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In RsFormPro! you can use PHP as the source of the min and max dates to be enabled in the Date and Time Picker. This means we can programatically set a window. The syntax is a little strange but not incomprehensible.

Min Date

return date("m/d/Y", time());

Max Date

return date("m/d/Y", time()+(59 * 24 * 60 * 60));

The time() function in PHP returns the UNIX time. This is useful because the other PHP functions for adding and subtracting from dates are needlessly complex and convoluted. The UNIX time is just an integer so we can do simple math with it.

For our example above, we've starting at today, and allowing +59 days from today. You can of course change this for any date range you wish. Just bear in mind that RsFormsPro wants the date returned in m/d/Y format which is why we're using the Date() function.

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