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May 25, 1987

Hello again to everyone. Yes, it's that time again, time for another round of secret keys, time for "Hot Rod's Text File Number 3: Secret Keys !" Much fanfare… As always, I like to hear your questions, comments, and whatever else you may have to say. Any new finds are appreciated. You can currently reach me on the Curse BBS at (612) 926-5112. This number may change in summer 1987, so be prepared. It's a good board, we have a lot of fun, and it's the only place you can find me, unless you write a program and stick a secret key in it, then I'll find you. Also note the new added section in this file called "VaporWares". If you have any info on these, please make an attempt to drop me a note. Thanks. And now on to the secret keys (in keeping with tradition, they are in no particular order whatsoever. Really.)…. Intrigue - On the crack from the Bunnymen, type AMIGA at their title page for a secret screen. Sea Dragon - Ctrl-J from the main page gives you lots of fuel. Animate - A message is lurking on track 0, sector 9 (DOS 3.3). And if you pull down the "About" box and then press ? you get a nice note. Fireworx - This is a packing program from Krackerjack, if you still have it. He tempted us with a secret key and it is H.LEWIS Catsend - Ctrl-P gives a poem. Mario Bros. - One the file crack from 202 Alliance, ESC at the page gives another page. Flight Simulator ][ v1.0 - The one by MPG. Ctrl-A gives a message. Newsroom - Ctrl-V gives the version number (during boot process.) Space Ark - The MPG crack will give a secret message if you press shift-ctrl-] Ghostbusters - You have a secret account! Name: Owen, Number: List. Gives scads of cash. Print Shop Companion - I looked this one up since the last time. On the front side at the main menu, try STEVEN Esc to get a flip. On the back side, try Esc Ctrl-^ for a game (Driver). Tass Times in Tone Town - During the intro music, press both buttons and Ctrl-B for a picture. Infocom - Well, I thought I would mention this one. There is a secret subsystem in the later Infocom stuff. The commands are preceeded by a $, such as $ve, and $de. Those do a disk verify and debug respectively. They vary from game to game and release to release. There also is another set that begin with #, but I haven't figured them out. If any of you have a program called KIWI (Krell's Infocom Word Interpreter), it will print all the words out, including these commands. Then you can play with them. Some other things they do are to stop time, give you certain objects, take you to locations, etc. On some of the games, typing ZORK gets a humorous response. Oh well, just play around with them. And get KIWI. Black Magic - This is a neat one. While going down a ladder and pressing button 0, press ^. There is a catch though, paddle 0 has to be at $8A (138), which is a little right of center as you hold it down. The game will beep when you get it right. Try calibrating the joystick before playing. Anyway, after that you can use ctrl-L for class, and ctrl-X to go to part 2 of the game. If you want it done permanently, look at track $05, sector $08, byte $29 for a 4C E7 1E. Try sector $0A if that's not right. Well, just change the 4C to a 2C. Bug Attack - Ctrl-B during play will kill all the bugs for you. Use repeat. Donkey Kong - I looked this one up too. During play, pressing 1 gives more men, 2 makes you invulnerable. Jellyfish - " allows two player mode. Yes, that was a ". Labyrinth - The one from Brody, by Scott Schram. I checked it out, Esc K A Y then a number 1-8 gives you that level of play. Watch this Schram guy! Miner 2049er - At the place where it asks for the number of players, press # then 1-0 for the level you want. Rearguard - Ctrl-T allows you to select level. Ctrl-L also does something, but I couldn't figure it out. Serpentine - Esc ! $ during play gives you another serpent. Snoggle - While you are dying, press ctrl-] to get 3 more men. And who says there isn't life after death? Spare Change - Just in case you forgot, ctrl-Z allows you to do some editing. Tubeway - Esc R $ allows you to select levels. Choplifter - Ctrl-L followed by a number 1-3 gives you that level. Good ol Dan! Lode Runner - Ctrl-^ goes to next level, ctrl-@ gives extra men. Ultima IV - Ctrl-S will display a 16 digit number to be read as 8 two-digit numbers. They indicate how you are doing as far as becomming Avatar. Airheart - Now supposedly typing LW at the title page gives you that Driver game, but I couldn't get it to work. I tried a couple different versions too. Anyone else get it? Crime Wave - Scott Schram again! During play, press Esc MARK. Now you can do one of three things: A number 1-9 gives that level, Z gives permanent suicidal speed, or any other key gives 3 more guys up to 9. I also checked Genetic Drift by Scott Schram and it does check for ctrl-^, but I couldn't see as it did anything. You may want to play with it. *Mystery Secret Key* (what a bonus!) ———————————— I found this cryptic secret key being applied to Serpentine in an old text file, but it obviously doesn't apply (does it?). Maybe you can match the game it goes to: "ESC R T B 9 when over first mountain on level 2. (More bombs)." I sure would like to know what game it is…. VaporWares ———- This is a list of old games that I have never seen, but have found references to in old magazines, etc. I have seen some ads for some of these, but never the games. As I collect these ancient relics, I really would appreciate it if anyone could come up with some of these and pass them up my way. Ocean Knight - ? Death Race '82 - From Avant Garde, written by Dave Jones. Federation - From Avant Garde, written by Jim Haga. Neutrons - Dakin5/Level10. M.I.R.V. - Dakin5/Level10. Invader Attack Invader Roundup Space Mouse Space Scanner - All by Zeitgeist. Moon Shuttle - By Datamost. Sigma 7 - Bendelli softeware, 1983, written by Arganat. Slime - Synapse. This probably never came out for Apple Sword of Sheol - Winner's Circle. Same guys as Sanitron. Arex - Adventure International. Capture the Flag - Sirius. Probably wasn't released before they went under, but who knows? Even if you can give me a description of any of these, I'd appreciate it. I have a pretty good collection of the really old stuff, if you are looking for anything. I have re-cracked a number of older things to regain original title pages and complete versions of things, but there still are a lot of programs that got butchered that need to be fixed. I'm also interested in hearing about those. Until next time, write a game! Hot Rod/Black Bag Call the Curse (612) 926-5112. [Volume 24][?/Help]: (>

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