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                        (%) GETTING BUSTED (%)
                  (%) an experience and a warning (%)
                     ^^  By  Paranoid Punkpig  ^^
                      --- Resident (415) Bum ---
   I'm sure most of you have done some kinds of illegal activity,

and betcha might've gotten arrested.. Lemmie tell ya, getting arrested is no joke: you're parents get notified, and they are told of the activity you were doing (in my case, fucking around with fire in a condemed building). You also get a record (you go on file down at the nearest police station, and you might get kicked out of school.. First lemmie lay it all out for ya:

  It was a Friday night, and it was just after a school dance, and,

as usual, i was disappointed as hell (i go to a pretty tame school). Me and a friend decided to, rather than hang around with a bucha people, go investigate this old shopping mall that was being torn down by school.. we had both been by there many times, but had never considered entering the damn thing.. what a mistake that was! First off, it was dark, and we didn't have a flashlight (duhh… who carries a flashlight with them?!), anywaze, so we had to use newspaper, and light it… THAT was the first mistake, cuz there was so much smoke, some fucking rent-a-cop saw it pouring out of the building, and thought it was a fuckin' fire!! So, there we were, not knowing that outside, there were about a dozen cops, about to enter the building.. We were having the time of our lives, fucking around: going around in an abandoned shopping mall can be cool, try it!! Finally, after about an hour, the smoke started gettin' to us, and we decided to leave… anywayze, it was past 1:00 and this was when i didn't and couldn't drive, so i needed to walk home (another hour).. we then proceeded to leave when we heard the cops opening the exit door (the ONLY exit door!!)… at the time, we were right by the door, kinda behind it, so that they didn't know that we were there.. We put the "torches" out fast as hell, but still, there were some cinders, and, the cops spotted it, and us…

   Then, they shined their flashlights in our faces, and started

sayin' stuff like: "Whatcha doin' here, punks?" "What're ya doin with fire, you fuckin' assholes?!" etc.. Oh yeah, they asked our ages, and we said 11.. that was cool as hell, cuz they relaxed then, cuz they didn't think that 11 year olds would try anything… (keep that in mind.. if you get busted, then act scared, as if you wouldn't do anythnig, and the cops will *RELAX*).. they then did the old feel routine, where they see if you have any guns, knives, etc. on you… They didn't check us out very thoroughly, tho, cuz my friend had a knife in his denim, which the cops didn't find. They took us outside, to the "meter-maid-mobile" (you know, the little three wheelers that meter maids use), and were about to cuff us.. (yeah, at age 13!!) anywaze, that's when my friend said, "R-U-N-!", at which point we both jammed!! shit, i ran so fast, you wouldn't believe it! the cops yelled something like "stop, or we'll shoot", but that's a buncha shit, cuz we were just kids… cops cant shoot people unless they pose a threat to the cop… we ran, and ran, and ran and ran…. and we made it home ok without getting busted by the cops, BUT! somehow, they got a look at us, and about 2 weeks later, the same cops (we were walkin' by school again), saw us, and recognized us… they brought us in…………..but dat's another story…

                   (^) Paranoid - Punkpig (^)

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Call MARIN-80 :: 40 MEGS d/l (Pirate, hacking, public) :: Apple II's

IBM :: Commodore's :: Atari's :: *San Francisco's* one and only!!
                     (%)  (415) 479-7218  (%)


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