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Title: The IBM bust of 612 Date: 2/2/87 Time: 4:06 pm

         / %                                       %
        /  %       The IBM bust of 612             %
       /   %                                       %
      /    %          By Professor Falken          %
     |     %                                       %
     |     %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
     |    /                                       /
     |   /         Ex-Sysop of The Alliance      /
     |  /                                       /
     | /        Completed January 29, 1988     /

Everything in this article comes from what I have heard second hand, and thus it cannot be totally 100% correct, however this article is the about the most error-free story at the present moment. More facts may come up later and I encourage them to be written in at the end of the file.

First off I'll give ya the main people involved and affected in this bust…

MAGNUS GREEL- Sysop Fone Conspiracy I THE TYRANT- Sysop Fone Conspiracy II THE FEDZ- The evil driving force in this story THE BOSS- The H0M0sexual ass-kissing man at ONTRACK SYSTEMS VECTOR_ONE- The AIDS infected asshole who ratted on Magnus

   The whole thing started one day when Magnus got a new user by the name of

Vector_One. Magnus gave him access and Vector looked at the utilties. Well it so happens that Vector was a software writer for ONTRACK SYSTEMS or something. Well it so happens that Magnus had DISK MANAGER that was written by ONTRACK SYSTEMS. Well Vector told Magnus to take that ware down! Becuz it was his companies ware. Well as any decent sysop would he told Vector to suck wally. So Vector told his boss that Magnus had their software online. Well after the boss gave Vector a long blowjob he called the feds & obtained a search warrant. Time now elapsed, it was now January 04, 1988. Magnus was working on his fathers database program, when suddenly like a burst of lightning no other than the county sheriff and the EVIL president of ONTRACK SYSTEMS & THE FEDZ. Well Magnus told them to hold on while he closed the database, so he did and he was given his rights. After reading him his rights the FEDZ made 4 backup copies of his HARDDRIVE and such. Yes, that means that they have all yer ALIAS's and FONE NUMBERS ( Of Course they were wrong numbers, right? Let's hope so. ) Well after doing this assorted bullshit they found OS/2 ( the new operating system from MicroSoft for the PS/2's ) THE FEDZ were interested in that becuz as always on a pirate board it was not out yet and still a beta copy. Well after this assorted bullshit went on for a while they decided to leave and pay thier respects of shitting on his face. Well that about did it, except now the feds got a hold of every IBM Pirate board in the 612 area. Then THE FEDZ went to The Tyrant's house and asked him miscellaneous bullshit questions, then left him alone. Well by this time the word has gotten out to the rest of the IBM boards, and holy shit you do not know how slow it takes to format a HD. I swear it took 10 hours, but really it only took 30 mins. but hell time goes slowly when you have a load in your pants. Well now that everyone has cleaned thier computer and thier pants of shit everything is down, and not expected to be up for PIRATE downloads for a LONG WHILE. I suspect at this moment THE FEDZ are monitoring every sysop line here in 612, so at the moment my phreaking career is at a standstill. With an exception of FORTRESS FONES. Well that's my story and I hope that this has enlighted you, just remember you can never trust anyone in this world get as many references as possible and hopefully you won't have to go through what Mags did. If your under 18 and have a 100 megger and are willing to be a c00l sysop then hell do it… See ya in Hell,

Personal note: Qualified users will be notified of their contined existance. Whatever that means…

Illegally Distributed Courtesy of Playdo Land

Title: The IBM bust of 612 Update #1 Date: 2/15/88 Time: 5:45 pm to 7:35 pm

Authored by Magnus Greel

To repeat, the persons involved are:

DICK WALDIE - FBI Special agent in charge of the bust MAGNUS GREEL - Sysop Fone Conspiracy I THE APTOLCATER - Oh just sorta along for the ride. THE BOSS - [Mike Rodgers] The H0M0sexual ass-kissing owner of

               ONTRACK SYSTEMS

THE BOYZ - [Feds] Consisted of three men and a female. The evil driving

               force in this story

THE SHERIFF - Has really nothing to do with the story. U. N. OWEN - Sysop Fone Conspiracy II UNNAMED - The person who ratted to Mike Rodgers about FCP..

               We have your name and number..

VECTOR_ONE - Maybe The AIDS infected asshole who ratted on Magnus

First off, I'd like to say that Vector_One may or may not be the culprit for turning me in to his boss who in turn turned the Boyz on me.. Let me relate the correct story..

