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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx Public Computer Profile's (PCP) xx xx xx xx This Weeks Presentation: xx xx MCWS Midnite Computer xx Wiring Society xx xx xx Written/Reseached by DTI xx xx Kryptic Night! xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MCWS is a relativly new group which surfaced circa Summer Fall/90 whose membership is not yet closed as members are added at regular intervals.Although based in florida there membership has now included persons outside of Bell south. To DTI it seems they banded together after the fall of the bridges from the summer and spilling onto the chat systems they formed MCWS. A seemingly loose group of freinds and associates who work mostly independant of each other and help each other(?) when need arises. Current membership as reported to DTI is numbered around six. they are as follows:

Midnight Mage - (Midnite Mage?) (note: those 2 are often mistaken for each other) this Member Runs the MCWS bulletin board. DTI never call due to its general lameness..the current status of the bbs is unknown however MM has popped up for a conversation time to time and has not much to say about anything in general particular.

Illusionist - this member is low key to the upper echelon because basically he is more of a bridge troll. He is a hang around artist who likes to think he is in the CuD. but basically just likes the title

Count Zero - the 0 says it all. his background is unknown other than the fact that his level of knowledge is the same as his namesake

Yellow Jacket - This member is noin florida however he is one of the more visible members of the group. He spends most of his time searching for systems and information from others rather than actually purcuring them himself. he has been proven to be a trick liar who uses deciet to control others. he professes to know 'things' but proof is insubstantial at this time because the several areas of knowledge he claims to be well versed in, he has not demostrated skills in these areas. highly misunderstood,.comes across as a pest more than anything else.Hence prehaps his a bee buzzing around your head, out for the sting.

Plutus - (touchtone) (brain) (thinker?) This is another highly unpredictable member..who on the whole is a extreme braggart (a problem that plauges the leaders of MCWS). he is a driving force behind the group although he rarely announces the fact that he is in the group. He has Come into conflict with many forces/entities in the CuD. he is however remarkably intelligent as well as having a large vocabulary .However he has no common sense..espically with computer and systems. he is eaisily duped because he loves girls with computer. he has been described as (Obese with Bifocals but this has not been proven. he has been around for several years…still young however has just stagnated..he has however decided to pursue unix and C programming. he is not known to be a stunning conversationislt. As a matter of fact..DTI has found plutus to be extremely boring and he posseses a repitorie of corny cliches and proverbs which he will not hesitate to say. Beware because one can become very grogy listening to his philisophical threats which are similair to something (anything!) dan qualye would say. Having next to nothing of a comprehension of networks or the telephone systems (the basis for his first handle) he has scine changed to the obscure Plutus handle. avoid long conversation at all cost because he will begin to ask if you truly like him and can you have a relationship in disliking his enemies..those who he cannot best in battle..he deems 'freinds'..that just dont know it yet. the joke grows old quickly with Plutus. he also is a master of setting baud rate to zero on unix devices

Canine - the effective leader of the group and also as far as DTI knows the originator of the silly group name. Sounds like a Dated mission impossible episode. His handle is also refreshingly profound isn't it? . This member has now announced himself to be an entity who knows all. He usued to kiss several peoples asses but now spends most of his time leaving his lips on Pain hertz's ass (See:NEW LOD) although he will rever just about anyone handle he has seen in a text file or heard of by word of mouth. he will brag about anything possible and claims to be a master at telephony,VM/CMS and knowns unix and vax/vms. Reports are exaggerated.This reported was told also that he can translate 800##'s to thier POTS from a chart he found in a text file. He claims to need no other but yet asks many questions and favors from others. in his words 'I know so Much already'. The sad part of this is that he actually belives these things. He also has learned the art of getting over. He Bullies those who he deems lamer than himself and will refuse to talk to them unless he feels he has something to gain ,which t that point he will claim that only HE can help them there by duping them out of whatever goodies they might have.In general he is a good candidate for a future NEW NEW NEW LOD.

Ori - (orion) The Newest member who is also not in florida. not much is known about him other than he bends eaily to the will of most around him.eager to please he mostly he very new to the scene after appearing recntly coming from CHIT-CHAT background(Multi-line chat run by Shark/james bond/burntKid etc etc al). he wants badly to learn switches and unix but does nothing to actually learn what he desires and spends most of his time on chat systems talking about what he wish he knew. he causes no trouble and freely admits he knows nothing. Basically a nice guy but one has to questions the motives of canine for letting him into MCWS.

MCWS is a group regulated to mediocricty who thinks every rolm/cbx and datastare is a switch (to a certain extent prehaps it is) and also in general ARE above the masses however they now consider themselves rival to the OLD LOD and any other group operating currently . They tell smugg lies in order to create mayhem. espcically to those they feel are in a postions they would like to have. there methods are less to impress in order to leech a few 'things' which are quiclky spread to the core of the group. in terms of the free information act.they arent compltetly bad..they just give away the things they feel they dont need or cant use. except to those they worships. Then everything they have will be given over to that entity in order to win him/her over to thier side as a freind of MCWS. On The whole this group will probably be around in name although it's spirit will probably fade away long before.The members will probably go solo with a few of the others like ilsiounist and those of his ilk joining more groups and being more of a non descript person in the CuD.They have not had so much as a profound impact on the CuD is more what the CuD's profund impwact has done to them. they are slowly becoming mean as it seems everyone has an upper hand on them. They continuesly lie about things they have n dont have (IE-a unix homebase ,voice mail system they own,legal internet/bitnet addresses). only trouble can from Canine's following of phz.and plutus is narc material.he will do anything when his back is against the wall. Whatever you do..dont say 'RING RING' to him because someone once made his phone ring fro 3 weeks straight as punishment. he has since maintainted a cover (due to the fact his new number got out the day after he changed it) .

these are the facts that DTi has uncovered..if any are wrong 0r if you feel we missd something please mail us at kryptic on luztzifiers for suggestions/corrections/ideas etc etc.This report has been biased to a certain extent.This is NOT objective reporting.However DTI will also Cover famous bulletin boards in it's (PCP) line of stand alone artcles which are desgined to bring the CuD closer together by knowning more about who your dealing with and praiseing the unsung heros and exposing the evil forces for what they really are.

DTI's next issue will cover PhaZe. An Old group with a new look. we will also cover BBSes..s0ome boards to look for are: Phuck the Pheds the Univeristy Phoniex project (I & II) scantronics 5th admendmant Unholy Temple

Request are to be submitted to kryptic on lutzifiers in germany only request originating from there will be taken seriously.we dont plan on going to far back with bulletin boards because there have been many files on such things but board and people and groups that HAVEN'T been covered will be galdly covered here. also look for our speical issues double whammy covering Lance Romance/Cheetah's blackhole ,BellCore:the truth , Atlantis Associates -urban lividty/peter gunn what the hell is going on? and an update on the nEW LOD -vs- *OD war which was initiated this febuary by Doc holiday (NEW LOD).we will match up the contestants the oddes.the powers ,advantages,disadvantages ,resources,past records and current state of the war..all the juicy details as well as a vote poll of whose the favorites in the war and who will wing (and who the masses WANT to win!)

This has been a DTI production!!!


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