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 Jeff's BBS Review  Developed by Jeff Hunter

         & the Temple of the Screaming Electron   510/935-5845
     NIRVANAnet(tm) 9:900/2 / Fidonet 1:161/211 / PuppyNet 1:900/1

 Last Updated: 09/17/92

This listing is produced by & the Temple of the Screaming Electron BBS. It may be copied and distributed as long as no changes are made to the list.

There are many lists of bulletin boards available. However, since there are so many systems on-line, it is sometimes impossible to find the few quality systems that exist without dialing hundreds of numbers. Numbers that often have nothing to offer. This review should help to reduce the scope of the problem by providing a short description of each BBS reviewed, so that BBSers can call the systems that offer what they want.

So that the Screaming Electron can accomplish other things besides just generating BBS Reviews, the BBS Review is implemented as a distributed questionnaire. What this means is that you can fill out the questionnaire on a number of different bulletin boards, and your answers will eventually end up in the BBS Review. The BBS Systems that currently have the BBS Review are:

BBS Name Phone Baud Type Location

&TOTSE 510-935-5845 9600 RA 1.11+ Walnut Creek, CA KnowledgeMatters 510-935-4878 9600 RA 1.11+ Walnut Creek, CA Lies Unlimited 415-583-4102 2400 RA 1.11+ South San Francisco

For PHONE NUMBER CHANGES and BBS DELETIONS, leave E-Mail for Jeff Hunter at & the Temple of the Screaming Electron.

Reviews that are more than six months old are automatically deleted. This keeps old numbers from staying around for years and years, and insures that BBSes which change over time get fresh reviews periodically.

BBS entries are keyed by phone number. You can change ANY review at ANY time by simply answering the questionnaire again using the same phone number.

If you are interested in running the BBS Review on your BBS System, contact Jeff Hunter at & the Temple of the Screaming Electron, or download the file BBSREVSY.ZIP (The BBS Review Sysop Pack) from &TOTSE.

BBS Name Phone Baud Type Location

BBSes in the 031 Area Code:

Utopia 031206273860 38400 TELEGARD Amsterdam, Holland  Hack/Phreak related bbs, 2 giga online…. usenet mail, uucp mail  etc etc. Reviewed by: Mr.Miracle on 04/20/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 046 Area Code:

Bermuda Triangle 046-87988898 38400 SBBS Stockholm, Sweden  It's a 24 hour board, 1.3 Gb online. Reviewed by: Zak on 03/19/92 @  &TOTSE

FarSide 046-46126516 14400 STARNER Lund, Sweden  Hello! Why not call a Swedish board? A nice place with strange  language strange Swedish files. Too bad. But if you're a Swede, feel  welcome! Reviewed by: Jompa on 03/23/92 @ &TOTSE

The Stash 046498222113 14400 TELEGARD Sweden  Textfiler's Heaven. Over 5700+ Textfiles Online, very sorted  sections, so you'll find what you're looking for fast. Home of uXu,  and dist for cDc. Reviewed by: Info Addict on 06/24/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 061 Area Code:

Oasys 061-222-1092 14400 PCBOARD Brasilia-DF  24hs - 2Gb - Closed

BBSes in the 201 Area Code:

CRaCK HouSe 201-804-3943 2400 PROLOGIN Lyndhurst, NJ  16o Megz Of Hack/Phreak/Carding/Virus/Scams/Anarchy/Etc. SysOp:  No Name Brand. E-Mail (InterNet). Reviewed  by: No Name Brand on 03/19/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 205 Area Code:

ParkTown 205-272-4077 2400 TELEGARD Montgomery,Al  Good bbs specializing in text files. Reviewed by: Macho Man on  06/25/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 206 Area Code:

Acid Bath 206-456-2725 2400 WC3.0 Lacey, WA  200Mb Files, 29 Message conferences, Open to the Public, Member of  PuppyNet Easy No-Hassle access, Est-23 Feb '91, Dedicated in respect  to the Individual human mind. Reviewed by: Techno Punk on 03/09/92 @  &TOTSE

Crystal Mountain 206-866-3621 9600 RA Evergreen-Oly, WA  A board for cultural exchange. Reviewed by: Dogen on 03/12/92 @  &TOTSE

Hotel Chelsea 206-432-6904 2400 TGRD Maple Valley, Wa  Great Guitar Tablature section, MIDI, miscellaneous text files and  message bases concerning the not-so-legal things about computers.  Reviewed by: Jello Biafra on 07/13/92 @ &TOTSE

The Quarto Mundista BBS 206-786-9629 9600 RA Olympia, WA  The Quarto Mundista BBS is a text file based board affiliated with  the Center For World Indigenous Studies. The board is an  informational service provided to Indian Nations and interested  individuals free of charge. We have 8.5 megs of text files online  on Indigenous Issues, and Fido and ICDM message bases. Reviewed by:  John Burrows on 08/03/92 @ &TOTSE

Sacred Grove 206-634-1980 2400 MAXIMUS Seattle, WA  The Sacred Grove is a Pagan-orientated BBS run for the benefit of  the Neo-Pagan and Occult communities. It has over 80 message areas  dealing with various aspects of religion, magic, and the occult and  an extensive library of files online. It has been up since 1990.  Reviewed by: Grendel on 03/09/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 207 Area Code:

The Candle Light 207-897-6036 2400 SPITFIRE Augusta, Maine  LOTS of DOORS, anarchy files, upon request. Some files. Check it out.  Reviewed by: Rhad Davis on 08/10/92 @ KnowledgeMatters

BBSes in the 208 Area Code:

Norad 208-322-7912 2400 TGRD Boise, Id  It has over 100 megs of files, the message section is fairly active  with enjoyable conversation here and there. It has been up for just  a month or so, but has become a good BBS in that time. Reviewed by:  The Ice Efreeti on 06/11/92 @ &TOTSE

Panic Zone 208-362-9607 2400 TG 2.7 Boise, ID  CALL US…WE ARE INTERESTING…. dOn'T be AfRaID! Reviewed by:  Velvet Shark on 08/10/92 @ &TOTSE

Woodpecker From Mars 208-378-9616 2400 WWIV Boise, Id  24 Hrs. a day, 2400 baud, etc… This board was in the review  before, but was listed as not up yet. Well, the board has gone up  early. I am attempting to become a center for text files in my area  (another &TOTSE). Reviewed by: Moose on 08/10/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 212 Area Code:

PoSt MoRtEm 212-744-7269 9600 SF New York City, NY  Anyone can enjoy Post Mortem. Cool messaging, and stuff for  eliters, and non-eliters. 200megs online space is available. We are  relatively new, and would appreciate your call. –CoMaToSe Sysop.  Reviewed by: Comatose on 04/09/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 214 Area Code:

Palindrome 214-437-2734 9600 MAXIMUS Richardson, TX  A BBS dedicated to fiction writers, with special interest groups for  fantasy and SF novelists? Yes! We're up all night bringing you  Fido, Echonet, FurNET! Role-playing games-by-message, ham radio, &  food! ALL-NUDE<g> partying on the Front Porch (not adult, just  whimsy.) The disk is always spinning….. Reviewed by: Cowtown Lady  on 04/09/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 304 Area Code:

AIS BBS 304-420-6083 2400 RA Parkersburg, WV  This is a bbs for computer security run by the Department of  Treasury Bureau of the Public, AIS Security Branch. We have  underground files and a myraid of other security files. Everyone  welcome. Access to underground files must be asked for, no big  deal, just gotta ask. Reviewed by: Kim Clancy on 08/10/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 305 Area Code:

