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RBBS-PC of Chicago presents…..

         The Official RBBS-PC "RBBS-In-A-Box"(tm) CD-ROM!!
 In an effort to make the setup and operation of a *good* bulletin

board system as quick, simple and painless as possible, we are happy to annouce the RBBS-In-A-Box CD-ROM!!

 Using the laser technology of CD-ROM we have packed a ready-to-run

RBBS-PC bulletin board onto a CD-ROM. Plug it in, run the simple, automatic installation program and you'll be up and running….it's just that easy! Average installation time is under five minutes! Unlike the other shareware CDs floating around, this one was designed from the ground up to be used by Sysops. If you've seen any of the other CD offerings, you'll be impressed with this one.

 This disk features the following:
  1. A system designed by an experienced Sysop especially

for Sysops!

  1. The latest version of RBBS-PC, version 17.2A!
  2. Automatic installation of a complete, ready-to-run RBBS-PC

system, including all menus, bulletins, welcome screens

      and help files!
 -  Over 7,000 public domain and shareware files ready for
 -  All files compressed using the latest ZIP format for
      maximum compression!
 -  All files categorized and organized into RBBS' File
      Management System (FMS) format for instant access through
      the BBS!
 -  CD-ROM optimized for speedy access to files!
 -  RBBS-PC Documentation files uncompressed and readily
      available to Sysop on CD-ROM!
 -  CD-ROM user can quickly find and copy any file on the CD-ROM
      in seconds through our special utility included on the disk!
 -  Supported through RBBS-PC of Chicago, with eight lines and
      a Gig of storage on-line!
All this for $149 plus $3 shipping!!  (Illinois residents at 7%

sales tax $10.43). To order on-line using MasterCard or Visa, contact RBBS-PC of Chicago at (312) 352-1035, then select the A)nswer option on the Main menu. Choose the ORDERCD questionnaire and fill it out completely. You'll be prompted for all the information necessary to process your order.

Or you can mail a check for the above amount to:
      RBBS-PC of Chicago
      P.O. Box 127
      LaGrange, IL  60525-0127
Allow two weeks for delivery.  For overnight deliver via

Federal Express, add $15.

This disk was produced by RBBS-PC of Chicago, a service of

Loren D. Jones & Associates, Ltd.

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