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   "The Sysop's Survival Guide"
    Written by:  \/ance /\stro
Well, this guide can be used by the Sysops of today or tomorrow, or whenever.

Now, I guess I will start by listing the things that I, as a Sysop have found most annoying:

1) The users who type "C\R" at the Hit [C\R] prompt, real bright, huh?

2) Users who try hitting the "C)hat" option about 50 times per call, and then

  assume that the Sysop is playing games with them, so they try to type,
  "Hello??  I know you're there.  Please answer me...."

3) Users who try to insult your intelligence in one way or another by various


4) Users who are always asking for free validation. Then, if they eventually

  persuade you to give them validation, you give them the old famous line:
  "Don't tell anyone that I gave you free validation...", and they say: "Oh,
  you need not worry about that.  No one will find out..", then the next day,
  5 of his buddies call up, and say "Well you gave ...... free validation..."

5) Users who leave you feedback which reads: "Just thought I'd say 'hi'.."

Those are very annoying things which a lot of users do. The following are some things that you should never do as a Sysop:

1) Never let users threaten you in any way.

2) *NEVER*, and I mean *NEVER* answer your board line by voice…. This makes

  you look like a total fool...

3) Never give free validation to a mild acquaintance. Only to people who you

  can trust, or friends.

4) Do not take your phone off of the hook when you temporarily wish not to have the board up at the time. This is unfar to users, as many will keep

  auto-dialing.  To save yourself, and your users a lot of trouble, when the
  board is down, whether it be that you are using the computer, a holiday,
  or any time when the board is purposely not up, unplug the voice extension,
  or if you have a phone where the ringer can be turned off, you can do that.
  This one is important!

5) Never chat with users when you are in a bad mood.

6) Don't have the attidute like "Users think Sysops who chat are losers."

  This is just not true..  Users tend to like SysOp who chat.

7) Never break into chat mode right after the user has expressed his desire

  to chat with you, or in more simple terms, hit the letter for "C)hat."
  Always wait until at least 15 seconds after.."  A good example is the
  Archer, SysOp of The Endless Forest.....(402) 592-5978.  And, no, this was
  not paid advertising....

8) Never type your fastest, unless you are a no-error typist.. Accuracy is

  just as important as speed.  Users will respect an accurate typist..

9) Never hit ctrl-reset when you wish to kick a user off. Always unplug the

  jack which is hooked to your modem.  This is more realistic, and sometimes,
  they will re-connect, but alas, it will be too late..  He, he, I love that

10) Never say "My board is the best. If you are going to pay, make it my

  board."  This will more often discourage users tha attract them.

11) Never copy an obvious, original idea from another board. Users will

  respect you if you come up with your own ideas..

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