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                  H A Y E S   S Y S O P   P R O G R A M

Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc P.O. Box 105203 Atlanta, Georgia 30348 (404)840-9200 Telex 703500 HAYES USA FAX: (404)449-0087 BBS: (800)US-HAYES (874-2937)

   (404)HI-MODEM (446-6336)

Dear SysOp,

Thank you for your inquiring on the Hayes SysOp Program! The Hayes SysOp Program offers a very attractive full featured program for BBS System Operators. The Program includes special SysOp pricing for qualified SysOps to purchase hardware directly from Hayes at up to 50% off retail price and software at up to 65% off retail price.

The ONLINE WITH HAYES BBS (1-800-US-HAYES) is your toll-free source for Hayes Technical Support. This allows you full access to all the Technical notes and bulletins within the Hayes File Library. Once we receive your order for any Hayes high speed modem you will be granted toll-free access to the SysOp's Forum. To preview the SysOp's Forum you may call on the toll line at 404-HI-MODEM (404-446-6336). The SysOp's Forum contains a variety of SIGs with files and information on most of the popular BBS software packages. Hayes maintains close contact with many BBS software authors and other software developers within the BBS community to insure full-functionality when used with their communications products.

The ULTRA 96 features full CCITT V.32 compliance for high speed connections with any other manufacturer's modem that also supports V.32. The ULTRA 96 sells to SysOps for $399.

  The ULTRA 144 features full CCITT v.32bis compliance for high speed

connections with any other manufacturer's modem that also supports v.32bis. The ULTRA 144 sells to SysOps for $499.

  We also offer the OPTIMA 144 + FAX 144 under the sysop program.  This

modem leaves off some of the high-end features of the ULTRA family such as support for X.25 and Express 96, but it does offer CCITT V.32bis modem and CCITT V.17 fax compliance at a very competitive introductory SysOp price of $299. This is an introductory offer, so act fast.

Thank you for considering a Hayes modem for your BBS!

————————————————————- FEATURE COMPARISON -

                                                            OPTIMA 144

Feature ULTRA 144 ULTRA 96 + FAX 144 ——- ——— ——– ————-

CCITT V.32bis Compliance Yes No Yes CCITT V.32 Compliance Yes Yes Yes Express 96 Yes Yes No CCITT V.22bis/V.22 compliance

2400 and 1200 bps                Yes          Yes               Yes

CCITT V.21/V.23 compliance/

300 and 75/1200 bps              Yes          Yes               No

103 and 212A/300 and 1200 bps Yes Yes Yes CCITT V.42-LAPM & MNP 2-4

error control                    Yes          Yes               Yes

V-series LAPB error control Yes Yes No CCITT V.42bis data compression Yes Yes Yes Hayes Adaptive Data Compression Yes Yes No MNP 5 data compression Yes Yes Yes Dial Line Yes Yes Yes 2-wire Leased-Line Yes Yes No PABX & Business Line Support Yes Yes Yes MI/MIC Yes Yes No Hayes Standard AT Command Set Yes Yes Yes CCITT V.25bis Yes Yes No CCITT X.32 (Dial X.25) & PAD Yes Yes No AutoStream/4 Simultaneous Yes Yes No


Automatic Feature Negotiation Yes Yes Yes Automatic Speed Buffering Yes Yes Yes Flow Control Yes Yes Yes Stored Configurations & Yes Yes Yes

Phone Numbers           

V.54 Diagnostics & Self-Test Yes Yes Yes Asynchronous Yes Yes Yes Synchronous Yes Yes Yes Hayes AutoSync Yes Yes Yes Country-Specific Versions Yes Yes No International Distribution Yes Yes No Fax capability No No No Estimated Retail Price $999 $899 $519

Hayes, the Hayes logo and V-series are registered trademarks, and Smartmodem 9600 is a trademark of Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc. MNP is a registered trademark of Microcom, Inc.

Advantages of Hayes SysOp Program

Here are some of the things that make the Hayes SysOp Program the best in the industry:

–Hayes does not require (or even request) that SysOps maintain an

area or bulletin on their BBS for advertising or marketing by Hayes.

–Hayes does not require logon credit or even the identification of

modem type.  (However, we think SysOps will be proud to display the
use of Hayes modems).

–Hayes does not require written consent for a SysOp to sell their

modem(s) if no longer providing a BBS or upgrading.

–Hayes does not penalize the warranty of a modem that has been sold

by the SysOp when stopping operation or upgrading.

–Orders are processed very quickly. SysOp applications are typically

verified and processed within a week of receipt.  Additional orders
do not require reverification, and can be placed at any time via
Online With Hayes, phone or fax.

–Hayes accepts Visa and Mastercard as well as checks and money orders.

–Hayes SysOps receive full access to Online With Hayes, including SIGs

and their file libraries via toll free 800 number.

–Hayes has provisions for new BBSes for those who cannot meet the 6

month requirement.

