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      It just seems to happen over and over again. What am I talking about?

I'm reffering to the constant happenings of "Max". You remember Max. The one that was forever imortalized in TLS-5. Well, it just seems that Max cannot stay out of the spotlight for to long of a time. I don't quite know what it is. Maybe it is an undying need for attention, or maybe he just like's being yelled at. I don't know.. Maybe I should explain.

      There are a few main characters in this story. They are: Blade, 

Chaz, Archangel, Max, Kitten, Skyewalker, Hegz and a few other stand ins. All of these people mentioned above were pretty good friends at one time, it's just a shame that because of one person, friendships have to be lost and bruised.

      First up, we have miscellenious things that Max has done. There was 

the one incident that I can remember pretty clearly. It was a conversation that I had with Max. It went something like this:

Blade: Im getting sick of Tomcats Board. It always locks up. Max: When? When you do the area list for the message bases? Blade: Yeah, how'd you know? Max: Because I installed it. It will crash whenever someone does it.

   I can crash his board whenever I want to.
      I dont know what Max's motive for doing this was. All I can think of

is that he wanted a sense of power over everyone else. I don't know why, he was already a SysOp on that board.

      Second, we have a little incident on the Alternate Fantasy BBS. This

BBS was crashed a few months ago by none other than Max. Max has developed a nice little virus called "The Adipose Smasher". Max logged onto the BBS under a fake name "Desert Windz" who just happens to be a real person. He used all of this persons real infornmation, and crashed the board frequently using "Com1". One night, Max, Skyewalker and myself were hanging out when Max said "I want to see what the Adipose Smasher can do.". So, he called up The Alternate Fantasy and logged on under his fake account. He then uploaded the virus and called it a "Ansi Driver". A few days later, it seems that the Alternate Fantasy BBS went down due to major hard drive failure. I wonder why.

      Besides these little things, there are some personal matters that were

brought against me. In October of 1991, Max and I were hanging out and he told me that he had slept with "Jane". He went into detail on what he did with Jane that night. I took it all with a grain of salt and didn't really think about it anymore. Then, a few moths later, Max, Archangel and Myself were sitting around playing cards when the topic of sex came up. We all shared stories, and then I said "Hey Max, did you ever tell Archangel about Jane?". Archangel knows this girl Jane, he has known her for quite some time now. He was also quite shocked to here what Max did with Jane. Both Archangel and me lost some respect for Jane. Later, we told Archangel's brother Chaz about the incident. Chaz's only words were: "Does Jane know that this happend?". Chaz knows Jane better then anyone else and said that there was no way whatsoever that she did what Max said she did. So, we did the only logical thing. We asked Jane about it. When asked, Jane got very upset and called Max a liar. Now, we have 2 stories. Max says it happend, and Jane is upset and doesent have a clue. So, we went back to Max again. The conversation went like this:

Blade: Jane says it never happend. Archangel: Max, friendship isnt based on how many girls you sleep with.

         Dont try to impress us by lying.

Max: Ok.. I didnt sleep with her, but I will deny that I ever told you that

   I did.

Archangel: What? Max: I will deny to Jane that I ever said anything. I'll tell her that you made

   it all up.

Blade: Well, then what did really happen? Max: I just layed on my bed with her and put my hand up her shirt. I

   exagerated a bit.

Blade: A bit? You went from feeling her up to sleeping with her? And you call

     that "A bit"?

Max: Sorry.. Thats the truth.

      So, we went back to Jane again to ask her about this. Once again, she 

denied it all, and denied that she ever even kissed Max. We let it all drop at this point, because Chaz, Archangel and Myself were starting to get sick of this. It went unheard of untill about 2 weeks later. While on the phone with Max, Jane and Max got into a fight (Jane was with us). Max then said: "Well, Archangel knows the real reason why I said I slept with you.". I asked Max what the real reason was. He said that he couldnt tell me because it would hurt my feelings. I then grabbed Archangel and dragged him out in the hall:

Blade: What the hell is going on? Archangel: I told Max that I wouldnt tell you. Blade: You what!? I thought you were my friend! Archangel: I promised him before he told me. If I would have known that he

         was going to say that it involved you, I would have never promised

Blade: I consider you my best friend. Are you going to tell me, or am I going

     to have to put your head through that wall.

Archangel: I can't tell you.. Please dont test my friendship like this.