Demented Space 305-893-4886 2400 TELEGARD Miami, FL  It is up 24 hours. I am the co-sysop. It has NPD files and text  files. Reviewed by: Eerie Smith on 03/05/92 @ &TOTSE

FLoATinG pAncREas 305-551-0311 14400 TAG 2.6 MiamI, FL  SouTH FLoRiDa's LArGesT TFiLe/ZinE eXcHAnGE. 4ooo+ TFiLes OnLinE.  HoMe oF THe FLoaTing pANCreaS GuYs, THosE WaCKy GoDs OF THe AnSi  EDiTor. oNLinE ReLiGioUs TeXT ADvEnTurE, coMPLeTeLy RaNDoM-DaDA  mEsSaGEs maKinG iT DiFFerENT EvERy TimE. WoRTH THe CALL… +FpG+.  Reviewed by: Majestic Cockster on 04/27/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 310 Area Code:

Albert Hoffman BBS 310-315-0484  Drug and psychedelia text files. Reviewed by: Jeff Hunter on  05/18/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 313 Area Code:

Amiga Shareware HQ 313-473-2020 2400 FREEFORM Livonia, MI  Amiga only. 400 megs of files. 2300 users. 200 msg areas. 5000  files. Reviewed by: Bill Allen on 07/11/92 @ &TOTSE

Into the Night 313-647-2736 2400 TELEGARD Bloomfield Hills, M  Open 24 hours, echomail, open to the public, in operation for a few  months now, and people should call because we have the newest warez  in the area! We have 135 megs of files, and the message bases are  doing very well… Reviewed by: The Mystique on 10/28/91 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 317 Area Code:

mdbs BBS #1 317-447-6685 2400 OPUS Lafayette, IN  BBS for KnowledgeMan and Guru developers.

mdbs BBS #2 317-448-4235 2400 OPUS Lafayette, IN  BBS for mdbsIV and Object/1 developers.

BBSes in the 404 Area Code:

The Stupid Computer BBS 404-876-0422 2400 WILDCAT! Atlanta, GA  2 CD ROMS - 2 Hard Drives - 1150 MEGS! The ultimate shareware  source! Reviewed by: Mister Galaxy on 08/03/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 407 Area Code:

Super Nova 407-644-5198 14400 RA Winter Park, FL  hack! hack! hack!.

BBSes in the 408 Area Code:

24 Hours-a-Day 408-448-1126 2400 RA San Jose, CA  Anyone can call at 448-1126. No fees. I have 30+ echos. lots of tctc  files and psychology files. I am a Fidonet node 1:143/302. Reviewed  by: Mike Rhymes on 03/23/92 @ &TOTSE

Amateur Action BBS 408-263-3393 9600+

AsmLang and OS/2 Board 408-259-2223 9600 San Jose, CA

The Asylum 408-263-8017 2400 Milpitas, CA

Burn This Flag 408-363-9766 2400 RA 1.11+ San Jose, CA  An all-text BBS. Carries all NIRVANAnet™ echos so people in the  South Bay don't have to call Walnut Creek or San Francisco. If you  can't burn a symbol of the government, burn the government itself.  A mostly harmless chemical substitute. NIRVANAnet™ node 9:900/6.

The Dark Side of the Moon 408-245-7726 2400 WAFFLE Sunnyvale, CA  Offer not valid where prohibited by law. Register to Vote. Do Not  Eat. Reviewed by: Saracen on 06/29/92 @ &TOTSE

DoveNet 408-956-1950 2400 MAJORBBS Milpitas, CA  16 lines / 10000 files / chat / multiuser games / 1000+ userids  since NOV1. Guest users 30min/day - 90mins/day for $5/mo - unlimited  time for $9/mo the usual other stuff - looking to get connected with  FIDO compatible networks of all kinds. Sysop is Char-lez, Altsysop  is Flash. 408-942-1950 Reviewed by: Char-Lez on 03/02/92 @ &TOTSE

Driven Element 408-267-2335 9600 FEATHERN San Jose, CA  Featuring IBM, Amiga, Atari ST and Macintosh support. International  mail networks, Law enforcement/public service, Amateur  radio/Electronics and programming theme. 24-hour operation.  Excellent technical support. Reviewed by: Mike Delaney on 08/24/92  via Netmail

DTP Forum 408-227-4818 2400 San Jose, CA  BBS for people who do desktop publishing.

Eat My Shorts 408-293-2088 9600 San Jose, CA

The Falcon BBS 408-270-2678 9600 RA 1.11+ San Jose, CA  Our Nets include: FidoNet @1:143/320, RANet @72:408/16, CalNet  @49:408/320, DoorNet @74:7408/320 Many online door games, message  bases, 150 megz online. We are a Barren Realms Elite League  Coordinator. Reviewed by: Brendon Baumgartner on 08/24/92 via  Netmail

French Connection BBS 408-266-8702 9600 TELEFIND San Jose, CA  Mac TeleFinder GUI BBS. Macintosh utilities/Mac FidoNet Echos 24 Hrs  except NMH. Reviewed by: Barry Dryden on 08/24/92 via Netmail

Gifted Urban Yuppies 408-456-0339 9600 San Jose, CA

The Holodeck BBS 408-248-2532 9600 San Jose, CA

House of Ill Compute 408-338-6860 9600 Boulder Creek, CA

ICED 408-980-0831 2400 WILDCAT! Santa Clara, CA  24 Hrs. EE, Math, Fractals, Chaos, Cellular Automata, Artificial  Dumbness, Artificial Life, Cyberspace, "Bob", EdgeCity Conference,  Whatever DUDE! Reviewed by: Phillip Mol on 02/03/92 @ &TOTSE

Labyrinth 408-778-6536 2400 TELEGARD Morgan Hill, CA  This is a 24 hours per day BBS. A VERY LARGE file base, 100-150+  megs. Message Base needs some work. Anyone can enjoy the BBS. I  have a few registered games and am working on more. Will probably  go 9600 in a month or a few months. Reviewed by: Quicksilver on  03/23/92 @ &TOTSE

Laser Light 408-496-0771 14400 WILDCAT! Santa Clara, Ca.  This BBS is FREE!!! No Ratio!! Lots of Great Games to D/L Any Day  any time. 1200-14.4K. Reviewed by: Robert Mueller on 04/23/92 @  &TOTSE

Liberty Bell 408-243-1933 2400 San Jose, CA  BBS of the Santa Clara Libertarian Party.

Lynn-Western Newswires 408-778-5994 9600 Morgan Hill, CA

Moose Is Loose BBS 408-773-9573 9600+

PlanetHood 408-779-1685 4800 TELEGARD Morgan Hill, CA  Deals with World Relations, plenty of on-liners, come one, come all,  almost a year in operation, open 24 hours. Call now & download  some truth files. Reviewed by: Ratling on 03/05/92 @ &TOTSE

Rabbits Foot BBS 408-261-3907 9600 Sunnyvale, CA

The Rising Storm 408-739-8693 9600 WILDCAT Sunnyvale, CA  Open 24 hrs, 7 days a week except for mail transfers. This BBS is  for those that are interested in emergency preparation and survival.  Tied into the Fido network, the Survnet network, the Worldnet, and  the 4x4 network. Reviewed by: Kirk DeHaan on 08/19/92 via Netmail

We The People 408-280-7699 9600 San Jose, CA

The Wizard's Den 408-578-4595 9600 BINKLEYT San Jose, CA  Operation is 24 Hours a day. Oriented towards Astronomy, OS/2, OS/2  programming, Networking. Fidonet File Requestable - 1:143/301 Usenet  - Reviewed by: Rich Hall on 08/19/92  via Netmail

BBSes in the 413 Area Code:

The Illusion BBS 413-789-9957 2400 WILDCAT! agawam, MA  neat

BBSes in the 415 Area Code:

The Anxiety Closet 415-573-8709 9600 San Mateo, CA

Asylum 415-362-8470 14400 FORUM Treasure Island, CA  Wide range of items to offer every user of every type of system.  Networked world wide over the FNET. Over 2000 files online over  300megs on-line. Reviewed by: Michael Godfrey on 03/26/92 @ &TOTSE

Bay Area Skeptics 415-648-8944 9600 OPUS San Francisco, CA  Scoffers and doubters of UFO's, psychics, and other weirdness. Lots  of text files.