–When purchasing a Hayes modem the SysOp receives full support and

service from the best Customer Support organization in the modem

Representations, Warranties, Undertakings and Acknowledgements of Buyer Bulletin Board Operator/SYSOP Program

1. If the Buyer is a bulletin board operator, the Buyer represents and warrants to Hayes that the Products purchased under the Order shall be used by Buyer in connection with the operation of Buyer's bulletin board. The Buyer will use the Products for no other purposes whatsoever, including, without limitation, resale.

2. If the Buyer is a bulletin board operator, the Buyer represents and warrants to Hayes that its bulletin board has been in continuous service for the six (6) month period immediately prior to the Order Date set forth on the Order; Buyer further represents and warrants to Hayes that it currently receives a minimum of fifty (50) calls per week or two hundred (200) calls per month from members of the bulletin board. Hayes does have provisions for new boards, but these are solely at the discretion of Hayes, leave a message to the sysop on Online With Hayes.

3. The Buyer acknowledges that a maximum purchase a of four (4) units of Hayes Products are offered to Buyer on the first order. Additional units may be available at the discretion of Hayes for use with verifiable multiline systems over 4 nodes.

4. The Buyer agrees to complete the Bulletin Board Questionnaire and return it and the Order to Hayes at the following address:

Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc.

      Attn:  Hayes SYSOP Coordinator
      Post Office Box 105203
      Atlanta, Georgia 30348
      FAX: 404-449-0087

Buyer acknowledges that Seller is under no obligation to ship any of the Products order under the Order until the Questionnaire has been returned to Hayes. Approved Sysop Price List - Effective 8/17/92

Hayes Part # Hayes Product / Description MSRP Sysop Price

08-00593 ISDN PC Adapter 1599.00 799.00 08-00509 ISDN System Adapter 1599.00 799.00 08-01125 ISDN Extender for the NeXT 349.00 175.00 08-00713 ULTRA 144 1199.00 499.00 08-00863 ULTRA 96 999.00 399.00 08-00863 ULTRA 96 *REFURBISHED* 999.00 250.00 08-01108 OPTIMA 144 + FAX 144 519.00 299.00 08-01150 OPTIMA 24 + FAX 96 169.00 123.00 08-00849 Rack 1A 999.00 499.00 08-00899 Hayes JT FAX 9600B w/2400 (IBM int.) 495.00 249.00 08-00456 ESP(Enhanced Serial Port) AT Bus 299.00 149.00 08-00455 ESP for the Microchannel PS/2 349.00 175.00 08-00192 Smartcom III (IBM) 199.00 70.00 08-00962 Smartcom Exec (IBM) 129.00 45.00 08-00107 Smartcom II for the Mac (MAC) 149.00 53.00

(Leave message for SysOp on Online With Hayes for pricing on any other Hayes product) (Send this section to Hayes) Questionnaire Bulletin Board Operator/SYSOP Program

Return to:

  Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc.
  Attn: Sysop Support Coordinator
  P.O. BOX 105203 
  Atlanta, Georgia  30348
  FAX 404-449-0087

Bulletin Board Name SYSOP Name_ Business Address_ City/State/Province/Zip (Postal Code) Business Phone ( )_ Bulletin Board Phone ( )_ USER GROUP INFORMATION Name of Group Address City/State/Province/Zip (Postal Code) Officer or Contact_ Phone ( ) BULLETIN BOARD INFORMATION General format of information provided by the Bulletin Board: _ _ Nonprofit or Commercial?_ On what CPU does the BBS operate? What BBS software is in use?_ How long has the BBS been in service? What are the operating hours? Weekdays? Weekends: Saturday_ Sunday_ Average number of calls received per month: Approximate number of users:_ So that we may call into the system YOU MUST PROVIDE AN ESTABLISHED LOGIN ID :_ _ _ What modem(s) are you using now?_ (Send this section to Hayes) Model Number Desired Quantity Subtotal _

_ _


GA Customers add 5% sales tax/CA Customers add 8.25% sales tax:

$8.00 PER UNIT FOR SHIPPING : _ x $8 = *All orders shipped Airborne 2nd Day Air* Total Order: _

* SPECIAL NOTE FOR CANADIAN SYSOPS * You will be responsible for paying the 13.9% tax for customs duties on the subtotal.

SOLD TO: (Please print or type) Customer Name:_ Customer Address: City/State/Province/Zip (Postal Code):_ Shipping address (if different):_ _

Order Date: Payment Terms: Payment for the entire amount of the [ ] Check purchase must be included with this [ ] Money Order PLEASE CHECK order form. You may pay by check, [ ] MasterCard ONE BOX money order, MasterCard, or VISA. [ ] VISA Credit Card #: _ Expiration Date: _


            (Must complete if paying by credit card)

Buyer Accepted on , 19

_ Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc (Type or Print) By_ By ___

Hayes reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, terminate or
modify the terms of this offer at any time without prior notification.
This offer is good in the United States and Canada only.  Offer void
where prohibited by law. 
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