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                        Golden Rules For Sysops
                             March 10,1989
                     James Taylor      Sysop and Author
                      Windsor Manor BBS 1-203-688-4973
                           Windsor, Connecticut

1. I will never post Golden Rules for Users, User Creeds, etc, etc to

   intimidate my callers into thinking they are doing something wrong.
   In the same light I will never gossip about a user. Gossip is the worst
   form of a Bulletin Board Virus.
   ( The time limits and upload and download ratios and Board Policies I
     post will suffice.)

2. I will never try to explain to a caller(no matter how true it is)how

   expensive their usage on my BBS is costing me.
   (Unless I am making a report to a Paying User.)

3. I must realize that the caller has chosen my BBS to spend the next 30

   or more minutes to relax, and both of us are able to share information
   in a relatively new and exiting way. (Good files are like Golden Treasures
   to be sought and shared not hidden and the user deserves the
   considerations found in Rule #1.

4. I must realize that there are some that would seek to do harm to me

   and my users through Virus and Trojan files and be vigilant and show
   concern.(Even Commercial Software costing several hundred dollars will
   have some statement to the effect that they are not responsible for any
   damage or loss by using that product. A giant step backwards in Consumer

5. I must realize the content of some files may be objectionable to some

   and the users must be the final judge and jury(with the exception
   of Commercial Softare in any form, and what what is within in the scope
   of my personal moral and ethical bounds.."Here I Stand...")of what is
   uploaded and available for downloading.
   The users will eventually shape and form,by trial and error, my BBS and
   the future of all BBS's. This I believe and accept.
  The above is based on the premise that the phenomenon of Bulletin Boards
  is in its infancy.  The changes over the next 20 years will be Great.
  The future of the BBS will be more and more regulated by state and local
  Governments, related industries, and by User demands. With proper direction
  the Bulletin Board can become a major form of communication and home
  entertainment. "The Perfect Link between the Telephone and Television."
                    Help Support The FREE BBS!
                          Jim Taylor

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