Bay Talk BBS 415-864-6430 2400 San Francisco, CA

Broderbund BBS 415-883-5889 2400 MAJORBBS Novato, Ca  Broderbund's BBS was created for users of our software to get  help,order new products or chat with other users. Currently we have  a 32 online chat mode. Our file library is small but growing and we  emphasize graphics for Print Shop and fun family oriented stuff.  Open 24 hrs. We are open to suggestions! Reviewed by: Carolyn on  08/10/92 @ &TOTSE

Chemist ComPort 415-359-6036 9600 Pacifica, CA

The Coconino County BBS 415-861-8290 14400 PCBOARD San Francisco, CA  The Coconino County BBS specializes in Echomail Communication. Three  QWK compatible Offline Mail Doors and membership in Fidonet,  Bay_Link, RBBSNet and PODS. Conference topics include birding, beer  brewing, PC support and international politics/chat. No games or  GIFs, few files, but lots of ways to communicate! Reviewed by: Peter  Wadsworth on 08/17/92 via Netmail

Crystal Palace BBS 415-564-5623 2400 San Francisco, CA

David's Basement 415-332-3943 2400 TELEGARD Sausalito, CA  Over 45 Online Games. GaSPnet, CalNet, RaVeNet, FidoNet, and SaDnet  member. Full access for first time callers who use the call back  verification system. All sorts of neat stuff popping up all over.  Reviewed by: David Pifke on 09/10/92 via Netmail

Deep Space BBS 415-731-5163 2400 San Francisco, CA

DPNet 415-788-8663 2400 San Francisco, CA

Draken's Keep 415-469-5809 9600 San Francisco, CA

Flat Earth BBS 415-691-9461 2400 Los Altos, CA

The Forgotten Realm 415-872-8465 San Francisco, CA  Over 400MB of elite files. NUP: Triumph.

Greenpeace Enviroment 415-512-9108 2400

Haltek Electronics 415-969-6321 9600+

Harv's Hideout 415-467-8966 9600 San Francisco, CA

Holonet 415-421-4656 14400

Infernal Machine 415-923-0581 2400 R-BBS PSF, CA  Just up. Mostly evening, 9pm-9am, keep trying… Not many files.  Free access. Reviewed by: Black Bear on 01/23/92 @ &TOTSE

InfoGate BBS 415-967-2356 9600 Mountain View, CA

KKSF 415-391-2657 2400 San Francisco, CA

The Lab 415-753-3238 San Francisco, CA  Over 600MB of elite files.

Leviathan RBBS 415-387-5117 2400 San Francisco, CA

Lies Unlimited 415-583-4102 2400 RA 1.11+ South San Francisco  A BBS focusing on political realities. The point being that this  reality is created by consensus and the only way to change the  reality is to change the consensus. NIRVANAnet™ node 9:900/8.  Reviewed by: Mick Freen on 06/03/91

The Mage's Tower 415-382-1885 2400 Novato, CA

Mover Mouse BBS 415-898-2644 9600 Novato, CA

Oracle 415-365-4819 9600 Redwood City, CA  The Oracle is a pretty new Doors-based BBS. The system is simple,  and you can advance quickly. The games it runs are pretty cool  as well, so give it a try, it's mellow. Reviewed by: Anubis  on 01/03/91

Paddington Station 415-365-6384 9600 Redwood City, CA

Palo 415-322-6451 2400 OPUS Palo Alto, CA  Open after work or when I'm distracted, which is most of the time.  Files, a local chat area and two echoes: Words_words and  WRITING. Not a quiet board, nice people. Sysop will occasionally chat  with callers, I make them squeamish and digitally embarrassed. Call  anyway. Cheers! Reviewed by: Paul Pease on 08/08/91 @ &TOTSE

Pandora's Box 415-457-6740 2400 T.A.G San Rafael, CA  T.A.G Utility/doors Support. 65 Megs. Special Visiting Sysop Access  available. Great meeting place for Sysops! Reviewed by: Morphine on  04/01/91

Qu-an-to 415-255-2981 2400  Scientific software and text.

realitycheck 415-567-7043 2400 TELEGARD San Francisco, CA  Has programs, text files and message bases celebrating freedom of  speech. NIRVANAnet™ node 9:900/7. Reviewed by: Jeff Hunter

RECOVERY BBS 415-255-2188 9600 RA San Francisco, CA  12 Step Recovery Programs, AA, NA, Al-Anon, SAA, etc. Echomail  areas, meeting lists, some program literature. Available 24 hours  except ZMH (2-3 AM PDT). Caller netmail also available. Reviewed  by: Rich Gorin on 08/27/92 via Netmail

Reference On-Line 415-541-0605 14400 PC BOARD San Francisco, CA  This BBS is a Tech Support BBS for Reference Software International.  Makers of Grammatik Grammer Checkers. 24 Hours A Day Access. Open  To The Public. Reviewed by: Midnight Hacker on 05/25/92 @ &TOTSE

SeaHunt BBS 415-431-0473 9600 San Francisco, CA

SFPCUG 415-621-2609 9600 San Francisco, CA  San Francisco PC User Group. Large collection of PD and shareware  file transfers.

The Skeptic's Board 415-572-0359 9600 San Mateo, CA  Home of the Bay Area Skeptics society.

Stonehenge 415-479-8328 9600 TAG San Rafael, Ca.  Large topic section. Interesting textfiles. New Variety (humor file)  posted weekly. Also, new Excerpts (oddball news) posted weekly plus  new cartoon GIFS. New 486 to be put into service soon. 200 megs.  Users enjoy the 30+ topics and add their input. Reviewed by: John  Chipps on 03/12/92 @ &TOTSE

T0M 415-961-9315 2400 ???? Mountain View, CA  I gotta 200Mb, 24hrs, Noone P)osts 'cause they can't figger out WWIV  in it's unmodified glorious form…I'm a programmer but anyone who  passes some sorta minimum IQ can use it. 1-2 month's. Why am I  calling here? I dunno. I have reconsidered the "MAC" question &  decided OK, mac files OK. Reviewed by: Finger_man on 04/20/92 @  &TOTSE

Tessier Ashpool SA 415-358-9201 9600 Foster City, CA

Ultramagnetic Empire 415-641-9862 9600 WILDCAT! San Francisco, CA  Files, Messages, Gang Violence. Reviewed by: Erase on 06/24/91

Valiant BBS 415-337-4657 9600 San Francisco, CA

The Well 415-332-7190 2400  HUGE public access UNIX system. Highly recommended.

