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                          Galactica Net
   What is Galactic Net?  
                 Galactic Net is a *.QWK packet or Fido style message 
                 network. It's primary objective is to link 
                 Sci-Fi / Entertaiment BBS's and their members. 
                 Accomplishing this by way of theme oriented 
                 message conferences. 
   Who can participate in Galactic Net? 
                 Any BBS Sysop can apply for membership 
                 for his/her BBS, so long as their system supports        
                 a *.QWK packet mail system, or FTSC and offers a *.QWK
                 packet offline mail reader to their members, 
                 However, he/she MUST agree in writing to abide by 
                 Galactic Net operational policies.
   Are there age limits to participation?
                 At present there are no adult echos. In the event 
                 adult echos are added then the answer is Yes, 
                 participation in Galactic Net ADULT conferences will be 
                 limited to persons at least 18 years of age.
                 It is the individual BBS Sysop's responsibility
                 to insure this requirement is met. Until that time
                 there is no age requirment for carrying the network
                 or using it.
   How is Galactic Net distributed?
                 Galactic Net is currently distributed by way of a
                 distribution "HUB". 
                 The Galactica One BBS (609) 723-3863, 
                 is your source for obtaining feeds for 
                 Galactic Net in New Jersey.
                 Garfield's Castle BBS (203) 224-9819
                 is your source for obtaining feeds for
                 Galactic Net in Conneticut.
   Does Galactic Net cost anything to carry on my BBS?
                 Aside of whatever phone charges you incurr, 
                 There are no charges for carrying Galactic Net.
   How do I establish a feed for Galactic Net?
                 Simply fill out and return the GNETREG.TXT file to  
                 Galactica One BBS at the address shown on the GNETREG file. 
                 You will then be contacted. Also logon to the HUB
                 BBS that is closest to you, and notify the sysop 
                 that you have sent in your REG file.
                 You may also fill out the form and upload it to 
                 a HUB. If you choose this method, RENAME the 
                 GNETREG.TXT to something unique like your own name.txt 
                 remember,make it unique as duplicate files are 
   What conferences are available on Galactic Net?
       GN General Messages
       GN BBS ADS
       GN SysOp-to-SysOp
       GN ADMIN.
       GN Games Folder     
       GN Sci-Fi
       GN Quantum Leap
       GN The Caprica Society
       GN Lost In Space
       GN Collectibles
       GN TV / Movies
       GN Books
       GN Star Wars
       GN Star Wars RPG
       GN Galactica Chit Chat
       GN Star Trek RPG
       GN Star Trek Chit Chat
       GN Battlestar Galactica RPG
       GN McGuyver
       GN Disney
       GN Gripes and Grumps
       GN Stupid Human Tricks
       GN Barney Bop
       GN Seniors Club
       GN X-Men RPG
       GN Soap Operas
       GN Windows
       GN Rip Graphics
       GN Comics 
       GN Fantasy Wrestling
       GN Cartoons
       GN Monty Python
       GN Dr Who
       GN Outdoor Recreation
       GN Current Events 
                 Conference rules and regulations are found in the
                 file GALNETCO.TXT, contained in this archive.
   Do I have to carry all Galactic Net conferences?
                 No, only GN ADMIN. and GENERAL MESSAGES
                 is mandatory. However we do ask that you take as
                 many echo as you can to further the develop the NET.
   How do I contact Galactic Net?
                  You can contact Galactic Net Administration by calling;
  The Galactic One BBS         or           Galactica One BBS
  (609) 723-3863              write         1163 B Maple Street
                                            Fort Dix NJ 08640

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