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                        How to crash GBBS ][ boards
    We all have that one local board around you that you would really

like to crash! Maybe the sysop did something really bad to you or something in that nature! Boy he sure would get Mad when he wakes up with both drives burned out, user file is messed up or something like that!

    One thing to remember is when you call the board to crash it, I'd

use a phoney allias name (even another person you want to get revenge on too!) because they will really get mad about crashing thier board and will really kick some ass when they find out who did it. Just a warning!

1> Lets say the sysops name to the GBBS board is "Butch Jr.". Call the place up and when it asks for your last name, type "Jr.". When it asks for your password, type in what ever you have to type for a new user. Then it should ask for your first name. Just type " Butch" (1 space infront of name). This will automaticly put you into sysop command level and you will be able to delete messages, users, exit the GBBS program and initalize the disks and ect…..Just about anything your little heart wants to do! Modify the board and delete the sysop too! This way for crashing also works when you type in for last name:" Jr." and first name "Butch". It should do the same thing. The one major drawback to this way of crashing is that most GBBS boards have thier oards modified to that you can't do this. They will have it either hang up after you type it in, Display a nasty message for you, or just ask for the last name again. Oh well! No body is perfect!

2> Call the board up and log on as a new user. When it asks for the city/state you live in, type in a few commas like this:

     "Tampa,,,,,,,,,,Fla" or ",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,," will do!

You just have to have more than 2 or 3 commas to do the job right. This way should kill the passwords on the user file! <ool!!

3> When you leave a message up on the board, save it, and then it says "Wait" for about 10 seconds. Vry this one: Leave a message on the board and save it and when it says "Wait", Just do a little "esc-h" (to hang up in Ascii Express). That way should be writting the message and when it looses the carrier, it will be off the hook for the night! You can hang up on either "Wait" (after saving message an` after you abort into the main command board.

4> When the GBBS asks for a number like board number or something like that, type in "99E99". This creats and error on the board and might put you in sysop command level depending on what serial number the GBBS program is. It will do some other things too.

5> When you log on and it asks for your password, type in a negative number like "G-99FFF" or "A-01AAA" or some negative number kinda like that. This should also create an error and might even put you in sysop command level (you can do anything from there! Believe me!) But like I said before, Depending on what type of serial number the program is.

6> Log on as a new user and when it's reading the new user welcome or just any text file, type "Cntl-s Cntl-p :" and that should make a fatal error on his part and put you proptly into basic or machine language with dos loaded and you can work from there!

7> New user reading welcome message and type "Cntl-s Cntl-p *" and that will bomb the board out also.

8> New user reading welcome message and type "Cntl-s Cntl-p" and start pounding on the keyboard! That sould fill the buffer up and make a fatal error and put you into machine language or basic. Work from there!

9> New user reading welcome message and type "Cntl-s" and hold repeat and "Cntl-p" down and that will also bomb the buffer too and put you into machine or basic language.

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