Zen Connection 415-389-9245 9600 Mill Valley, CA

BBSes in the 463 Area Code:

Crosspoint 463-169-4154 14400 RA G”teborg, Sweden  213MB, 486/33Mhz. Over 750 textfiles On-Line, FidoNet, FrontNet PC  Games, utilities etc.. 24 hours/ day. Reviewed by: Sponk on 07/02/92  @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 49- Area Code:

BROOKLYN EMPIRE 49-911759218 38400 AMIX Germany  Well it is an Pirate Board with a very good H/P Section!. Reviewed  by: Black Death on 07/02/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 490 Area Code:

Maison-Publique BBS 490762320081 19200 MBBS Germany  A cute 8-Line-System running Major BBS, huge file-area, nice users,  very nice sysop :), lots of phun. The # free-ports:  ++49(0)7623-20081. Reviewed by: D-Light on 04/23/92 @ &TOTSE

UndergroundBBS 490762148908 2400 SELF-MAD Loerrach, Germany  Full number of bbs is : ++49[0]7621/48908, its a TEXT_File-only BBS  The Shell is very use-and powerfull…. it is linked to `amnet`  coded, by kamikaze. Reviewed by: Korsch on 04/20/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 492 Area Code:

SpeedWell 492215995932 14400 AMIEXPRE Cologne, Germany  Supports Amiga software and H/P/A… Maybe an IBM section this  summer. Reviewed by: Mahoney on 08/03/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 503 Area Code:

Extreme Dreames BBS 503-775-0374 14400 WC302M Portland,Ore.  Extreme Dreames is the Portland Metro's Premier All Text BBS. It  features a large collection of text files including the largest  collection of Occult files in PDX. Open 24 hours, alias'  recommended. Reviewed by: Night Breeze on 06/08/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 507 Area Code:

Didactic Gallery 507-286-9379 14400 TELG Rochester, MN  Enjoyable system featuring 1500+ online text files!. Reviewed by:  Purloin Illusionist on 06/25/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 510 Area Code:

&TOTSE 510-935-5845 9600 RA 1.11+ Walnut Creek, CA  An ALL TEXT BBS specializing in high explosives, political extremes,  unusual sexual devices, mind-enhancing chemicals, brain-damaged  philosophy, and illicit information. A safe haven for visionaries and  paranoids. 100 Megs. Raw Data for Raw Nerves. NIRVANAnet™ HQ,  node 9:900/2. Reviewed by Jeff Hunter on 06/15/91 @ &TOTSE

AbysS BbS 510-482-5813 9600 Oakland, CA

Anomaly One 510-798-8741 2400 WWIV Pleasant Hill, CA  A single line BBS (for now) dedicated to Science Fiction, The  Extraordinary (that's adult material) and Conscious Thought  (discussions on everything from the weenies running for office to  the best way to mine asteroids). Up since January 1st, 1991, 210  megs online, 386-40, large graphics library. Reviewed by: Talon on  07/11/92 @ &TOTSE

Anybody's BBS 510-727-0442 9600 Castro Valley, CA

ATT-PAC 510-829-6062 9600 Dublin, CA  Huge shareware library.

ATT-PAC BBS 510-833-7274 14400  Huge shareware library.

Babybrain 510-532-6248 2400 WILDCAT Oakland, Ca  BABYBRAIN is a 24/hr BBS dedicated to text files and discussion of  two topics: Political Conspiracy and Suppressed Technological  Inventions. The sysop has been a conspiracy buff for 20 years and  has an extensive library of material that he is converting to data.  If you saw "JFK" and want to know more - call. Reviewed by: Walter  Radtke on 04/09/92 @ &TOTSE

BBS-o'-Truth 510-644-1591 2400 TELEGARD Berkeley, CA  This BBS is for everyone -just give it a try. Reviewed by: Mjv on  03/05/92 @ &TOTSE

Beyond Reality 510-426-0298 2400 Pleasanton, CA

The Big Board 510-582-9364 2400 Hayward, CA

BMUG 510-849-3844 9600 Berkeley, CA  MacIntosh users group.

Boot To The Head BBS 510-484-1999 2400

Bundyland 510-228-7394 2400 WWIV Martinez, CA  A Cool BBS not just another WWIV an Edited version Redefining the  meaning of WWIV, So Call it and experience the BBS you wont regret  calling. Reviewed by: Treker on 05/11/92 @ &TOTSE

Centauri's Place 510-829-2743 2400 CENCIT Pleasanton, CA  AWESOME BBS. Up 24 hours a day. Citadel. Very Unique. Star Trek  sub-board in the Enterprise format. Unique room/hall with menu  option format. CALL NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!!! Reviewed by: Dwidian on  08/10/92 @ &TOTSE

Cheers 510-706-0904 9600 Antioch, CA

The City of Tanelorn 510-803-0319 2400 Dublin, CA

The Clone Palace 510-676-5246 13840 VBBS Concord,CA  A good VBBS support Board,lots of Subs from VirtualNET. S wide  variety of File s to choose from in many different areas. Reviewed  by: Marty Taylor on 07/23/92 @ &TOTSE

The Cockpit 510-786-6560 2400 TELEGARD Hayward, CA  Basically, The Cockpit is a free-speech message based system. We  have a few FIDO echoes, but our local areas are more active. We  have several users who do quite a bit of research, and our primary  posters tend to be adults. BTW: I'm interested in NIRVANA Net!  Give me a buzz, Jeff. Reviewed by: Comet on 05/18/92 @ &TOTSE

Coed Associates BBS 510-938-9470 14400  Talk and chatter BBS.

Combat Arms 510-537-1777 9600 Castro Valley, CA  Text-based BBS concerned with firearms and the Constitution. Very  conservative.

Dead Rock Cafe 510-676-5953 2400 WWIV Concord, Ca  If you are into the Sound Blaster,AdLib or the MIDI system for youre  computer then the Dead Rock is for you! It has many echos for support  of the sound systems. It also has a BIG file section in support of  the sound cards. We also have tons of *.mod files for the  Amiga/IBM/And any other computers. Reviewed by: 3m on 04/13/92 @  &TOTSE

Dear Theophilus 510-831-8436 9600 SS 2.2 Danville, Ca  We are sponsored by Saint Timothy's Youth Ministry, we focus on the  Mac and 600 MB online for downloading plus Apple System software,  online games, FidoNet and a welcoming message base. We are open  daily from 0700 to 0200. Reviewed by: S on 08/03/92 @ &TOTSE

DeathLand 510-837-9223 2400 TELEGARD Danville, CA  Must type in ,,222222 after the phone # so you can get to my  computer. Running on Telegard 2.7: SysOp: Hard Rocker CoSysOp: The  Saturday Knight. Reviewed by: Hard Rocker on 04/09/92 @ &TOTSE