It's January 11, 1988 at 7:15 in the morning, and I'm in the bathroom getting ready for school.. Dad goes outside to start the car warming up when all of a sudden, two cars swoop in and block the end of the driveway. Richard [DICK] Waldie leaps out of the car and asks Dad, "Are you Mr. Clifford K.?" Of course he replied yes.. Dick told him to "Assemble your family in the living room." At that point, my mom comes in the bathroom and states "The FBI is here." [Quivery voice].. So my sister, myself, mom and dad all go sit in the downstairs family room.. Then Dick talked to mom and dad for about 45 minutes while I was sitting downstairs just looking at four feds.. Then it was my turn to talk to Dick and some other dude that just sat their and nodded his head.. We chatted about how the board started, if I had received any donations, and in particular where I had received OS/2.. Also the common do you phreak-hack- card questions.. And so on and so forth.. At this point, they were ready to go down and disassemble the computer.. My dad is a bowling league secretary, and had all his bowling records in the computer.. For some reason, they let us copy them off onto a floppy.. Oh well.. After that, I started disassembling the computer stuff for them.. He was sorta perterbed when he found about 25 5 digit numbers [that sorta look like MCI codes] on a scratch sheet.. But other than that, nothing really incriminating.. After they had everything packed up, they carried the boxes out to the car and left.. Now the time was 11:15, and I figured U. N. Owen should know, so I grabbed the car and flew to school.. Needless to say, he was clean about 45 minutes after he got home from school.. Aptolcater finds out later that night, and cleans up also.. A little note, Aptolcater had borrowed me an ATI EGA wonder and a Hayes 2400 External modem for testing two-node FCP.. I hope we get them back..

That basically covers the story.. About noon, my dad called our real estate attourney, who related us to a criminal attourney in his office.. That guy was only familiar with state cases, not federal, so he passed us on to another dude.. Then about two days after the bust, Dick calls and sorta tries to get my dad perterbed by telling him "Your son is much more involved than what he has told us.. Such as carding, phreaking, hacking, etc.." [Scare tactics].. Then he says "We would like to talk to you and your son as soon as possible.." And when dad mentioned that we had an appointment to talk to a new attourney, Dick said "Well I guess we will change our strategy.." Heh.. Since then, we have talked to the attourney a couple times.. He has talked to the assistant attourney general of the state of Minnesota and Dick Waldie.. From what he's said, Dick Waldie thinks he has his hands on a master criminal.. He said that Dick started talking about some different types of conspiracies that I may have been involved in, and the attourney just rolled his eyes.. Heh.. He said that the asst. attourney general was a rather nice person.. So we'll see what goes down.. Another note, I was asked what information I could provide to get myself out a little bit.. Which means Infoforms, and "uploaded by" records.. They appear not to have found them.. [You will see why in U. N. Owen's note..] Well whatever, I trust this enlightens many of you, and if you wish to talk, I do keep my 612/636-9046 line free for Voice updates.. If you see my accounts anywhere, please remove them or ask for them to be removed.. And a slight note for those of you waiting for FCP/Emulex 3.0, we may change names, and move on to Microsoft C, but it will still look the same.. Definitely faster, and should help people who wish to run two nodes [MSC allows overlaying.. We were thinking maybe a 32k window would be nice..].. I think that wraps everything up..

Title: The IBM bust of 612 Update #2 Date: 2/15/88 Time: 5:45 pm to 7:35 pm

Authored by U. N. Owen

Well after that long haul I'll try to keep this to a short blerp. Needless to say when Magnus pulled me out of ADVANCED Physics 200 class I was taken a little off guard. I listened to his 5 minute blerb about the day's events and just think it was only 11:30. Well I immediately made plans for a quick return home. Well let's just say I made it home in record time. It's good to have teachers that are real friends and know enough not to ask questions when you tell them you just have to skip their class and go home.

When I got home I really didn't have much to do because I had been weeding out my hard drive for a while. Mostly it was just formatting my blank floppy box (which is what takes forever), and running compress on the hard drive with the "clear free clusters" action. The rest of the day went uneventful.

The next day I told my parents about Magnus. They took it rather lightly till I told them chances are they would want to talk to me…hehe. A couple of days later DICK Waldie calls…I answered the call…

(Me) "Hello.."

(Him) "This is special agent Richard Waldie of the FBI…"

(Me) {Cutting him off} "Yes, I know who you are."

(Him) "So you were expecting my call?" ←- From here on maybe not exact

(Me) "Yes."

(Him) "We would like to ask you some questions."

(Me) "Sure!" {Thinking he was going to ask them over the fone.}

(Him) "When would be a good time for you to come down?" {Down where??}

(Me) "What time would be convenient for you?" {Why I said that I dunno.}

(Him) "How bout' right now?"

{My dad was home from work early so to make a long story short my dad got the FBI's address and we cruzed on down. It was about 2:30.}

To make them look good they gave my dad the wrong address so it took us awhile to find it. Well we found their building and entered. We really didn't say much after entering the building because I think we both thought they had the whole building bugged. We took the elevator up to I think the third floor. Dick's office was down the hall.

{ During this time I was very impress with security. In other words I saw

none. Only to learn later why this was so. }

When we got to his office there was this lady behind this thick piece of glass. Well she kept on working at whatever until we hit the little intercom button and told her we were here to see Dick Waldie. She paged him and a short time later (Not too short, I had time to check out all the plaques on the walls.) I heard this buzzing sound as he opened up the door. We had formal intro's and went on to bigger and better things.