      Once Archangel said that, I put it all together. You see, when Max

first told me about this incident with Jane, we were just comming off a fight. He told me that he slept with Jane for one reason, just to see if he could trust me. He figured that if no one else knew, then that means I said nothing, but if other people found out, then I couldnt be trusted. Well, Max didn't think about feelings that might have been hurt from this whole episode. It turned out that the impact of the whole thing went something like this:

I was pissed off at Chaz and Archangel because they didnt tell me about this when they knew it was going on. I was hurt because to me, it looked like my 2 closest friends kept a secret from me. Later, I came to realize that they did make a promise, and I can respect that. Besides, atleast now I know that I can trust them with my secrets. We all lost respect for Jane while this whole thing was going on. Max told us the she was "Easy" and that they slept with each other on the spur of the moment. After finding out the truth, all feelings changed, and we now know that Jane is still sweet and inocent <G> Everyone came down on Max. We tried to explain to him "What if Blade would have said something and a rumor got started?" The only response, which he stood behind, was "I would have told everyone that Blade was lying, and they would all believe me then.".. Yeah Max.. Just like everyone believed you in the incidents of the Feds and Kitten.

      Another thing, this one struck me as quite funny. I now found out 

(today infact), that at one time, Max actually thought that I was gay. Let me explain this story also. I have a psychology course at Ocean County college. My psychology teacher one day told the class that the average male has atleast 10 homosexual thoughts per day. This made me laugh for the rest of the day. I can't remeber even having one homosexual thought in my lifetime!! Anyways.. I am a very sarcastic person, so I joked around with it with a close friend of mine "Rob". Me and Rob would hang out, and out of the blue say things like "Hey.. Those jeans look mighty good on ya! Opps.. Where'd that come from? Must have been one of those damn homosexual thoughts.". We took it as light humor, and still joke around today. Well, i considered Max a pretty good friend, and I told him the joke. He laughed about it and thought that it was pretty funny. He then asked me what I meant so I said:

Blade: Ok.. Ill give ya an example.. Max.. I love you! (Saying it


Max: What? Blade: Opps! One of those freaking homosexual thoughts that pop up every now

     and then!

Max: Oh.. haha..

      Well, I considered it a joke.. But, I guess Max's mind wandered. So,

what did he do? Anything that any intelligent person would do! Spread it around! So, he went to Hegz.. he asked Hegz if he thought that I was gay. Hegz basically said that he didnt give a damn and asked why. Max then told him that I said that I loved him.. Max wanted to know if I wanted him. Hegz basically laughed and told him to get the hell outta here. Hegz told me about this today, and I got a kick out of it.. So did Hegz.. Whats the moral of this story? Well, its amazing how *I* get blamed for only telling half of a story. Hey Max. Where did the part about my Psychology class go? Hegz never heard about that one.

      There is also the matter of a little something that happend over at

the Skyline BBS. Max was a SysOp there. Max was infactuated (And still is) with the SysOp and user Kitten Kaboodle. Well, Kitten has totally blown Max off, and this hurt Max's feelings. And to top it off, Skyewalker (The SysOp of Skyline BBS) started talking to Kitten a lot. Max got very jealous and felt that they were flirting behind his back, so, one day while visting his best friend Skyewalker, he decided to do a little hex editting on TeleGard. Max trapped all of Kittens logons and made it that the system never reported it. You see, in TeleGard, when user is being trapped, a little -TRAP- blinks in the corner, and it says "Trapping user to file". Well, Max took all that out and made it look normal. He did all this behind Skyewalkers back (His supposed best friend). Well, I let Skyewalker in on this secret about a week ago. Needless to say, Max tried to lie his way out of another situtation. Also needless to say, Max no longer has SysOps access on Skyline.

      So, now Max is locked out of Xforce, and Cats Cradle. He is no longer

a SysOp on Skyline, and to the best of my knowledge is not really welcome at the Syndicate. What a way to go. Straight down.

      Still, the war continues over on the Skyline. There is even a message

base set aside for yelling at each other. When will it all stop? I don't know. I wish it would end soon. I also wish that people would see that Max is not the God that he claims to be. But, I doubt that day will ever come.

      Blade Runner

The Syndicate: 908-506-6651 - Home of TLS TANSTAAFL: 908-830-TANJ - Home of Tanj Files Xforce: 908-341-6613 Cats Cradle: 908-458-6415 Skyline BBS: 908-363-3832

      Well, to all those who know what Im talking about, thanks for your

inspiration and for standing behind me. Without you guys, I would have probably dropped out of the BBS world forever.

      And special thanks to Chaz and Archy. Without you two, I would have

probably ended up just killing myself..

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