The Diamond Mind 510-791-8926 2400 Fremont, CA

The Dragon's Cave 510-549-0311 9600 RA 1.11+ Berkeley, CA  A FURNET System, specializing in free-form science fiction/fantasy  role- playing. Also carrying Ham Radio and PDP-11 User echos. File  areas limited, mostly basic utilities, BBS software and short  stories. Some artwork. Real names to logon, aliases in RP areas. NO  PIRATES, HACKERS OR PHRACKERS. Reviewed by: Bruce Lane on * @  &TOTSE Droid's Pit 510-373-1064 14400 PCBOARD Livermore, Ca.  1000+ Files 20+ Doors!! 2400-14.4k Baud!. Reviewed by: Droid on  07/15/92 @ &TOTSE DVPCUG 510-943-6238 9600 TBBS Walnut Creek, CA  Diablo Vally PC User Group. Multi-line. Networked. Thousands of PD  and shareware files. EMZ 510-886-0339 2400 TELE Castro Valley, CA  Call from 3-6pm. Hacker stay away and leachers also! Only people who  just want to have fun! Reviewed by: Smooth on 04/27/92 @ &TOTSE G A D M 510-886-1621 9600 Hayward, CA Games Plus 510-525-0533 2400 TELEGARD Albany, Ca  A fairly good board, with all of 20 users. Needless to say, just  about anytime you call, it's free. Good file sections. Claims to  be a game board, but only has 2 online games. Reviewed by: Ralph on  04/02/92 @ &TOTSE The General Lee 510-674-0704 14400 WWIV Concord, CA  240 Megs online including good support of Sound Blaster. 9600 Users  preferred but all can apply. Messages emphasize DOS tips, hardware  discussion, and technical stuff… Reviewed by: Reuben on 05/18/92 @  &TOTSE The Grand Illusion 510-538-3574 24000 TG2.7 Castro Valley, ca  Its a private deal for 4 buddies back in NY. Its online only 6hrs  amnth ..per preset time set by them. I dont have the patients to do  the security so (dont want no punks crashing it) anyway I hook up  some files as needed but its mor or less a fancy answering I hang at The Cockpit. Greg. Reviewed by: Soundwash on  05/25/92 @ &TOTSE The Grateful Med BBS 510-689-0347 9600 TELEGARD Concord, CA  The Grateful Med BBS is for those interested in the medical  professions, but it does not limit itself to those. It welcomes all  who wish to enjoy cyberspace! We carry FidoNet subs, as well as  ADAnet subs, in ALL areas, not just medicine! Call now, 24 hours a  day! Reviewed by: TC Dufresne on 08/15/92 via Netmail Guardian's Gateway 510-830-4616 9600 TELEGARD San Ramon, CA  Telegard Regional Site, West Coast. TRYING to get a decent/very  good C programing section. Some GIF's, some of this, some of that.  Reviewed by: Snipe on 03/25/91 HalfLife 510-886-6180 2400 RA/FD Hayward, CA  NIGHTS ONLY 20:00 to 08:00 No online games, few files, lots & lots  of network message bases, pagan, witchcraft, occult, UFOs, debate  issues, etc. Relatively new board, young but improving daily.  Reviewed by: Jonny Vee on 10/24/91 @ &TOTSE Hall of Mirrors 510-452-5564 9600 Oakland, CA Heartbreak Hotel 510-736-1276 2400 TELEGARD Danville, CA  24 Hours a day. 150MB. Good Message Section. Enjoyable for anyone.  Been up for almost 3 years. Great BBS to hang out, and have fun.  Files/Messages/Online Games and anything else. SysOp takes  suggestions for improvement to add on to your wants of a BBS.  Reviewed by: The Saturday Knight on 03/23/92 @ &TOTSE Holonet 510-234-4656 14400  Public-access UNIX system. Has local nodes in several cities. Holonet 510-351-2226 14400  Public access UNIX system. Hoppy's Diner 510-254-5526 14400 HPNT Orinda, CA  This is my BBS up 24hrs day, 7days wk. It has a 90mb Bernoulli, a  120mb internal hard drive, and a 660mb internal, totalling 870mb!!  It has one of the biggest message sections in the Bay Area (aside  from &TOTSE, of course) with 1000s of msgs! Anyone can enjoy the  abundance. Reviewed by: Hopalong on 03/23/92 @ &TOTSE Hot Rod's Haven 510-837-6559 2400 WWIV Danville,ca  This is a brand new BBS I just opened today. It is not opened 24  hours yet. It is closed from 11:00-7:00. I need many uploaded files  and posts to get it Going. I just put in PartNet Today. Hot Rod.  Reviewed by: Hot Rod on 07/06/92 @ &TOTSE Infinity's Edge 510-370-8430 2400 RENEGADE Martinez, CA  120 megs of HD space. Soon to be multi-node. We pride ourselves on  getting games noone else has and the newest versions of the ones  they do have. No fee. Good message subs. More available on request  with you as sysop of it. Soon to hopefully have an Internet mail  address so you can send INET mail. Call now. Reviewed by: Shinobi on  * @ &TOTSE

Jester's Realm 510-277-1555 2400 WWIV San Ramon, CA  Just one of those whacky new worlds of the occult and basic funny  weird things. Reviewed by: Giggler on 04/27/92 @ &TOTSE

Job Exchange 510-226-6160 9600

KnowledgeMatters 510-935-4878 9600 RA 1.11+ Walnut Creek, CA  A BBS for professional software developers. Concentrates mainly on  people using KnowledgeMan, Guru, mdbsIV, and Object/1 development  environments. Reviewed by Earl Ruby on 06/25/91

Landover BBS 510-736-1743 2400 WWIV Danville, Ca  2400 - 24hrs - Instant Validation.

LeeMah NewsLetter 510-786-0471 9600 RBBS-PC Hayward, Ca.  Mainly dedicated to anti-virus software. Board runs 24hr. 90% of  files are free. No validation required. Approx 30 Megs of  downloadable files. Reviewed by: Paul Meyer on 03/05/92 @ &TOTSE

Locksley's Refuge 510-462-8105 2400 CENCIT Pleasanton, CA  Full carrier of CitNet [Nationwide] … About 60 megs of games,  utils, and XXX GIFz available … May be hooking up to FidoNet soon  … Reviewed by: Locksley on 08/03/92 @ &TOTSE

The Loose Connection 510-254-6470 9600+ WWIV Borinda, CA  BBS started in mid-April, good message sections, subs for  everything, WWIVLink Games too, Rapidly growing file section, more  stuff to come! Try it!. Reviewed by: Boofer on 05/11/92 @ &TOTSE

Lycanthropy 510-222-3958 2400 TAG Richmond, CA  Lycanthropy - Howl at the moon! 65+ Megs of text, PD, ray tracing,  trek, and more online games then you want to deal with. Sysops:  Whermact, Executioner, Ed Mazzini, Frogman, William Tell, and  more… Reviewed by: Whermact on 05/25/92 @ &TOTSE

Mac Source 510-261-7459 19200 HRMS Oakland, CA  Its been in operation for about 5 weeks, Macintosh Files and  discussions only. 740 Megabytes Of elite software. Killer message  base. Best users only!. Reviewed by: Jiminez Criqueta on 05/25/92 @  &TOTSE

The MAD Board 510-465-3219 2400 MAXIMUS Oakland, CA  Home of online game 'MAD : Nuke Your Neighbor', a multi-player  nuclear race/ nuclear war theme game. Also running Global War and  Tradewars 2002. Reviewed by: David Keeney on 08/10/92 @  KnowledgeMatters

Mines of Moria 510-559-9151 12K T.A.G. Albany, CA  It's brand new right now. IBM, Macintosh, Role Playing Games, TouCH  ANSI Group (We do free BBS ads), and soon SkyNet. Still undergoing  a lot of changes which means I appreciate suggestions. Improving  every day (but no files yet.) Basically, I'm taking suggestions and  using them for message subs. Reviewed by: Eru The One on 03/19/92 @  &TOTSE

Morning Star 510-945-1864 2400 WWIV Walnut Creek, CA  Multi-topic participatory magazine. In addition to conference areas  on world affairs, human rights, religion, Native Americans, and  more, the board has numerous articles, calendars of events and  newsletters. Sysop encourages participation by users, especially  uploading files and intelligent comments. Reviewed by: Deganawidah  on 02/17/92 @ &TOTSE

The Negotiations BBS 510-830-5043 9600 San Ramon, CA

Nerd Magnet 510-814-0175 9600 TELEGARD Alameda, CA  24/7, 120 megs of IBM/Amiga files, good local message bases and an  up and coming net (AlphaLinC). Enjoyable for all. Reviewed by:  Buddha on 10/21/91 @ &TOTSE

Never Mind! 510-516-1868 2400 WWIV Brentwood, CA  Never Mind has a large selection of message and file bases  supporting several computer types and will support any others that  are not upon reasonable request. Currently it is run on a 386-33 with  200megs of hard drive space. We also offer several online games. With  proper access we have H/P/A/V/Etc. Reviewed by: Wile E. Coyote on  03/05/92 @ &TOTSE

No Name Yet Genealogy 510-827-5714 9600 Pleasant Hill, CA  Genealogical reseach.

