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Now I am so FUCKING tired of the this fucking PRIMITIVE SHIT program AmiExpress or unexperienced SYSOPS! Isn't it so fucking lame that AE can't spare a user define setting for "ANSI graphics"!?!!! Or can AE do it but sysops are too lasy to implement it? Who the fuck wanna see some ansi shit on screen? I mean if I wanna see something nice then I load a nice demo or use my VCR but I definetly don't have time to waste seeing some ansi shit stuff! To me an elite system is a place, one log into, FAST, do his up/download and log ut FAST! That's why the system is called elite systems! Please remove that shit question for ansi gfx! Make a special conference for ansi so dude who love it can join the conference and watch whatever ansi stuffs they want and shit! The same shit is that questionary, Enter password! Whata fuck is that? You can ask the user when he first wanna register if he wanna do this and that but what the hell is the point of asking same shit each fucking time one try to log in, in a board? Ok if you wanna do some annonsment for your group at the begining then do it but take away that shit asking 'TYPE OK'! Pissed off! Then when you are in a board, you waste so much time on dumbness of AE or sysops (sorry pals!). What the hell is point of asking user if he want to do ZModem transfer? The fuckhead who call an AE board and wanna do trransfer using KERMIT can go directly to NIL: or better to hell! And again there are so much more shit in that upload/download requester screens! Hey man remove all that shit! If you want to warn someone that he is leaching then do give your warning personaly to him but don't make the life hard, for rest of the users! Whata hell do I need to know, after all these years, that only 0 day warez is allowed and I must check my shit befor upload etc!?!! If I send shit/crap then give me a warning and later delete me but why all other users must pay for my dumbness! another point is all those conferences! Ok pals, great, let's have more conferences but please for god sake follow some patterns!!! 1- for trashcan and new user and shit 2- warez 3- whata fuck you nice people want 4- whata fuck you nice people want 5- request conference 6- whata fuck you nice people want etc

A very fucking shit things is that AE seems not to have ability to track users screen size! How many fucking time should I press, space y/n shit to join a conference? Whata fuck is this! Joining a conference must not requir more that this J 2 and I must be there! No need to press space or return or shit! And last but not least, please remove all those fucking checker/adder shit! Do your checking/adding off-line when the user is gone! It's lame to wait for an slow program each time one does some uploads! And don't tell me that AE doesn't support most of what I requested above because now when most of you guys have bought AE, the author must fucking do some fucking easy improvments. Ok hope we all work for a standard and faster/better elite system Ok please don't take this personaly!

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