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   Apple //e Soft Switch, Status, and other I/O locations



$C000 W 80STOREOFF Allow page2 to switch video page1 page2 $C001 W 80STOREON Allow page2 to switch main & aux video memory $C002 W RAMRDOFF Read enable main memory from $0200-$BFFF $C003 W RAMDRON Read enable aux memory from $0200-$BFFF $C004 W RAMWRTOFF Write enable main memory from $0200-$BFFF $C005 W RAMWRTON Write enable aux memory from $0200-$BFFF $C006 W INTCXROMOFF Enable slot ROM from $C100-$CFFF $C007 W INTCXROMON Enable main ROM from $C100-$CFFF $C008 W ALZTPOFF Enable main memory from $0000-$01FF & avl BSR $C009 W ALTZPON Enable aux memory from $0000-$01FF & avl BSR $C00A W SLOTC3ROMOFF Enable main ROM from $C300-$C3FF $C00B W SLOTC3ROMON Enable slot ROM from $C300-$C3FF


$C00C W 80COLOFF Turn off 80 column display $C00D W 80COLON Turn on 80 column display $C00E W ALTCHARSETOFF Turn off alternate characters $C00F W ALTCHARSETON Turn on alternate characters $C050 R/W TEXTOFF Select graphics mode $C051 R/W TEXTON Select text mode $C052 R/W MIXEDOFF Use full screen for graphics $C053 R/W MIXEDON Use graphics with 4 lines of text $C054 R/W PAGE2OFF Select panel display (or main video memory) $C055 R/W PAGE2ON Select page2 display (or aux video memory) $C056 R/W HIRESOFF Select low resolution graphics $C057 R/W HIRESON Select high resolution graphics


$C010 R7 AKD 1=key pressed 0=keys free (clears strobe) $C011 R7 BSRBANK2 1=bank2 available 0=bank1 available $C012 R7 BSRREADRAM 1=BSR active for read 0=$D000-$FFFF active $C013 R7 RAMRD 0=main $0200-$BFFF active reads 1=aux active $C014 R7 RAMWRT 0=main $0200-$BFFF active writes 1=aux writes $C015 R7 INTCXROM 1=main $C100-$CFFF ROM active 0=slot active $C016 R7 ALTZP 1=aux $0000-$1FF+auxBSR 0=main available $C017 R7 SLOTC3ROM 1=slot $C3 ROM active 0=main $C3 ROM active $C018 R7 80STORE 1=page2 switches main/aux 0=page2 video $C019 R7 VERTBLANK 1=vertical retrace on 0=vertical retrace off $C01A R7 TEXT 1=text mode is active 0=graphics mode active $C01B R7 MIXED 1=mixed graphics & text 0=full screen $C01C R7 PAGE2 1=video page2 selected or aux $C01D R7 HIRES 1=high resolution graphics 0=low resolution $C01E R7 ALTCHARSET 1=alt character set on 0=alt char set off $C01F R7 80COL 1=80 col display on 0=80 col display off \============================================================================/ 

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