Oakland Public Library 510-238-2253 2400+

OASIS BBS 510-444-8246 9600 RA Oakland, CA  Oasis is a recovery and healing-oriented BBS, with echos and files  on compulsive eating, recovery from incest and child abuse,  substance abuse (AA, NA), codependecy, spirituality, Buddhism, peace  and the environment. Reviewed by: Michael Jacob on 08/17/92 via  Netmail

Oceana 510-743-9452 2400 TELEGARD Danville, CA  Up for about a week… great! Really Big message section. Good  online games: The PIT and Tradewars, both registered. The file  section is about 1/3 normal capacity, but that will all change soon  (maybe by the time you call!) So call the Oceana BBS at  (510)743-9452 Today!. Reviewed by: Lockwood on 07/02/92 @ &TOTSE

Online Computer Resources 510-687-0236 9600 Concord, CA

PiL 510,831,3634 14400 VBBS Danville, ca  Lots and lots of nets… More than are safe… Good board…  Reviewed by: Armitage on 08/03/92 @ &TOTSE

Pirate's Hollow 510-849-2688 14400 TAGS Berkeley, CA  Hacker files galore. Twisted imagery. Home of Shawn-da-lay-Boy  Productions.

Politics & Religion 510-682-5179 2400 OPUS Concord, CA  A conversation system only, the files system is dedicated entirely  to text files – Politics, Social Issues, Controversial Topics, and  Theology. Part of FidoNet, LDSNet, and FamilyNet. Reviewed by: Gary  Moore on 04/30/92 @ &TOTSE

Public Image Limited 510-831-3634 14400 VBBS Danville, CA  24 Hours, many networks, basic operating philosophy: Infomation  should not only be free, but freely distributed. Reviewed by: Zapo  Zapper on 08/10/92 @ &TOTSE

Quality Computers 510-836-3494 2400 WWIV Berkeley, CA  QCBBS is not file oriented in the slightest! The focus of this BBS  is the message section and the ongoing TradeWars game. There are  always several RPGs that are run through the message subs. call  now!:) Reviewed by: Joe Bob on 02/20/92 @ &TOTSE

Random Access 510-376-2229 2400 WWIV Moraga, CA  Message Base, WWIVnet, 80 megs. Reviewed by: Howitzer Explosion Guy  on 04/20/92 @ &TOTSE

Records Department 510-426-0793 9600 Pleasanton, CA  Huge shareware library.

Shadow Hawk's Lair 510-283-7084 9600 VBBS Moraga, CA  Up 24 hrs. Hackers, Phreaker and Anarchists wanted!. Reviewed by:  Farcus on 06/19/92 @ &TOTSE

Shadow Of The Light 510-946-1617 2400 TELEGARD Walnut Creek, CA  Runs On A 386/25Mhz 80MB Hard Disk Devoted To the BBS Specalizes in  Adult GIFs and Online games. Has active Message Areas. Runs  BlueWave Mail system. Reviewed by: Shadow Master on 10/21/91 @  &TOTSE


Sir James 510-430-2865 9600 RA San Leandro, CA  Good Midi-Soundblaster files and nominal Games. Has Pagan Magick  support which may be of some interest to those who haven't been  drowned in Pagan Magick before. Has message areas and lots of text  files. Good GIF's and is busy 24 Hrs a day. Reviewed by: Sys R. Q.  on 03/09/92 @ &TOTSE

Sir James BBS 510-261-6567 9600 San Leandro, CA

Special F/X 510-689-8620 2400 WWIV Concord, CA  24hrs, lots 'o msg bases, WWIVNet, cool board. Reviewed by: John John  on 03/09/92 @ &TOTSE

The Stand 510-215-1350 9600 San Pablo, CA

Sykotic 510-676-3413 2400 TELEFIND Pleasant Hill, CA  Sykotic BBS is about 2 weeks old specializing in Macintosh software,  However we will be carrying PC software also. To get on you simply  use the Account name: Guest Password: Guest. Mac Users can D/L the  graphic interface. Thanks. Reviewed by: Lon Baker on 03/19/92 @  &TOTSE

T.A.P. 510-682-7006 19200 ACS Concord, CA  The ACCiPiTER Project - 24Hrs. We have everything… don't ask just  call. (Opens public AFTER 3/22/92) got it? Reviewed by: The  Mystical Potato Head on 03/19/92 @ &TOTSE

Terrapin Transit 510-486-1422 14400 TELEGARD Berkeley, CA  24 hours a day, 90min first call, 1 GIGABYTE ONLINE, *8* lines, HST  Dual Standard, Amiga, Mac, Atari, Apple ][. Amiga CD ROM – Fred  Fish disks #1-600, plus lots of indivdual files on CD ROM – and  they're all credit free! Call TODAY!. Reviewed by: Daniel Macdougall  on 04/09/92 @ &TOTSE

Trafalgar BBS 510-735-3230 2400 TELEGARD Danville, CA  It's just starting out and only has 30 megs. In August we will be  expanding to 130 megs. It is for both Amiga and IBMs and will have a  diverse file section. There is a message section and online games.  Reviewed by: Nemesis on 06/24/92 @ &TOTSE

Triple T BBS 510-458-6404 38400 SPITFIRE Pittsburg, CA  Lots of NEW files, D/L on first call, subscriptions available, has  been running for 4 years, 400+ Megs of files. Message base and  on-line games available. Reviewed by: Mustang on 03/19/92 @ &TOTSE

Triple-A 510-528-2867 38,40 SKYLINE Berkeley, CA  Amiga Technical BBS, part of the AAA users group in Concord, 100 MB  online, Six years in the Bay area! Reviewed by: Randy Spencer on  03/02/92 @ &TOTSE

Turing Registry 510-946-1737 2400 CNET Walnut Creek, Ca.  AI / Virtual Reality discussions. TeleFredom. Reviewed by: Ender on  03/30/92 @ &TOTSE

Vericomm 510-891-0303 2400 WILDCAT! Oakland, CA  SUN-THUR 24 HRS, 20 MGS of files (approx), Message section open to  anyone and anything. In operation since 05/09/92, and growing  rapidly. File sections are: UFOS, OCCULT, SCIENCE, RELIGION,  CONSPIRACY, PARANORMAL, SHAREWARE, PHOENIX LIBERATOR. IF YOU ENJOY  TEXT FILES THIS BBS IS FOR YOU. Reviewed by: Michael Coyle on  06/08/92 @ &TOTSE

