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 Hello everybody and welcome back to the Pirates of Puget Sound SuperSystem.
First of all I would like to talk a little about what everyone has been

talking about. The crash of the hard drive. The master volume map got destroyed and there was no way to recover the data. We still don't know why it happened, there are a couple of things that had happened to prompt it, but we just weren't aware of the real problem. About two weeks ago the system started freaking out, so we turned off the system and the hard drive for about an hour and when we turned it back on it worked. This was the first of the problems. The second was that the fan in the hard drive was starting to emit starnge sounds, and after a call to the tec's at Davong, we learned that the fan should be cleaned every so often. We then proceeded to clean the hard drive, by taking the hard drive unit out of the case and clean the fan. Everything looked like it was going fine, until we turned it on, the system booted up like normal, but during the cold-start boot-up sequence the system came back with an I/O error. We turned off the system for a while, and started the boot up sequence again, but this time when we turned the system on the hard drive it started to print on the screen "DRIVE 1 NOT READY", it was now that we knew we were in trouble. We ran the hard drive diagnostic, which said that there we no errors with the media. We then ran the hard drive utility program, which said the the master CRC count was destroyed, the master map was lost, Drive 1 was not installed, and some other error messages. We then made the final decision to give up trying to fix it, and re-initialized the hard drive, we used the back-ups that we had made on Feburary 16. The program was not lost because Crazy Pirate was working on the program, and realized that we had no back-ups of the program and for some strange reason made one. All we can do now is to sweep up what happened, and start from Feb 16. We are now backing up important volumes on the hard drive daily, so if something like this happens again we will not be set back as far as we were on this crash.

All of the E-mail was deleted and not restored becuase all of the mail

would be a month old, plus there would be a lot of dead letters, so we just decided it was better to start new and fresh. E-Mail will be backed up daily, so don't worry anout your mail being lost again. None of the General files were lost. Uploads were lost, so if you can upload them again, it would be very much appreciated.

The second hard drive wil be here within a month, and the new plans for

the system are being thought of now. A FULL room system will be installed, more boards will be added (Floors will be installed so that there will only be 30 boards per floor), users will be able to create boards if there is space on that floor for a new board.

The multi-caller technology is being developed at this time, if anyone

can give us any help, leave [F]eedback. The AppleCat driver will be installed within the week. The new driver will accept 300/1200 full duplex for those of you who have the capability.

    Thanks for calling Pirates of Puget Sound, and we'll see you in a week.
	     [] Pirates of Puget Sound SuperSystem []
			[] 206-783-9798 []

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