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ADN Any day now AFAIK As Far As I Know AMF Goodbye (Adios Mutha-……) AWGTHTGTTA? Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again? BBS Bulletin Board System BTW By The Way CU See You CUL See You Later DIIK Damned if I know FITB Fill In The Blank…. FROPPED F..king dROPPED FWIW For What It's Worth FYBITS F..k You, Buddy, I'm The Sysop FYI For Your Information GD&R Grinning, ducking & running (usually left at the end of a

               digging message)

GROK As in "I GROK" means thorough understanding. From R.A. Heinlin) GIWIST Gee I Wish I'd Said That IC I See IMHO In My Humble Opinion IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion IOW In Other Words JSNM Just Stark Naked Magic L8R Later LAB&TYD Life's A Bitch & Then You Die. LOL Laughing Out Loud NBFD No Big F*ing Deal OFTPATHIRIO Oh F..k This Place And The Horse It Rode In On! OIC Oh, I See OTOH On The Other Hand PFM Pure F*ing Magic PITA Pain In The Arse POV Point Of View ROTFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing RSN Real Soon Now RTFM Read The F..k… Manual SYSOP System Operator TANJ There Ain't No Justice TANSTAAFL There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch TPTB The Powers That Be TTBOMK To The Best Of My Knowledge TTFN Ta Ta For Now TTUL Talk To You Later WTF What the F* WYSIWYG Whats you see is whats you'se gets. :-) Smiling, happy face; don't take me too seriously B-) Above, but poster wears glasses or sunglasses 8-) Same as previous; also used to denote wide-eyed look #:-) :-) done by someone with sort of matted hair :-( Sad or angry face @= Flame about nuclear war, power or weapons follows (mushroom cloud) ;-) Winking happy face (something said tongue-in-cheek) :-P Tongue stuck out :-b Same as previous :-D Wider happy face (or mouth open too much) :-o "Oh, nooooooo!" (a la Mr. Bill) #:-o Same as previous (:-) Messages dealing with bicycle helmets <:-) Dumb questions oo "Somebody's head-lights are on" messages O>-<|= Messages of interest to women ;-) Wink ( take this message with a grain of salt) |-( Late night messages :^) Messages teasing people about their noses :-{#} Messages teasing people about their braces (:-# Message concerning something that shouldn't have been said… (:-$ Message indicating person is ill… (:-& Message indicating person is angry… (:-* Kiss… (:-( Message indicating person is VERY sad… (:^( Message concerning people with broken noses (:<) Message concerning blabber mouths :-(=) Message about people with big teeth. &:-) Message from a person with curly hair @:-) Message from a person with wavy hair ?-( Message about people with a black eye. *:* Message about fuzzy things *: Message about fuzzy people with a fuzzy mustache %-) Message about people with broken glasses +<:-| Message from a monk/nun… {0-) Message from cyclops… (:-D Message concerning another blabber mouth… (:-|K- Formal message. B-) Message from Batman !!! …—… S.O.S. @%&$%& You know what that means…

<&&> Message concerning rubber chickens

< >< Message about/to someone wearing argyle socks

2B|^2B Message about Shakespeare (-_-) Secret smile <{:-)} Message in a bottle… <:-)«| Message from a space rocket… (:-… Heart-breaking message… ««(:-) Message from a hat sales-man… (O–< A fishy message… (8-) Message from a four-eye… (:>-< Message from a thief: hands up! <I==I) A message on four wheels :^{ User wears a mustache. { User is Alfred Hitchcock. @>—>—- A rose. (.)(.) Ms. Dos ()x() Ms. Dos with "Cross Your Heart" Bra

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