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Msg#: 1 *VHF/UHF RADIO* 03-29-88 10:19:30 From: JOHN STOVER


Subj: BC950 CMT Newest from Uniden/Bearcat, the BC950 XLT (also know as the BC780XLT) can be modified for CMT coverage. Cut pin 20 of the main CPU at the PCB and lift it. Then solder a bridge between pins 19 and 20. This will restore CMT coverage. PROBLEM: If you have the CTCSS option installed, you will not be able to turn it off! (The CTCSS option, that is.) If this is OK with you, then go for it, otherwise consider which you need more, CMT or CTCSS! Also, the only known difference between the two aforementioned scanners is that the 950 is labeled (on the box) "Scanner World". Have fun!

Date: WEDNESDAY 02/15/89 08:49:47 EDT From: <watmath!julian!!bitlib> Subject: 760XLT MODS To: whutt!TGC168 (TIMOTHY G CULVER +1 201 386 7187)


Concerning the Uniden Bearcat 760xlt, the mod for the 950xlt does work to restore lost freq. Disconnect pin 20 of the microprocessor from the circuit board and connect it to pin 19. I bent the pin slightly and cut it with the scissors of a swiss army knife then soldered an 1/8 lead cut from a cap across the pins near the top of the chip. I've yet to find any problem with this mod. But as always do so at your own risk. 73 Mike WA2E @ K2DLJ 

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