should also get one that scans arcives. Set your BBS program to record or trap every move a user makes so that should one crash your BBS you know who did it. Always be careful about remote shells to DOS. Never let anyone EXCEPT for trusted remote sysops shell to dos. <unknown> *Adds Send your Add, we'll put it here….

Apple IIgs for sale. $1500. Call Batcave BBS at 459-0130 and leave mail to the sysop… {Robin #23} End

Thank You very much for reading this. We will have one monthy. To send your Articles, I can be reached at Batcave BBS or Lost Angel BBS.

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