The Village 510-277-0930 2400 RBBS San Ramon, Ca  23 hours per day (down from 1:00 AM to 2:00 AM to process netmail),  7 days per week. Around 30 MB of files. 17 networked conferences  with over 1000 messages per day. Member of RBBS-Net gated to FIDO  net. Based on the '60s TV Show "The Prisoner" has programing and  political echos. No aliases on echos. Reviewed by: Emperor Octavian  on 03/02/92 @ &TOTSE

The Warped 510-939-8344 2400 WWIV Walnut Creek, Ca  24 Hours a day 7 days a week of madness. 80 megs of files 130 megs  of space. WWIV link 15058 - LOTZ of messages. Games are available -  Plenty of free parking. Reviewed by: Sir Real on 07/27/92 @ &TOTSE

Wizards' Clan 510-376-3805 14400 VBBS 5.5 Moraga, California  Online 24 Hours ù Tow Lines In Operation ù Around 180 Message Bases  ù 180 Megs of Files ù No Ratios ù 500 Users ù Tradewars Online,  Tournaments, and Multinode ù SRE, Alpha Colony, Global Wars, Land of  Devastation, The Pit, and Many More ù SysOp is White Sorceress ù  WWIVnet, VBBSnet, ICEnet, USEnet… Reviewed by: The Prophet on  07/06/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 512 Area Code:

The Gallows 512-331-7300 14,40 CNET Austin, TX  New, 105 megs, good message base, Amiga only files. Reviewed by: Mr.  Kotrla on 05/28/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 513 Area Code:

Domain of the Demons 513-461-2635 9600 TELEGARD Dayton, Ohio  24/7. Plenty of drive space. H/P/A. Reviewed by: Demonlord on  06/24/92 @ &TOTSE

MidWorld 513-277-8672 2400 TELEGARD dayton ohio  The Only H/P/A board left in dayton after the busts… Reviewed by:  Kryptic Slaughter on 06/11/92 @ &TOTSE

The Spectrum 513-435-6303 2400 VISION-X Dayton, OH  It is PRIVATE the NuP is GRAVEYARD…and go figure on the rest!!!.  Reviewed by: The Undertaker on 06/19/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 519 Area Code:

The South Pole BBS 519-443-4710 9600 TELEGARD Wilsonville, On  40 Megabytes of Files, Message section with Fido and the Echos very  soon, Anyone can enjoy it something for everyone, It's new but I  have been around fo a while, Call the BBS because it's good also the  modem is HST!!!. Reviewed by: Snowcat on 05/04/92 @ &TOTSE

Terminal City 519-666-2487 2400 T.A.G. London, ON  T.A.G. BBS support site, latest releases always available to first  time calls. TAGNet London HUB, BIMBO-Net, EXTREME-Net. Many  interesting files, including many text files. Good local messages,  doors, contests, whatever. Tell 'em Mohodama sent ya!. Reviewed by:  Harlequin on 07/06/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 602 Area Code:

Stealthy Lizard 602-443-4867 2400 METAL/FV Scottsdale, AZ  24 Hours Dedicated To Apple II Systems. Site #20 in the FutureNET  network. Message bases covering most areas. Online games. Apple II  transfers. Reviewed by: Stealth Lizard on 02/27/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 604 Area Code:

Benevolent Misguidin 604-271-0967 2400 SBBS Richmond BC  Board is by Invitation only. please leave mail here for system  password. Tons of textfiles on every subject under the sun. 24 hours  of course, and nobody ha s to call if they don't want to. My life  won't be changed if you don't. But yo u're more than welcome to.  Reviewed by: The Sinner on 05/25/92 @ &TOTSE

CyberSpace HeadQuarterz 604-597-1320 2400 SUPERBBS Surrey, BC  Well, this BBS has some text files, about 50MB of files, Fidonet,  intersports, and many other message networks. Looking to join more.  Only have a 105MB dri ve right now, but might be picking up a 8gb+  drive, and a screaming (heh) 16.8 Courier HST D/S. Reviewed by: Ryan  Murray on 06/25/92 @ &TOTSE

The REquiem Overdose 604-479-2888 19200 MAXIMUS Victoria BC  it's private BBS but it's worth applying to… average 100+ messages  a day, on one net and local so it's nice.. /s. Reviewed by: Nicolas  Denux on 07/06/92 @ &TOTSE

THC 604-361-4549 9600 MBE/MAX Victoria, BC, Cana  2 lines, 604-361-4549 and 1464. 1464 is HST. 6,400 text files  online. Home of WeirdNet. Reach for the edges of your mind…  Reviewed by: Tommy on 06/08/92 @ &TOTSE

Tommy's Holiday Camp 604-361-1464 9600 MAX 1.02 Victoria, BC  Online since July 9, 1987. 3,100 text files on all subjects. 310  megs online. Two nodes, the other one's 604-361-4549. Definitely  not anal-retentive. X-rated GIFs. New digitised audio sec IMEx  node 89:688/13. 24 hours "in stereo"… Reviewed by: The Trace on  07/22/91 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 619 Area Code:

First Ammendment 619-421-0583 2400 TELEGARD San Diego, CA  BBS is supported by San Diego State College students and is mainly a  text-based board. Reviewed by: Knox on 03/19/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 702 Area Code:

Elko's PC Connection 702-738-4364 2400 SPITFIRE Elko, NV  This BBS is open 24 hours a day. We have just under 1600 files for  trading. This board is open to all that want to call. We are a very  friendly bunch of people that want to exchange information with  everyone else. Give us a call and check us out! Reviewed by: Izzy  Stark on 03/09/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 707 Area Code:

Anathema Downs 707-792-1555 14400 PCB14.5 Rohnert Park, CA  680 HD devoted to the bbs, and GROWING. 225 + Meg of Adult oriented  files, including a variety of Hi-res. GIFS. Games and Utlities,  PG-rated scans for the younger crowd. 24 hours, supporting  1200-14.4k. Users 16 and older only, please. Reviewed by: Sadie  Jane on 06/04/92 @ &TOTSE

The Babble Underground 707-538-1507 9600 RA Santa Rosa, CA  Neat stuff. Jabber QWK reader HQ. Um, other types of network stuff.  Um, etc. Um… What else?. Reviewed by: Marcos Della on 05/25/92 @  &TOTSE

Civil War 707-745-5348 2400 RA Benicia, CA  P/P files unique one of a kind in the 707 area code. 7:00 AM until  10:00 PM - Sysop - Nick J. Co-Sysop Michael Stweart. Reviewed by:  Michael Stewart on 05/18/92 @ &TOTSE

Corpus Christi BBS 707-795-3382 9600 RA Rohnert Park, CA  Rohnert Park call forwarding line for Corpus Christi BBS  listed above. Reviewed by: Gary Bradford on 08/10/92 @  KnowledgeMatters

The Mushroom Garden 707-557-6173 2400 RA Vallejo, CA  This BBS has a lot of messages, doors, and files. It belongs to 3  different Echo Networks {FIDO, AKANet, LNet}, over 50 megs of files  {CD-ROM comming soon}, and is a LOT of fun. Main file areas are  Virus files, general utilities, and Star Trek. Reviewed by: Mike  Martin on 05/25/92 @ &TOTSE

Node Zero 707-584-1603 9600 RA Santa Rosa, Ca  Node Zero is a BBS dedicated to eradicating carnivores from the  society using whatever means necessary. It is also a support board  for Jabber QWK reader and the telecom wonder {COMMO}. Open 24  hours. Reviewed by: Shad Muegge on 07/23/92 @ &TOTSE