We all went in this 10 X 10 room with Dick sitting behind the only desk. We sat in very uncomfortable chairs and waited for this guy that just sat there and noded his head the whole time. Being the clever dood that I am I left my wallet in the car. So when he asked me for my drivers license I told him I didn't have it.

Then came the questions…

He asked me the standard stuff (Name, Address, etc.) then he asked me how tall I was, how much I weighed, and a bunch of real bogus questions.

I told him I was getting tired and asked if we could get on to the real questions. He said that was a good idea and promptly pulled out a big yellow pad to take notes on. I was kinda thrown off guard (I didn't show it tho.) because I forgot to bring mine.

Alot of the questions were just standard phreak-hack-card-pirate questions to which I told him I don't do that stuff.

Since I was in psychology class I knew this dood was Psychotic. With dillusions of grandeur, total lack of contact with reality, and many other symptoms. This was very evident in his examples he used for let's say carding.

"You see, (talking to my dad who seems to be falling asleep from the bogus questions from above..) let's say a lady get's mugged in Chicago, the perpetrator grabs (could have been take) her credit cards and post it on a bulletin board system. Someone downloads that message and commits a crime with the information. A number of crimes have been commited.." and he goes on to rattle off some laws and some other junk that I didn't hear because I was looking around the room for some hidden camera.

The questions were real dumb like what back up program Magnus was using. I guess they had a little trouble figuring out that one sector per track compressed data needs to be restored using the same program.

You know they didn't know much when they made a big deal about telling me Mag's had his two hard drives linked together with V-feature.

Then they wanted to know about the board. They asked if there was anyway to list all users and their passwords. I just sat there. Then Dick has the nerve to say "We know how to use the percent command!" Well after a comment like that I just crumbled under the pressure they put on. I just had to tell them they had to user edit everyone to find out their password. Oh, I think it was here they asked about the who upload what file bit. I told them they had to download every file to see who upload it. I'm sorry…I just had to tell them the truth after they couldn't follow the "Hit question mark for help." comment I threw at them.

One thing that really sticks in my mind tho is at the end he is telling me I'm responsible for what was on the board because I had co-sysop access. This is where my dad woke up and said some comment about "Just because you know drug deals are going on downtown does not make you responsible for them." Then he drops his 50-50 blaim for a 90-10 ratio. I still just laught at this idea.

Overall I think I stayed on Dick's good side cause' at the end he said something about telling the attorney general that I willingly came in and answered some questions and generaly was a good boy. Overall it took only two hours…it could have went on a bit longer but it was five o'clock and I'm sure they wanted to go home.

His leaving comment was "We'll be speaking to you again." so I'm still waiting for his next call. Oh, one last thing…I GOT a business card that has his name on it. If you would like a copy of it you can send me one dollar to cover copying and postage expenses.

Ops that was more than a blerp.

Title: Closing Commentaries / General Rumors Date: 2/15/88 Time: 7:35 pm to 7:45 pm

Authored by Magnus Greel

Oh God, not another few paragraphs..

According to general rumor, and a supposed inside source at the FBI, my computer is in Washington state being analyzed for something.. I have also heard that this is the first in a series of nation-wide busts [starting with Minnesota for some reason] of pirate BBS's.. This bust was supposed to be a test-case to see if it was worth-while to go after every pirate board.. Who knows.. I have also heard that there was a local meeting with MCI, some Microsoft reps, and the Boyz.. No news of the outcome as of yet.. Oh well, not too much else along the lines of gossip.. There were a pair of busts in the Chicago area of First National Bank and another board, of which are of no relation to me [I think.. Who were the Sysops?] Oh well.. Any other information can be left on Playdo Land in feedback to the Sysop, in E-Mail to myself, or to U. N. Owen..

Well whatever.. I suppose I am out of the LD calling forever [says the parents and I agree.. There's always PCP..] But FCP will go on.. I want to keep FCP going, and possibly market it later on.. And/or develop multiuser systems for big business.. [Dream possibly..] Well as I stated before, I will keep my line at 612 636 9046 free for voice communications, questions on FCP or anything, etc.. Hopefully this thing will blow over soon and I will be back in business [programming business, that is..] Heh.. Whatever..

      [K]  KopyLeft 1988 FCP/Emulex Development No Rights Reserved

P.S. Just a quick word to Falken and the sysop of The Hotel, when I was being

    questioned they asked me what boards I was on.  When I mentioned
    Alliance // Dick got all excited and started stating "Alliance! Your on
    Alliance!?"  Well needless to say I made the deaf man hear.  "I said
    Alliance //!!!"  Well take that at what you will.  And after that he
    asked me several times (Just like a broken record) if I was on the
    Hotel.  So...I guess I'll have to find out just what's so good about it.
  1. = U. N. Owen

This File Leeched From RAT HEAD -=DRS=- Member of The Digital Rodent Syndicate


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