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             The Second Annual Greater New Haven BBS Awards
            From the editors of The New Haven BBS List, 1994

* Note

  Yes, we have reached the end of another year, and that means our

second awards ballots are ready to go out. Last year when I did this, it didn't get much previous notice, and because of that was almost a complete failure. :( So, just to make it fair, this year I'm starting a little early. This file includes the categories, instructions for voting, a list of rules for the awards (Hey, I have to regulate it somehow!), a description of the "awards", and of course a printable ballot! So, good luck to all and happy modeming!

  1. Brian Macfarlane

* Catgeories for Award

Normal Categories : Best First Year BBS Best First Year Network

                  Best File Selection      Best Network
                  Best Message Bases       Best Online Game Selection
                  Best Multiline/node BBS  BBS Of The Year*
  • : composite category, picked from total votes in each category.

ex. - Joe's BBS has 10 votes for file, 10 for message, for a total of

          20 BBS of the Year votes.
    =DOES NOT include votes for Best First Year Network or Best Network.=

* Voting Instructions

    To place your votes for the various categories, print out the enclosed

ballot, complete it according to the instructions included on it (I will try to make them nice and simple for you), and snail mail the form to:

                      Brian Macfarlane
                      97 Sleeping Giant Drive
                      Hamden, CT 06518-2120
                      Attn : Awards
    Sorry I had to do it this way 'cause I know that everyone's gonna

complain about paying for the stamp, but since I don't have the time to read through 50 gazillion emails on every different board I can call I have to. It also prevents multiple voting. :) * Rules & Awards

   1) Each person may cast ONE ballot and NO MORE. If multiple ballots are

received, both ballots from that person and any further ones received will be DISQUALIFIED.

   2) It is preferred that you use your real name when filling out the

ballot, but if you wish you may use your online handle. Your handle, however, is REQUIRED for the ballot to count.

   3) Ballots received between September 1 and December 31, 1994 will be

counted. All others will be consciously disposed of. (recycled)

   4) Award Finalists, the top 5 vote getters in each category, will

receive a weekly advertisement in FidoNet CT_BBSADS for 1 month with their BBS name, number, and awards finalled and/or won included in the ad. Award winners will get in addition a custom-made ANSI to use on their BBS for however long the sysop chooses to use it. (I promise the ANSI will be MUCH better this year! :)

   5) In the First-year categories, the item must have started during 1994,

and must be at least 1 months old. Rollovers (If it started in 1994 and is not yet 1 month old) will be allowed in the next year's awards, or included this year with a minimum "write-in" vote of at least 25 in any one category. Leftovers (Those that started in 1993 but are eligible this year) are allowed in this years voting. *


Second Annual New Haven BBS Awards (1994) Official Ballot


Name (opt.)

Online Handle (required for validity) BBS Name and Number (opt.)_ (203)-


Best First Year BBS Best First Year Network

Best Network _

Best File Selection Best Message Bases _

Best Online Game Selection _ Best Multinode/line BBS

    Please send your ballot to the address given in the instructions


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