Terminal Abliss 707-745-5543 9600 RA Benecia, Ca  This bbs is grate for anyone into anarkey. it has lots of text filez  on making bombs and hacking info… also has 100megs of porno and gif  files for all ages (i'm only 12). open 24 hours a day for as long as  I can keep my mom from finding out about it. don't call if your a  fag or a pig. Reviewed by: Dum Blond on 07/01/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 713 Area Code:

Canadian Connection 713-699-1010 2400 WILDCAT Houston, Texas  We have the largest free user base in Houston. Reviewed by: Kilroy  on 03/02/92 @ &TOTSE

BBSes in the 717 Area Code:

Boom's BBS 717-389-0212 2400 TELEGARD Berwick, PA  Cool BBS with Fidonet. + many many more cool stuff. Reviewed by:  Boom on * @ &TOTSE Eat Mangoes! & S0S BBS 717-355-9173 2400 CITAK2NE East PA  some cool stuff…lotza drivel…24hrs…files, if ya ask the  sysop…large MOD collection…very crazy…very onorthodox  program…tell 'em Mav sent ya!. Reviewed by: The Maverick on  08/03/92 @ &TOTSE MJIS 717-653-0636 2400 TELEGARD Mt. Joy, PA  This BBS has been switched from a private one to public. We had  over 5,000 users. The system was taken down to convert over and are  gradually getting the over 10,000 files loaded in but this is taking  time. The present size of this HD is 100meg. We are waiting for  our worm drives and will at that. Reviewed by: Haven on 04/20/92 @  &TOTSE The Warlords BBS 717-442-8401 2400 TELEGARD gap, pa  3oo/12oo/24oo baud, 24 hours a day, 130 megz (260 when stacker  startz working) decent message bases with great war zone up for  almost 2 years… Reviewed by: The Master Of Destruction on 05/07/92  @ &TOTSE BBSes in the 804 Area Code: Lost Dimension 804-531-0459 24000 TELEKRAD Norfolk, Va  91.745375 Megs - TG 2.7 - Awesome Reviewed by: Mr. Hyde on 03/02/92  @ &TOTSE BBSes in the 805 Area Code: The Dark Side of the mOOn 805-544-5419 9600 GENESIS San Luis Obispo, CA  A message-only system. No files. Very fun and sociable. BBSes in the 813 Area Code: The Strong Hold 813-549-1770 9600 RENEGADE Cape Coral, Fl  Elite BBS. CiA ANSI Distribution Site, OZONE MAgazine Distrribution  site. 200 megs online. SysOp - The Anarchist. Reviewed by: Aharon  Chernin on 07/11/92 @ &TOTSE TwinCity BBS 813-644-8213 2400 TELE Lakeland, FL  Running Telegard 2.7, Lots of Files ONLINE, active message bases.  Reviewed by: The Commissioner on 04/20/92 @ &TOTSE BBSes in the 904 Area Code: K.I.S.A. 904-799-3353 9600 TGV2.7 Brooksville, Fl  Neat board with tons of text online. Over 600 Megz available. No  ratios for Long Distance users. No NUP. No hassle. 9 Networks →  tons of messages. Call now. Reviewed by: The Mystic Enchanter on  03/26/92 @ &TOTSE Winter Wonderland 904-581-5767 14400 C-NET Hurlert AFB, FL  2 nodez 904-581-5767 USR Dual Std. 14.4k 581-5308 2400 mnp 2-5 &  v.42bis. Moving Amiga warez – 100 megs. Huge hack-phreak file  and message area. Reviewed by: Supraman on 03/23/92 @ &TOTSE BBSes in the 908 Area Code: No Name BBS 908-851-0703 2400 PIONUKE Union,NJ  The board is a text-file/graphic orientated. The board is down  temp. for about 2 months due to system surges. Reviewed by: Hudson  on 04/20/92 @ &TOTSE BBSes in the 916 Area Code: =KBBS= 916-338-5227 9600 QUICKBBS Sacramento, CA  Northern CA FidoNet Regional Hub offering the entire backbone to  mailers. FidoNet Address: 1:203/23. Reviewed by: Mark Stennett on  09/07/92 via Netmail AllTelecomm Xchange (ATXS) 916-925-7687 2400 WME Sacramento, CA  AllTelecomm Xchange provides transmission processing, distribution,  routing for private and public telecomputing activities. Extended  services including FAX«<Bank, Bazaar, Access/USA, INFO-POWER!, and  more are also available through its Mutual Information Xchange and  United Services (MIXUS) BBS. Reviewed by: John Young on 08/27/92 via  Netmail Bigtime's Woodland Exchange 916-668-9453 2400 REMOTE A Woodland, CA  NO fees, Adult Access by request, Access on first call. A large  variety echo mail from Fidonet & Throbnet(adult). Blue wave mail  door available, online games and adult online games, new files &  updates weekly. adult pic & texts files . Online 24 hours. no  download ratio. Reviewed by: Ken Miller on 08/31/92 via Netmail The ConJuring 916-241-3260 2400 VBBS Redding, Ca  Slightly Moded board. Nice Different Look, Friendly Help, many  Doors, Plenty of message bases. New Users Welcome. Reviewed by: Mr.  Zog on 08/06/92 @ &TOTSE Cygnus III 916-757-1840 2400 MAXIMUS Davis, CA  Multiple Nets, IBM Sounds & stuff. Reviewed by: Lord Justice on  03/02/92 @ &TOTSE InterGalactic BBS 916-757-7690 2400 TELEGARD Davis, CA  Online games, CypherNET messages, 60 megs. Reviewed by: Mark  Baysinger on 03/26/92 @ &TOTSE RainForest 916-378-2380 2400 WWIV Anderson, Ca  This is a message-oriented bbs, we have a few good files, and a  small amount of doors, and aim to keep it that way… we are IceNet  at 9655 and wwivnet at 9682. New message bases coming in each day.  Tons of storyboards, and misc. Pagan subs. Reviewed by: Firefrog on  08/03/92 @ &TOTSE Roseville CRC Link! 916-791-4298 9600 WILDCAT Roseville, CA  USRobotics Dual Standard modem connects 24 hours a day at 1750 cps  max. 1.2GB IBM & Amiga files plus FidoNet Echos IBM files on CD-ROM.  Reviewed by: Gary Lindenschmitt on 09/07/92 via Netmail Toys In The Attic 916-222-1668 2400 SLBBS Redding, CA  Toys In The Attic has 210 megs online, and is the second largest  elite bbs north of Sacramento. The board is up 24 hours a day, seven  days a week. I have been up for only 3 weeks now and I already have  about 70 users. Within 2 weeks I will have another node going at  9600! Main thing going for this board is it'. Reviewed by: Dr.  Wonderful on 03/30/92 @ &TOTSE BBSes in the 919 Area Code: SERT 919-867-0754 38400 MAX Fay NC  24 hrs, 7 days (except when I'm using the system) SERT Security  Emergency Response Team BBS. We prove online Security and Virus  solutions. Reviewed by: Jkida on 08/03/92 @ &TOTSE The Soapbox 919-387-1152 2400 QBBS Cary, NC  "Your Infotainment Specialist" All text, specializing in current  issues [D[D[D and events. Full access first call. No ul/dl ratios.  Treats you like an adult. Reviewed by: Victor Hugo on * @ &TOTSE

 If you see a BBS listing which is incorrect or is no longer in service,

please inform Jeff Hunter at the Screaming Electron, 510-935-5845, so
             that he can make the necessary corrections.
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